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Delightful Installment 0

A good indie game installment which shows how far the indie game market has come. FortressCraft is an interesting game which opens lots of opportunity to players of all ages. The controls are mapped out in an easy to understand manner, those who find it hard to remember button layouts will have no problem with this game. If youre not the most creative of people there are relics that will allow you to pass the time in this great world. Being very similar to minecraft in numerous ways, I feel this...

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Buy it but dont expect too much 0

A good add on which added a few more hours to my Resi 5 gameplay. However, the sense of DeJaVu whilst playing this add on is knocked back by a weird lack of zombies. This sort of irritated me at first as I was hoping to see some of the classic zombies revamped as I was getting bored of shooting majini. The Guardian of Insanity (the new enemy) is messed up :P Must be played strategically on professional, like any higher difficulty should be.  ...

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