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Make my own Indie games? Anyone else interested?

I have earned a free 12-month subscription to the membership needed to make XBL indie games. I can also gain all of the programs free due to a membership through my laptop. All of that doesnt make sense but thats not my problem. I know its all legit and stuff so again thats not a problem. :P Once I start up the 12 month membership it runs as one, so I dont want to start it without any idea's and end up wasting it. But it doesnt matter my main problems are one of a few things. 
For anyone interested in making their own games: The program you want to search for is XNA Game Studio 3.1. It can run under .NET framework rates etc. If it doesnt make sense just ask if you are interested. 
I dont know what I would even do to make the games or have any idea for the games. I have ideas but not ones like some other amazing games on the Indie catalog. Should I just go ahead with it and hope for the best? Does anyone have any idea's as to what I need to do to get them published or does anyone have any ideas for a game? :P 
Would anyone out in the community be keen to make indie games?

Is this all a coincidence in a broken xbox? 3 Red Rings?

So randomly while playing on Skate 3 the other day I got the 3 Red Rings, I didnt panic. I turned off my Xbox, wiped some dust of the bottom turned it back on and it was fine. As seen below: 
Either, Im a ninja or my xbox just felt like being moody with me. 
 I had no more problems with this until yesterday when I was playing on BFBC 2 on the campaign, the end of my sniper rifle vanished :P It changed the gameplay aswell, the recoil was so much more evident and when I killed people they shot further away. I dont know if this is coincidence and after asking friends they said it had never happened when they were playing on the game. It didnt even cross my mind that something might be wrong until this morning. 
Whilst playing on Spiderman 3 something happened, there was a big ass white blank in the map, so like the curious person I am I walked into it the screen went all fucked up and I basically couldnt see a thing (as seen below) I also found that last night when playing on the game I randomly fell through a building and got stuck. Is this because of the Red Rings I got the other day or is it just a matter of coincidence? Im not looking forward to the idea of it happening again and me having to get a new xbox :/