So as I have stated I finally got my blog/website operational and I'll kick it off by giving away 20 betakeys to HoN (Heroes of Newerth) if you want a key!

And hopefully you'll enjoy my ranter that will follow this website for years to come



So I've been busy being with my better half, and now that I have some time alone I'll be gaming again!

I backordered a Hori EX2 stick a while ago, as I cant use the damn dpad that I whined about in another blog. Other then that I've been somewhat creative in photoshop and I finally got my own domain, it has nothing interesting on it as of now, but I will probably start to put up reviews and such at some time.

Anyway over to the whole photoshop business I'll throw in a sig that I made, but if you wanna check out some others you can head over HERE and please give me feedback, be it good or bad!

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Long overdue update

I should have updated earlier, but vacation hit and I've been having fun all around the place baby!

Anyway I got my 360 back rather quick, took a week or so. After that, I played a lot of UFC2009, tried to play some online but I ran in to the problem that most people tend to have, the guys you play rather quick then take a loss. That actually pisses me off most and I soon returned to play Rock Band instead.

And I've been keeping busy looking on the SW:ToR Forum just gathering all the little information I can get about this piece of lovely MMO IP, which I hope to be playing soon. I've already decided what to play as I played SWG before, and that will of course be a Bounty Hunter, named after my SWG MBH/TK on Bria, Roha Kytal.

Other then that I picked up CoD4 again, and launched my own little server which you can access here: or you could go to this little clicky for more information. Now this server is located in Europe so you US people will probably not ping to well, but be sure to swing by to check it out at least.


Yeah so...

Well my xbox died on me for the first time during the 4 years I have had it, but UPS picked it up two days ago so hopefully it will be back with me in a week or two. All depends on how fast them Germans send me one back. (Yes all the European xbox's gets shipped to Germany)

Now on to other business. I've been trying to get a hold of a copy of UFC 2009: Undisputed as I was hooked on the demo, BUT its frikkin sold out all over my county here in Norway, none of the retailers have it for the 360, but have loads of copys for the PS3 which sadly does not help me. So I am sitting here, blogging, twittering in my sadness that I cannot get my hands on that game.

But to you guys who have played it, how is the character customization and the career modus? And I've read that most people shun upon you if you use your caf online, any spesific reasons for this?

And I've been wondering if I should start a videoblog. Not too sure about it though, but if you have some feedback or would like me to do it, please leave a comment!

Forgot to add, what kind of reveals do you think MS will bring us this year?


Played some SF4

So I've played some SF4 as I got it yesterday,  and I have never spent so many hours in a fighting game in a while. It is truly as epic as the hype for it and at last a great fighting game besides SF2THDRMX that I can use my dearest 360 for.

BUT there is an issue with the dearest 360, the Dpad sucks. And it sucks so damn much that a black hole would seem like a weak-singing-on-the-last-verse vacuum cleaner. I have never ever been so frustrated about the controller in my life, I wanted to chug that POS in the brick wall. It feels so unresponsive at times and screws up combos at the wrong damn times, it feels like Im just rubbing the damn thing like you would do a lady and hope to please her, I cant stop hating on it.

Other then that I've been doing some online matches and I can say that I am getting the vibe that Ken is FOT...Game? I meet more Ken's then I do anything else, hell I even see Ryu less. I dont mind it so much as they are paying for the game and live so they are entitled to play it as they want, its just that I it just ends up the same tactic and counter in most matches which can become quite tiresome, but ah well Im just a noob anyway so I shouldnt care about it. But I do feel that I need to get myself an arcade stick to really step it up a bit, the dpad is just too random for me as I said.

And I have a little question, which character do you find yourself using the most?


Okay so..

Well I haven't really been updating anything on this site but here comes a little update...

So anyway, lately I've been playing a lot of WoW, I know its not the best game out there but no other MMO fancy's my eyes. But on to the point, So since we cleared everything, and I mean all content (S3D included) I have found myself very very bored. PvP with my hunter is not as fun as I would like, got a pally alt which I find a hard time gearing up. So I have nothing really to do.

I find it so odd that Blizzard used this much time to actually realise that the content is lacking so badly, hell even S3D was a cakewalk, I bet I could train a monkey to do it. Now they are saying grand things about Ulduar and how its going to be "harder" and how Naxx is just the entery level raid. But come on, I wonder what hard is for Blizzard if they ment that Maly and S3D was the worst thing they could send at us.

So I've been thinking about rolling an DK alt somewhere so I could have some more fun in pvp, if anybody has any suggestions about a server I could roll on that would be awesome (this is EU btw)

And to show you that I am not just a scrubnub claming that I am all this and that here is my armory and feel free to whisper me ingame anytime.

On another note, I've ordered Street Fighter IV, and can't wait to get it! If anybody wants to play some rounds with nooby me, please add me on XBL: Verdige



At last, my new gaming home is up and going, and growing strong. I believe that this site will be truly awesome when more and more people flock to get subjective and accurate reviews and fast news!

Two Huzzas for the greatest gaming page!