Bash, Slice, Whack, Rip, Stab

Melee is fun.               
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  • Red Faction Guerrilla's array of Sledge Power is impressive. The standard model's weighty THUNK as it sinks into an EDF's abdomen is what easily makes it my favorite melee weapon of all time.

  • The satisfaction enjoyed from all forms of Hidden Blade executions in the Assassin's Creed series makes me feel kinda dirty. Soo Goood!

  • Hey Gordon, you dropped this back in Black Mesa.

  • Mole Rats, Brahmin, Ghouls, Aliens, Centaurs, Deathclaws, Radscorpions, Super Mutants, Robots... Bring it! Well maybe not Deathclaws.

  • Once it's used properly running off blood instead of gasoline... Number One with a Bullet.

  • Big Daddy & Drill Bucket. Done.

  • Condemned 2's hefty whacker. I can still feel it's solid menace.

  • CLANG!!

  • Zombie slicing, Ninja dicing, Fruit slashing goodness. Plain ol' Sword will also do in a pinch.

  • Virtual Fists beat Virtual Faces good.