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Different Ramblings (of doom)

This wants to be my 2nd Giantbomb blog (not that anyone cares or anything.. just wanted to point this out to fill some space) so I'll just make some updates about what's going on with me...

-I started playing WoW again this time for the Horde.. I'm a Druid and so far am enjoying it.. can't wait to get leatherworking up do 375 so I can put on those cool leather items ..
-Speaking about games I recently got You Are Empty, Area 51(not blacksite.. the first game) and Sid Meier's Pirates!.. So far I've tested You Are Empty which is not what I expected.. they say the cutscenes are great.. it's just it won't show me any damn cutscenes... which pisses me off.... I also tried Pirates but not too much so I can't tell you my point of view yet....I've yet to test Area 51.. going to do this tonight... oh and I'm also getting Flatout Ultimate Carnage :P
-I guess I like this site more than any other site but I hate the forum section so I guess I won't be as much around there... I'll just blog and comment on blogs... Oh and I submitted a small overview of Star Wars Empire At War and it was accepted! .. well in 4 days .. but at least I has 6 points now (hail to the masta xD )
-I really haven't forgotten about TF2 but I really would need some play pals .. so if you're playing .. tell me via pigeon .. or teh interwebzez

This is all                                                                                                                                                                    -Woozie (a.k.a Bullet/Teh Skunk)