Weekly Write-up 10/9

Sunday update this time around! I've been heavily into some games since my last post, so let's do this thing.

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Eufloria - Just put about an hour and a half into this one, and I'm really liking it so far. A great game to play while just zoning out to the rad ambient music. The simple gameplay works well enough and hints at enough depth that I'm sure I'll have a challenge on my hands after I get out of the last bit of tutorializing.

Battlefield 3 - Spent about 5 hours with the beta, and other than a number of hilarious bugs (including one that causes a player to assume a position very similar to the Game Room broken avatar pose whenever they revive a teammate), I thought the core action felt pretty good; I'm excited to get my hands on the final product.

World of Warcraft - This was the big one. I had never even tried WoW before, but after giving Blizzard's new style of free trial a shot, I've put around 25 hours into the game so far. Despite it being almost nothing like the only other MMO-style games I have enjoyed, I like the similarities to older PC action-RPGs and I'm having a lot of fun with it, though I'm not sure I will ever get into the social aspect of the game as much as some players have.

In the next week I'm definitely looking forward to Forza 4's release, and I know I'll be spending a lot of time with that in the near future.