Woah, a Blog

I have started a blog! I don't wear a scarf, nor do I sit in a Starbucks for six hours chatting about underground music, NOR do I wear extremely tight fitting jeans... okay, I totally wear tight fitting jeans. Anyway, I don't really know how to blog, so I'm just going to update this mother hubber three times a week just to keep my writing skills up to scuff. I'll probably just write about video games, though I have been known to ramble. If anything intresting comes up, I might just write about it here!

I guess my first topic today is this strange problem I have with being serious about competitive video games. I played a lot of TF2, and I wanted to really get into the competitive scene. I applied for teams, I practiced daily, I got my friends into it, I was damn serious about it. Then one day, I simply didn't want to play it anymore. It's not like there was a lead up to it, my intrest hadn't been waning over the past month, it literally took me one night to be tired of it. This is happening again, over the past seven months I've spent over a thousand hours in Dota 2, loving it, practicing it, playing it seriously. Then bam, today I just don't want to play it anymore.

I don't really know what causes this, I've tried not to overstress playing a game. I've taken breaks from Dota 2 for the very purpose of not over-exhausting myself on it. And here I am, blogging instead of practicing the game I once wanted to go pro in. This doesn't only happen for video games. I quit my Tennis team because hey, I just didn't want to do it anymore. I stopped boxing because hey! I didn't to do it anymore... If anyone else has this problem, maybe we can form some kind of self-help group because it kind of sucks to get really invested into something, and then lose all intrest in it over one nights rest.