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Budget and the rise of "Action" ruined horror. With a large budget, a lot of companies start to lose sight of what makes horror a big deal, tiny details. Noises at the edge of your hearing. When action started to become huge thanks to the rise of games like COD and such, focus changed to big set moments rather then the smaller details and they sold well still for that.

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So, for people who don't know (just incase). The Wizard version of the game comes with a 300+ page (some says 340, others don't) book that you have in game and can be found in the menu, that is needed to complete the game itself. Think of it as a in game strat-guide. The idea of a physical version of something found in game, having a real use for the game itself, has always been a interesting idea and i wanted to know what you guys thought about it. I know the DS version also did this but i wondered if anyone else is as giddy as me to hear about this little thing or if people had any information on it other then what ive said. ^_^

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The way i see Greenlight working so far is that it is Valve protecting themselves slightly from giving "shelf space" to games that really wont sell well. You can say a console game sells well and that is all well and good but PC gamers are different from console gamers. The TC's example of pinball games are a good example. I play pinball games, i do enjoy them but you can't say they aren't a small market. Throwing it up on Steam and saying "Here, buy this" only for it to make very little money on Steams end, not the publishers, makes it not worth the cost of putting a bigger name title there. It's why i think the people who voted and got "Euro Truck Simulator" find it funny, which is great but the game is only going to be brought by some for the "lol physics". Only the fans really want that games on there and so a lot of people who up-voted it wont buy it.

It's really hard to say its been 100% bad so far but it is a good way to judge how the ebb and flow of Steam is going right now. When some indie games are doing far better then others, i would think Valve are watching it and judging for themselves.

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Doesn't the DLC have less to do with Capcom but more to do with NT?

I wouldn't think so considering Capcom releases costume packs for pretty much all their games so this should come to no surprise to anyone.

Yep, very true. They have DLC costume packs for all their current gen fighting games but at the very least you pay for 4 dollars for like 4 or 5 costumes (I guess) and not just one costume. They also have big costume packs for all characters that are about 18 bucks.

I mean how does this DLC get greenlight'd. Im kinda sure Capcom doesn't go up to Ninja.T and say "Make a classic Dante skin" because that wouldn't make sense. So...while yes, capcom paid for the DLC to be made, i don't...see it being their fault really.

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Doesn't the DLC have less to do with Capcom but more to do with NT?

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@mcmax3000: Yea. Give it time, things will be better. (I'll admit, i was a little miffed that pokemon didn't come to the Wii U, considering the promise of big DS games)

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Even though im not a nintendo fan per say, i do own a Wii U for reasons and i kinda don't see them failing hard really. Nintendo hardware sells on the strength of its software more then any other console. It isn't 3rd party/online that pulls people in, its simply the first party stuff. So as such, considering how short a time the Wii U has been out, its doubtful you can safely say "Oh, they are not doing well".

Saying that. I think the lack of software for the Wii U is telling. This tends to be a thing with every Nintendo console until later on, forever damned for the first 6 months.

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Near Toshima here. Currently at a hospital XD

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So this isn't a question that can be answered, it can only really be given a opinion and then you reach a point you understand the masses. Everyone has a very different view on what makes a game a game. So this is my answer and im sorry it is a very odd one too.

It simply doesn't look, sound or feel like a game i spent my time knowing, loving and enjoying.

When you change a game to the point that it stops feeling like the game your trying to emulate (and that is what a reboot is, a emulation/copy of the original with a "new twist") then you are not doing the thing your emulating justice. For all the remaking they did, attitude adjustment and even pandering to us with the "Devil Trigger" stuff, i find it impossible to like the new Dante for how they simply mock all the things that have come to be fan loves. Things that honestly make us enjoy and smile at Dante's adventures and battles. I not great at spoiler tags so i can't really hide this well. Needless to say, you can look at youtube for the part im talking about. There is a point VERY early in the game that is meant to be a "nod and a wink" to Dante in the original games. I HATE how they did it, not just because its such a stupid moment but that it simply is a "Yea, like that was cool" about a game that has a damn fan base that has had Dante be in more then just these games! You can not and should never mock something from a game you are emulating, because all your doing is showing disrespect.

*shrugs* I just loath the attitude towards a game that has never taken itself seriously, has always been very up beat and random and yet they simply find that they can make fun of this without showing respect to what came before. It's just laughable to me. :(

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I think they misunderstood the idea of DMC. "Stupid, barely serious plotline involving demons and humans in a fight that never really goes anywhere but always involves sparta in someway" doesn't reboot to this. It feels...stupid. This isn't the ending ive seen though, it goes past this i think. A "True ending" thing.