I just started college

So this week was my first week of college. Right now I'm commuting so I'm still living at home. What I like about college is how much more free time I have. It's weird though because I'm still living in my town and majority of the people I went to high school with went away for college. My two best friends are still here though so it isn't to strange. One of them graduated with me but is taking a semester off to work and the other is a senior in high school. The hard thing about college for me so far is managing my time. I get tempted to play video games for hours upon hours because I have so much free time. Does anyone have any advice on how to manage time during college? Also does anyone have any general advice about college? Thanks


I got my Playstation 3!

So, I decided it was a good decision to sell my Xbox and buy a Playstation 3. Playstation has more innovative exclusives that are not first person shooter. The Xbox 360's library is saturated with first person shooters which I'm entirely sick of playing. I also had to get my Xbox fixed four times and if it breaks again I'm screwed because it's out of warranty. Also, Live was raised to $60 a month and frankly I don't feel like paying for Live rather then free services like PSN or Steam if I'm not going to get significantly more.  
I love my Playstation 3. It brings the same joy the Dreamcast once brought to me. Infamous is such an original, innovative game. It's also a great blu-ray player which is very useful for me since I have an expansive blu-ray collection. The only thing that is bothering me right now is that I have to wait to create a PSN account. I'm turning 18 in 3 months and in order to create a master account you have to be 18 so I'm just going to have to wait.  
 Anyway, I'm really enjoying this console. It feels so like the Dreamcast to me. I'm guessing it's because Dreamcast was the last Japanese console i owned that wasn't made my Nintendo. Anyway, feel free to leave advice on what games and accessories are essential for me to get. Thanks!


The Oscars are Illegitimate

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 "Did I really earn this or did I just wear you all down" is how Sandra Bullock started off her acceptance speech for best actress in a leading role for her performance in this year's feature film "The Blind Side". I can just imagine Sandra Bullock getting all dressed up and going to fancy dinner parties kissing up to Academy members to try to get them to vote for her in the same fashion that a political lobbyist tries to convince a politician to support their cause.
But film is an art form and actors and actress shouldn't be awarded by how long their contact list is but by how great the performance that they delivered was. If Sandra Bullock had respect for her medium she would have just been confident that she gave the best performance that she could have given in "The Blind Side" and would had just waited to see what would happen. I guess some preformers become so egotistical that they are willing to do anything to win an Academy Award, even if it means making it impossible for actresses that are new to hollywood like Gabourey Sidibe who was nominated for her performance in her first film, Precious from winning.
The way the Academy decides on who is given awards needs to be changed to that the Hilary Swanks of hollywood still have a chance to win.    

Black History Month

  So my school is having a Black History Month assembly today and they needed to get students to contribute to the assembly. What my school decided to do was to force all of the students in Advanced Drama to read poems and preform scenes written by famous African Americans in front of our entire student body. I chose to work with this girl in my class and we were assigned the Maya Angelou poem "Still I Rise". 
This girl and I have been practicing it all week and I just can't help feeling a little funny saying lines like "I'm the dream and the hope of the slave" and "I'm a black ocean, leaping and wide" because I'm white. It is a great poem and all but the speaker in the poem is a African American woman and I am neither black or a woman. This girl has to say "Does my sexiness upset you?" in front of the whole school, including her brother.
I just kind of wish they let us pick what poem we wanted to read instead of making us read this one or even just gave us the option to be in this assembly or not.


I'mma let you finish but...

Lady Gaga had one of the best albums of all time! Well, maybe not of all time but she should have won over Taylor Swift tonight. Her album "The Fame" is really the only album that a female pop star made that I have actually listened to from beginning to end. I can truthfully say I like every song on the album and it was worth the $10 I spent on it on iTunes. 
As someone who listens to a truly diverse catalogue of music I truly think this was Gaga's year. I really really wanted to hear her acceptance speech because you never know what your going to get from her. 


This girl is really upset with me

So basically I'm friends with this girl and she liked one of my friends. Anyway they both got really drunk over the weekend and hooked up and my guy friend doesn't remember it. The next day he wasn't responding to her texts and she got really pissed off and was telling me about it. She wanted me to ask him some awkward question about if he was interested in a certain girl. I didn't want to but I did it anyway and he kind of looked at me funny so I told him the whole story and why she was mad at him. 
He then talked to her about it and told her I told him. This morning she walked in to class and told me that she "hates me" in a voice that sounded like she was going to break out in tears. I feel horrible. Thoughts?


I'll miss you Toby Maguire!

So it turns out Spiderman 4 was cancelled because director Sam Rami and executives couldn't agree on who would be the next villain in the Spiderman series. Now the whole series has been cancelled as we know it and they are going to reboot the Spiderman series with completely new actors. They are going to focus on Peter Parkers teenage years. That sounds so stupid.  
What I loved about the Spiderman movies was the emotional depth that they brought to the comic book series. The movies made me feel so many emotions while I was growing up. By the way, the first Spiderman movie came out when I was in 4th grade. I'm going to miss Toby Maguire because he did such a good job playing Peter Parker. 
Oh well, I guess I'll just go watch Brothers to cheer myself up.


I hope Conan goes to Fox

The idea of Jay Leno having a half an hour show at 11:30 and the Tonight Show starting at 12 is absolute madness. I personally watch Jimmy Fallon regularly. His show currently starts at 12:30 which is late enough. I don't want to have to stay up until 1 AM to watch him.  
Although the Jay Leno show was absolute garbage, I think if Leno went back to the Tonight Show he would do a much better job than Conan. Conan's show really isn't very funny. Lets hope he goes to Fox.


NJ finally dumped Corzine!

We finally got Governer Corzine out of office here in New Jersey. He was such a useless governer. I'm a democrat and I wanted Christie to win. I don't think Christie is that great but I couldn't stand Corzine. I'm not celebrating Christie's victory, I'm celebrating Corzine defeat!


I'm not going to lie, I love Kanye West!

I know Kanye isn't the most popular guy since what he did at the VMA's but I just love his music. I know what hid did to Taylor Swift wasn't nice but I don't understand why people would boycott his music because of that, they're missing out. He's probably my favorite rapper of this generation. Graduation is one of my favorite albums and by the way my favorite musical group of all time is The Beatles. I also really like John Mayer and The Killers. I'm very open to all kinds of music. 
Edit: People have asking me what my race is, I am a white male from the suburbs.