And so it begins... RF:G Reviews

As a fan and prolific mapper of the original PC game, I have been anxiously anticipating the release of Red Faction : Guerrilla. The Beta showed it's promise, the Demos deepened that promise, and now as the reviews trickle in... my anticipation has become a fever. Seems like it will be a unique and explosive experience that will last me most if not all summer.  Plus I will more than likely replay it in the PC version when it is released. A few quotes I snagged from Metacritic, etc below.

And, if  you have interest, you can check how Red Faction caught my imagination back in the day :

Game Informer : 9/10

"The single-player campaign is lengthy, and continually rewarding. Don’t be surprised, however, if you shun this experience for multiplayer. Wrecking Crew mode is the most enjoyable controller-passing game that I’ve come across since Burnout’s Crash mode. The goal of this mode is to tally as much destruction as you can. Your friends then have to try and beat your score. On top of this, Red Faction offers 125 ranks worth of depth in its competitive multiplayer. Deathmatching in destructive playgrounds is a powerful proposition that changes the tactics of war. Why bother with a headshot when you can drop a bridge that kills five? Being able to change classes mid-match through backpack pick-ups is also a cool idea that works well with the team-based modes.

No matter what mode you enter, Red Faction: Guerrilla delivers on its promise of destruction, and offers an experience unlike anything else out there."

GamePro : 5/5

"Though the game has a few faults, such as some occasional background pop-in and a few minor AI issues, the whole experience is a blast (literally), and you'd be missing a great action experience by not checking this one out."

GameFocus : 9.2/10

"Bringing the Red Faction franchise to next-generation consoles might have took three years but the final result is astounding. There’s no doubt that THQ and Volition have put all their knowledge, energies and hearts into this project not only to please Red Faction fans who were disappointed by Red Faction II but also to captivate a whole new audience looking for the next great game. By delivering a solid campaign mode, an incredibly vast open world, destructible environments and addictive multiplayer modes, THQ and Volition brings you a high quality game that you can’t miss. Red Faction: Guerrilla is a must have in your collection and it won’t be forgotten when award season starts somewhere by the end of the year. While people aren’t expecting the game that much, they will be extremely surprised by it. We highly recommend it."

MSXBOX World : 9.5/10

"THQ and Volition have truly outdone themselves with Red Faction: Guerrilla. They have effectively “mined” the eight-year-old franchise and struck gaming gold, combining several recent yet tried–and-true gameplay mechanics with a spectacular physics engine, top-notch production values and a great story, resulting in a worthy (and easily the best ) sequel to the franchise as well as a highly original product in its own right. How often does that happen? For action-adventure and shooter fans looking for a fresh, solid and fun title to last them well into the summer, this is a day one, “must buy” purchase."