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I'd love to put my hands on THESE!

The few games that do somehow make your hand pick up the wallet.

List items

  • From the genious creators of "Dark Messiah" a game that combines online play in a singleplayer game, doesn't that sound awesome?

  • MMO with real action and finally not a gameplay that I can simply sum up as "Point-Click-Watchyourdudekillsomone-Loot-Repeat". This looks like a big promise (Please no monthly fee!).

  • An action packed looking online adventure with RPG twist, and all in the stargate universe? worth waiting.

  • Remindes me of an action packed fable, it might be not as fun as Fable was, but still, any good action RPG combination, gets my heart.

  • A *beep*load of weapons, RPG, and shooting, what more could I ask for?

  • Gore, Shooting, RPG, and drinking from toilets! That's my kind of game.

  • I don't have Xbox360, but as soon as it comes out to PC (And I'm pretty sure it will) I'll get it, because where else can you fart and kick chickens?

  • Most creative game ever, and a dream coming true, this game is truely (R)Evoulutionary.

  • It's a super cute Gmod, not that I will be able to play it, yet, it's awesome.

  • Hoping this game will be better than STALKER, I added this game to the list of "Most anticipated" (Or in it's other name "I'd love to put my hands on THESE!")

  • A splinter cell open world sounds refreshing, and of course dangerous than ever, I'd like to give a try.

  • MMO with shooting is something I expected for so long, now we'll just have to hope it won't have monthly fee.

  • A game which combines my love for lego from since I was 6, and my love for computer games, while hoping this game will focus on user generated content and will not have a monthy fee, this might rock.

  • Every star wars fan would love to put their hands on THIS!!!

  • It's graphics, gameplay, and total feel seems to me too good to be true.

  • It's mass effect in modern day world, sweet, huh?