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Everybody (should play) LIMBO 1

  It can be difficult to talk about Limbo without breaking the spell of what makes this game so incredible.   As you wake in this incredible world you get the feeling that you are slowly being drawn into a madman’s dream.   The contrasting black and white visuals make you constantly question your surroundings.   There is no music to speak of but the audio track is amplified in a way that continually pulls you deeper and deeper into the dark forest that the story takes place in.   As you begin yo...

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The Power to Move Earth and Steel 1

                  When you play Spit/Second you will feel like God himself, reaching down and affecting the race in epic and memorable ways.   Causing helicopters to crash or triggering natural disasters to rain down on your opponents will make you feel like superman.   Split/Second allows you to trigger all of these events but also puts such a variety of events in the game that you will continuously be surprised by the variety.   This helps with the replayability of Split/Second and will keep ...

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Skate 3 2

  EA and Blackbox have done it again and made a skateboarding game that is incredibly addicting at every turn.   The thing that makes the game so addicting is the continued refinement of the game play.   Continuing to build off of the momentum of the previous two Skate titles, Skate 3 systematically adds an innovative career style, new park editor, and a few new tricks that have been invented in the past few years.   While this entry doesn’t incredibly change up the formula, that is a good thing...

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