Weekly Write-up 10/18

This represents my week pretty well.
This represents my week pretty well.

Forza 4 - No exact count on hours this week, but if I was looking at my profile right now, I bet I've spent about 10 hours on the game. The multiplayer is tons of fun and the game still runs great when you've got 16 people on a track. It's possible that I spent more than 10 hours on this game when you consider the 4-hour long race I did with PsEG to help him with his Extra Life commitment. Hopefully it was good moral support for his 24 hours of racing. For the kids!

Supreme Commander 2 - Spent about two hours just getting back into some skirmish mode, because I hadn't played the game on my newer PC yet. The game looks great, and when you get into epic battles where hundreds of units with their own particle effects are all going nuts, the game doesn't slow down at all.

That's really all the game playing I did, Forza 4 took up a lot of my time. In the next week I might check out that Xbox Live release of Guardian Heroes, but it will likely be more of the same games I've already been playing.