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It's My Birthday!

Yes... on 11th august '93 , the world's 2nd most funny person was born! xD ... So I guess this is my first B-day celebrated here on Giantbomb, so I guess I should tell ya dudes some stuff you might be interested in finding out..

So ... - My real name is Bogdan which sounds really weird in english , I know :P .. Just call me Woozie or whatever short versions you find :P
-My favourite bands are Metallica and Disturbed .. I listen generally to rock music.. from alternative rock to heavy/trash metal....
-I plan on learning to play guitar this year.. and in the future to move on to bass guitar , which I find totally awesome, mainly because I love low sounds :P
-My favourite songs are as follow .... Sad but True , Indestructible and In the Army Now
-I want GTA IV ,Spore and FarCry 2 the most
-My favourite game of all time has to be somewhere around Warcraft 3 or Company of Heroes.. can't tell ya exactly which one
-I'm not really into movies but I guess my favourite one has to be Terminator 3 xD don't laugh
-I personally consider myself rather funny than imature as some people say ... It's not my fault i have a talent at making jokes :P
-I really don't know why I'm using "-" before every damn thing I'm saying
-My favourite football team is Manchester United which ownz em all
-I started liking llamas some time ago because of DPQ.. so it's not my fault :P
-I'm rather random and always tend to talk about something else than what the topic is about
-I'm being told that I write very fluent in english (1337 skillz r m1n3 ! )
-I am aware that by now you are bored to death
-I would throw a party for myself if I wouldn't have drank everything by now xD

There ya go..... oh.. I'm not crying for comments normally but I do comment on other blogs, and it would be nice for you to do so with mine (<< that meants comment,or else.. :P)