Giant Bomb Thursday plus SCIV impressions.

#2 Week at the Giantbomb.
Haven't really done much this week, Been busy.
Still got some subs pending.
I'll  be posting on the boards,
I'll see you all around.

How's everyones GB thursday?

Picked Up Soul Calibur IV on Tuesday here are some impressions.

Soul Calibur IV (ps3)

From What I have played so far, SCIV is a great fighter released for these two systems.
It's Smoother, a little slower than few of the past SCs But that doesn't stop it from being a
great fighter. It features a few game modes such as Arcade, Story mode which is a little short
but great, and finally The Tower of Lost Souls Where you pit your skills against opponents,
Beating certain missions unlocks and gives you awards for you to use on Character Creator.
You Can Choose to Go up the tower or Choose to go down the tower, Each way you go has
a different way your going to be fighting. This mode will add on a lot of hours for unlocking all the
content you can get rewarded with.

Something Else also included was the Character Creator, Where you can build a new
Fighter from the ground, up. You can change everything from hair style, equipment,
weapons, skills, all from what you can unlock from the Tower of Lost Souls.
Haven't had much time with this, but When I do I'll release a more in depth Blog
on SCIV.

This SC also introduces Online multiplayer.
You can be placed against someone in a good amount of time.
They include ranked and unranked matches, which you can chose
to be in or not. You can also pit your own creations online and test
them out. There isn't much lag when playing online, I only
experienced a few moments where lag was a problem.

You may have also heard, of Three guest characters from the Star wars franchise Joining in this SC.
Yes, Yoda, Darth Vader and the apprentice will be joining the fight.
Each system will get two jedis.
Yoda will be on the Xbox 360 version, While Darth Vader Will be on the PS3 version.
The apprentice however will be available on both versions. I haven't tried out
Yoda, on the count that I purchased the PS3 version, but what I saw out a video,
Yoda is broken in my opinion, I don't think there's a way you can
do grabs on him, he is pretty small and powerful. Darth Vader, Is probably the more balanced
Jedi out of the three. Haven't got to apprentice yet but I'll add that in an updated Blog.

The Combat has a great feel to it, the controls may take a while to get used to
to people who are new to  SC or some similar fighters.
There's also a way to break off the armor of your opponent , make the weaker.Also added 
 are Critical Finishers. Each character has a unique CF. Breaking the armor
off an opponent makes them more vulnerable to these Finishers.

The Game looks and feels great, Though it's not perfect and has flaws(which I will include in the more In-depth blog),
It's still a great game, and I Highly recommend it to any Fan of the series or Fans of fighters.
From what I've seen they are both nearly Identical, But the Install(which is optional) on the PS3
Makes it more fluid in my opinion.

That's It for now, Check back soon for a More In-Depth Blog on
Soul Calibur IV.

Thanks for reading.



Just had an earthquake in the California area, It was a 5.8 mag EQ.
Kinda crazy and pretty strong.


Giant Bomb - Week #2

We're all now in the second week of Giant bomb beta, And it's been addicting.
Little notes :
-Posting on the Forums is really addicting : Got 400 posts.
-Wiki-content is great : Still got some subs pending.
- Reading this and haven't added me? : Feel free to Add me.

Planning on getting a game this Tuesday, Been hearing good things about it :
Soul Caliber IV.
Looks pretty good.
Anyone else going to be getting this game?

Movies :
Going to Check out Step Brothers pretty soon, Just want some feedback if anyone's seen it
Tell me how it is.

What does everyone plan on doing this Second week?


Giantbomb Saturday

Giantbomb Saturday- 7/26
Wasn't able to get on much today, But when I did
I found out I got my submissions approved
Got 37 points now.
Still got a few more pending, But while I'm waiting for that
I'll be Posting around the boards.
Check out my Messin' With Sasquatch blog.
Tell me which one was the best one.

How was everyone's Saturday at Giantbomb? Anything Happen much?

See you all around.


Messin' With Sasquatch

Looking around and saw these commercials for Jack Link's Beef Jerky.
I actually remember seeing these on TV sometime.

This one wasn't aired:

Aired Ads:

Some of these are actually pretty funny.


Giantbomb Friday

It's Nearly going to be a week since the bomb beta landed, It was fun and addicting.

Little More updates:
-I gained 20 points.
-Got 300 Posts
-Still got some subs waiting.

Pretty Much it for now. See you all around the Forums.

How was everyone's first week at GB?


GiantBomb Wednesday

Third Day I've been on GiantBomb, It's been really addicting, I'm sure most of you feel addicted also.

So far I got 12 points, Still have some subs that are waiting to approved.
I got to 200 posts today in the morning, You'll probably see me mostly around
the Off topic board and the General Discussion.

If your reading this and haven't added me, Go ahead and send me a message.

How's everyone's third day at Giant Bomb going?

Hail Luchadeer!


So far so good...

The site is going well, Signed up about an 1 hour ago.
The navigation is a little new to me, but it looks great.
I'm really liking this site already. Can't wait til I'm done with my profile to get
out into the forums

Keep it up JRBV.