Four Fathers part 1 of 4

This list is of my favorite characters from my four favorite games series!  
Mega Man Series


List items

  • Zero is the best character period! From the moment he appears at the end of the intro level, to his moment in the intro of Mega Man X3, then finally gaining his own piece of the spotlight! Zero has proved that like that you can't keep a good character down. With his many resurrections and even his own series, Zero is the best!

  • The Best extra I ever had to work for! To me, Vile being a playable character is what made this game. I mean don't get me wrong it was a good remake of a wonderful game, but if they hadn't add this mode of play then that's all it would have been, a good remake!

  • When I first saw Bass in Mega Man 7, I was blown away! The fact that he was the Dr. Wily version of Mega Man made his character even more exciting and when I learned that he was playable in a(at the time) Japanese only game, I went through the ringer to gain the ability to play this game and after a year of trying I finally got my chance, only to learn that years later this same game was released here as a Gameboy Advance game ahhhhhhhhhhoooooooo!!!!!

    Anywhy, I liked the original better and since playing it Bass has been my favorite in the original Mega Man games and I love seeing him in 8 bit style!

  • I know that he was really Redips (which sucked for me) but I believe that there was a real Spider at one point and thats who I honor here.

  • Since seeing him in Mega Man 3( which was the first Mega Man game I bought) I have dreamed that Proto Man would be a playable character and now finally after eight games "they" get the hint and my dreams come true!

  • Ah, X!

    Leading the charge as the Series main protagonist tell Mega Man X4, then being pushed from the spotlight when Zero gained more famous. X has had it rough as a main character, but he will always be the best Mega Man type character to me.