My Top Ten Games (as of now) list

These are my all time top ten favorite games of all time...pending until more games come out that kick even more ass.

List items

  • Added 1/2/2015

    This game flew into the number 1 spot on my list. Game of the year for 2015 and amazing experience.

  • I put this game a notch above Final Fantasy 7. Why? Because I played this game first, and in my opinion, it's better. The game is more challenging, and has very memorable set pieces in the game. My favorite FF characters of all time are in this game, including the OG bad ass Sabin. And Kefka is better than Sephiroth.

  • This is a game that makes time melt away. You sit down, expect to play just a few hours. Then you realize its six hours later. You didn't do laundry, and you have to be to work in a few hours. This is a game that can ruin your life, which is a good thing, in gaming terms. Its also the first time I can say I had the hots for a video game character. Miranda is hot. I don't care, I will say it.

  • This wasn't my first Final Fantasy game, but like most people, it is one of my favorites. The story is epic, the characters are memorable, and the score is unforgettable. One of the first games I completly mastered. Ruby and Emerald destroyed, all materia gathered...etc. A fantastic game. In the past few years ever since the Square Tech demo at E3 with the revamped FF7 intro, fans have been rabid for a remake. I'm not so sure, this game is very important to me, I would hate to see someone tarnish its legacy.

  • Another time waster. This game had huge scope and customization options. You can spend time doing bullshit and screwing around without even touching the main quest and still find yourself cutting into your total play time.

  • This is the ultimate Batman experience

  • ADDED 11/15

    Just put this on the list. Probably will go up higher on the list when I play more of it.

  • If a game is massive, has heavy emphasis on character development and exploration, and utilizes RPG leveling and equipment structure, im all for it. This game has all those elements in spades. Traversing Draculas castle once is fun enough...but wait until he flips that bitch on its head.

  • Resident Evil 4 saved the franchise. The tank controls were making the franchise stale. The action was showing its age. Along came RE4, with the triumphant return of fan favorite Leon Kennedy. The behind the back camera perspective in this game basically innovated how most action games are played today. Some people say that this game caused the series to shift into a more action oriented style of gameplay and ditched the survival horror aspect. I disagree, basically because I can still feel the "OH SHIT OH SHIT" factor when I'm cornered by enemies.

  • Best Mario game of all time, period. Every one has played this so there is not much I can say other than it's fantastic.

  • *Honorable Mention*This game single handed created the cart racer genre. Many games have borrowed the formula (some more successful than others) but I can't think of any than can topple the originator, Mario Kart. I would put the original on the SNES, but I think Mario Kart Super Circuit is the superior version. More tracks, more racers, more fun.



    King's Quest 6, specifically. This is the best in the series. Old school point and click gamers should all know about Prince Alexanders travels to the mysterious isles. The game has aged well, the voice acting and graphics may look crappy by todays standards, but there is a nostalgia added to these games that can not be duplicated.


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