Top 10 Video Game Characters You Can Rely On

This is a list of the top 10 characters you can trust to get things done. The ones that save lives. The ones that sacrifice. The ones that kick ass. The ones that can get their ass kicked, and get back up for more.

List items

  • When it comes to saving the world, nobody does it better than Mega Man. He's done it 10 times over. His predecessor, Mega Man X, has done it 8 times. His other cousins, Rock Volnutt has done it a few times, and the Mega Man Battle Mission Mega Man has saved the internet or whatever (I haven't played any of those games, so I don't know what they are about) quite a few times too. Hands down Mega Man is the most reliable video game character of all time. He has been at it for 25 years now!

  • Saying the odds against Shepard is an understatement. The universe devouring entities known as the Reapers are apparently the omega. The end all. Game over. Feared across the galaxy. Well, that was until Mass Effect 2. Commander Shepard discovered this threat in the first game, and by the second game, Shepard had struck back to the Reapers. Shepard basically told the galaxy that he wasn't going down without a fight, and he got a posse together and showed everyone that he was not going to take any shit from the Reapers. More importantly, he boosted morale, and brought hope to a dire situation. I would put money on the fact that if Shepard makes the right decisions in Mass Effect 3, there might be a future for all of the universe.

  • Making your way through a zombie ravaged city and surviving to tell about it is one accomplishment. Leon Kennedy did this in the classic Resident Evil 2. He did it again in Resident Evil 4. Both of these games were groundbreaking for their time. I believe the reason is because of Leon Kennedy's exploits. This is a guy you root for. When you play a game with Leon Kennedy. You can't complain, because you know he is capable of not only keeping himself alive in completely hazardous situations, but he is capable of going into hazardous situations to help keep those within them alive too.

  • Get in. Accomplish mission objectives. Get out without making a sound. This is what Snakes does best. In any of the Metal Gear Solid games, you are completely capable of this. You can go through any of the four games without being spotted by guards once. If a guard does spot Snake, Snake will just kick his ass and stuff his unconscious body in a locker. Or Snake can just shoot them and keeping. It doesn't matter to Snake, because at the end of the day, Snake will take care of business, one cardboard box at a time.

  • Two words come to mind when I think of Fox McCloud : leadership, and resiliency. Fox generally has to lead his team long distances across the galaxy, making choices on which route to take, while protecting your team mates from countless bogies while avoid obstacles, occasionally fighting off Team Starwolf. Not to mention the bosses. Play the original game. It's not an easy game, trust me. Starfox even took on the action adventure genre in Starfox Adventures (which is a very underrated game). Fox McCloud is proven to keep a cool head while adapting to new situations.

  • Usually, depending on which Zelda game you play, Link usually is a young kid or teenager or is typically innocent and sheltered from the world, to going head first into what would be to normal people a overwhelming, head-spinning entire Hyrule spanning quest which leads him spelunking through Ruins and Dungeons and other scary places,fighting skeletons, bats, goblins and other crazy things to find a artifact or something to help him find a evil wizard named Ganon who kidnapped the princess. *Whew*. And he does all this in a timely manner without complaining or ever giving up. Link is a cool dude.

  • For those of you who haven't played any of the three Uncharted games, I will essentially tell you what the games are about. Each game stars Nathan as he attempts to search for Treasure/Plague/sexy lady by utilizing his aging mentor/super secret ring/obligation to a death threat which eventually leads him to some weird tropical island place/the north pole/Kazakhstan to eventually find out it was all actually Mayan zombies/roided aborigines in fur suits/Arabian ghost riders behind it all, and thankfully he survived the mine explosion/plane explosion/fire ridden, sinking Saudi yacht, because he never would have saved the world and got the ancient map/super hot blonde/ the fatherly love he was searching for all along. Nathan Drake has gone through a lot of awesome, hair raising, adrenaline rushed moments. Even as kid, Nathan Drake has the biggest pair of balls of any video game character.

  • Bayonetta. I loved this game, and I loved the character. I swear, people will look back on this game the same way people look back on 70s exploitation films. This game is oozing with sexy and cool, and it's main character is the most unique anti-hero protagonist of this current console generation. I find it funny that some people criticize Bayonetta (the character and the game) for exploiting women, Japanese gun toting action, religious undertones,and how it copies (or borrows from) elements of other well known action games (*ahem DMC). My rebuttal is #1 Isn't that the point? and #2 I would not call it copying if it's better. Also, Bayonetta goes through Heaven, Hell, and everything in between on her quest of finding the Eyes of the World, shoves how much shit she will go through to impose her will.

  • Although Alucard is generally very stoic and composed, I can only imagine what he was thinking when he enter's his fathers castle and meets up with Death. I can imagine after he is stripped of his weapons, and left at the castle doors pondering to himself "Alright...I'm going to f**k these motherf**ers up." Which leads to him destroying every creature, beast, and demon Dracula can throw at him, only to make himself stronger in the process. Although Alucard declares that he is for the hope of humanity, and against his father's blight on the know deep down that he has a monster inside of him.

  • Travis Touchdown has the confidence and skill to accomplish anything. All he needs is his beam Katana and a target, and he will tear through anything. He shreds henchman like confetti. If he is on your side and has your best interests to heart, he can guarantee to be by your side, destroying anything in his path to be #1. Unfortunately, I think all he cares about is getting laid, which is really what motivates him in the first game. Then you notice in the second game that his motivations are more for vengeance for a friend, which make this character a little less 2 dimensional.