Not-so-Weekly Write-Up 11/13

Really been slacking on updating this, so here goes!

Dark Souls - I have put about six hours into this game, and that's enough to know that everything I've heard about the game is true, for better or worse. I have beaten bosses and mini-bosses, been pushed off bridges by giant rats, and generally done a lot of the things you'd expect. I like the game a lot so far, and I feel like it strikes an excellent balance of upping the challenge just as you start to feel more confident in your abilities, something that many games lose along the way.

Forza - Continuing to put in a few hours a week with this game, definitely still enjoying all the community stuff in between career races. Hopefully I won't get too lost in all the upcoming releases to keep up with this one.

Battlefield 3 - This game is great fun, and the ridiculous 64 player action on the PC has definitely driven my 20 hours with the game. Haven't touched the campaign or co-op yet, though I suspect I'll get to those at some point! This is another one where I am fearful of falling behind, as with any competitive game it's easy to let your skills get dull if you're away too long.

I've also been playing some Skyrim, but since this is so far behind, I'll save that discussion for my next update.

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