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I really felt like writing a blog... you know .. sometimes you just wake up with the idea of making one and it keeps going and going.. so the evening comes and you didn't write it... but then you get the ambition and write it.. though you have no freakin idea why or what you're writing in it (just like i'm doing now xD) .. So I'll just point out some random things....

-The new Metallica song "Cyandie" off Death Magnetic sounds really really awesome IMO... the album's gonna rock :P
-I'm getting NWN 2 and Space I'm pretty excited
-I sort of quit WoW.. coz I'm too lazy to install it xD
-I still don't have any idea why I'm using "-"'s before each sentence
-I'm feeling great that I really did this blog and am amazed of the great title I managed to find for it
-My B-day party's gonna be on sunday (Yea.. it was delayed because Darth Vader had an appointment at the dentist and couldn't come last sunday )
-I really really really really really need to stop doing this xD
-And last.. this will be the last original thing this blog will contain :P

So feel free to ... uhmm comment