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A Downgraded version of Sims 3 2

Well, after playing Sims 3 and seeing how much you could do, having wide variety of characters with the ability of shaping them in many different ways, having them learn a lot of new skills, achieveing life goals, creating generations, and perhaps houses, shaping from the tiniest baby to the largest house, I expected Sims Medieval to add the element of quests and experience in addition to all that. Sadly, I was wrong. After going through the first number of missions I discovered how repetitive t...

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Everything I excpected it to be, In a good way! 0

Ghost trick takes the amazing story telling of the Phoenix Wright series and makes it even Better. So basically it does sadden me I can't say much about how good the storyline is without exposing much detailes except for that you're a ghost, a ghost that, can manipulate objects, and your goal is to look for your real identity (As apparently dead men lose any memory of their existence). The story is well delivered, and the riddles are quite sophisticated, however, they require much less thinking ...

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Better than the original 2

Adjectives,  to think that only by adding these, Scribblenauts will become ten times more awesome. I recieved the game into my welcoming hands and since I started playing, I may honestly say, I couldn't stop at will.  But let's start from the beggining. Scribblenauts is a puzzle platformer in which your goal is to go through several missions by using whatever item comes to your mind, earning starites (sounds pretty much like mario?) ands ollars, which is, you guessed it, currency, we'll get to w...

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I'm guilty, I liked it. 0

While playing the singleplayer mode of this game, I didn't understand what was all the fuss about, an average shooter with nice graphics, wide variety of weapons, and good storyline, but other than that, I felt like Modern Warfare's Singleplayer experience was just too plain simple. I shot that guy ,threw a grenade there, hid behind cover to heal myself, and basically that's it. The singleplayer for Modern Warfare 2 was not as fun as I imagined, and yet people got so excited about this game, whi...

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It's like a dream coming virtual. 0

Gotta be honest, when I first picked up this game, I was thinking it's going to be dull and boring, well, I guess I was kind of wrong. Sure, there was no Intense action, or super developed combat system, nor RPG elements that I love so much, and sometimes certain levels could piss you off (Damn you, bowser), but all I can say is that this game had one of the most beautiful designs I ever watched, everything is toy-like, vey kid-friendly in a way, and yet, it looks awesome, enemies are damn cute,...

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Worst Game You'll Ever Play. 2

Planetside (Also known as "That awful game I played and hopefully I will never play again") Is truely the worst game I ever played, and I truely wonder how come so many people play it.For a start, It lacks one of the most important stuff a MMO should have, which is PvE, NPC enemies, I can forgive that, even though I dislike PvP combat in mmos.Anyways, you start out at your sanctuary, there you will find a detailed, boring, tutorial which I doubt will aid you in the real combat out at the field.L...

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Prince of Persia with Guns. 0

Timeshift made me appreciate this current gen of Graphics card, as well as my processor. It's not DX10 based, yet, it's graphics are amazingly good. Yet, Timeshift is more than just looks. So yeah, basically the tale told there is not exactly Half Life or Metal Gear Solid, it's complex, and somewhat boring, so yeah, the gameplay makes up for it, and so does the design and awesome Timeshifting powers, but we'll get to it. After 5 minutes gameplay you won't be earning any powers, you'll be left wi...

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Next step in acrobatic gameplay. 1

Assassin's creed looks like it was based on a movie, or a very good book, maybe it's because there are hell lot of cut-scenes, or maybe because the story is so great- The main plot is about Edmund, a bartender who's ancestor was an assassin during the crusade set in Israel, the Holy Land (my home, to be more exact). while playing you switch roles between Edmund (whom you will not see often) and Altair. so mainly after some quick tutorials you will be sent doing some assassinations (after all, i...

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Action Packed Party 0

Team Fortress 2 fits for everyone. So yeah, there's a lot of cartoon gore, bodies blow up in a blood filled explosions and it may not be suitable for the lower ages (though you may find 8 year olds playing it and cussing severly), but mainly this game is for everyone. While playing the game, anyone can find his own gameplay style and favorite class, While I prefer Pyro and Medic, you might excell at being a spy, or soldier or any of the classes. As the game offers, the game indeed has unique ga...

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A game that changed the Gaming industry. 0

Fable: The Lost Chapters is an amazing game, which feels like oblivion in third person and advanced fighting mechanic, sure it's not as big and quest filled as Oblivion, but I can gaurentee Fable's fun factor is much bigger. So you're playing that bo, let's call him Fred, and Fred has variety of stuff to do in the game, from blowing random people up with a fire ball, to saving them from 'werewolves' attacks, from deciding wether to steal or kill, to helping the ill- Fable gaurantees you can do w...

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