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Some stuff I felt like blogging about

Well I really felt like blogging and since I didn't blog in quite some time I thought that this might be a good time to do so..
Well.. school's going to start in about 3 weeks thing that doesn't make me feel very good...but on the 12th of september (the last holiday day) Metallica's new album "Death Magnetic" is going to come out thing that will make it be better than expected... I'm waiting anxiously for the new album to arrive , mainly because I loved Cyanide and The Day That Never Comes.
I've been doing lots of CoD4 these days and also got the new heavy weapons in TF2... All hail teh sandwich :P (another brilliant idea from Valve)
I also got SupCom and started liking it pretty much... the missions are as long as hell but patience is a virtue :P.. Condemned Criminal Origins was also on the list of games that I got and I have to say.. that game has a deep atmosphere and some scenes almost make you fall off your chair... brilliant game.. the only setback would be the gameplay that .. well kinda repeats itself.. but it doesn't matter.. the game is a must-play :P
Oh and if you know other people from GS that are on GB.. tell me too :P