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Hulk...smashed (himself) 3

Sigh..... After reviewing Iron Man.. and showing the world the good points...wait there weren't any...... oh well.. I got this new game.. The Incredible Hulk... It's developed by SEGA (like Iron Man), it's based on a guy from the Marvel Comics universe (like Iron Man)... so you can see the enthusiasm I had before playing the game....(I still can't believe I'm reviewing this ) The Graphics It seems that SEGA didin't learn from the big failure that Iron Man was on the graphical side, or they mig...

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"Nothing is true,Everything is permitted." 2

This game,has been talked about a lot before it was released.As usual, the proud PC owners got it after the console owners because the world seems to run around like this nowadays ... nevertheless I expected much,i say, from this game and Ubisoft ( and the guys from Ubi Romania ) did a great job...I can proudly affirm that this game is one of the best games i played... now let's see why... Graphics are an important part of videogames nowadays... in fact if game X has less shaders than game Y,th...

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