Games that made me melt into cream and than iced into ice cream.

List items

  • Blowing people up was never more fun, humoristic gore with great design and community, not to mention great gameplay with any class, a must for cooperation lovers.

  • Duh, If I liked the previous one, this doesn't differ, a storyline so awesome you might poop your brain through the nose, an gameplay which is equally awesome!

  • How could I forget this game? Epic in everyway possible, full of action, planning, and RPG, this game was one of my favorites back at the time.

  • The complete list of ace attorney games was nothing less than a masterpiece, a storyline full with ups an downs, Investigations and cross examines which kinda makes ya wanna cross examine yourfriends later in real life.. and a climatic ending for each game that leaves you with a desperate need for more.

  • I'm SORRY.

    Sorry I liked this game while first I saw nothing special about it, turns out I loved the multiplayer...

  • There's no better fighting game, I assure you, in what other game can you send pikachu down an endless void while playing King DeDeDe?

  • On the Xbox the coop action is so much fun, but I'm playing on the computer, yet, the action is unstoppable and I always like the idea of Level up and points in shooters, this makes RSV2 to one of the best games I ever got to play.

  • A game that combines endless possibilities, RPG and Action, that truely rocks.

  • I do not own it, but since I have both the first and the second I think I do own it.

    Charming lego adventure with humor and action, a great platformer for everyone.

  • Nothing's better than a combination of RPG and Action, and Fable is one of the games to make this combination work the best, Fable started a revolution in the gaming's industry.

  • Shooting and RPG rocks when combined, though this game had many bugs and did not deliver a straight feeling of a shooter, and felt more like 'Diablo with guns' I liked it.

  • A sandbox game where you can pose ragdolls in strange position and generally combine all sorts of stuff from different source games, what more could I ask for?

  • Oh, this game was really epic, a lot more challenging than the previous, with more ways to advance, and lots of great events to be looking at and saying "I actually feel like I'm some sort of an assassin from a long forgotten brotherhood."

  • A revoulutionary game which makes Prince of Persia look amateur.

    You feel like a swords-wielding stuntman when playing that game, and it feels darn good.

  • It wasn't a great game, but it's graphics and on-the-run weapon customizing was real fun.

  • Another great combination of RPG and Action, though it gets repetitive, this game got me alright.

  • A game I played first only at 2007 (Weirdly) however, it still charmed me, it felt unlike any other game, old or new, and gave me a real "James Bond" like feeling, of one man army, being stealthy and pwning anyone on sight.

  • One of my favourite destructive games, to say the truth I'm one of the few guys to like the 3D state more than the 2D one, ever since I was 6 year-old and was playing the original worms, I was looking forward to it's 3D version, and now that it's here, I just feel great about it.

  • Seriously short, but a fun ride all along, perhaps not the best stealth shooter, but definetly one of the greatest game I played.

  • My first stealth game belive it or not, brings you a lot of joy, and makes you think a lot.

  • I played it for the PS2, however, it still left a very good impression on me.

    Blowing anything and everything is probably my new goal to achieve in life.

  • You actually feel like you're fighting a war for the republic or for any of the armies, it was a real improvement, and the galactic conquest was so much fun. not to mention the awesome space battles!

    I heard Battlefront 3 will have unit costumizing like the PSP version, I'm waiting.

  • Though it was short and I expected it to be more difficult or open, you can't hate a game that let's you snatch people's weapon than shove it into their puny little faces.