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@wrighteous86: So I guess the objectification and murder of millions of male characters in games and movies means nothing. or that Jack Thompson also received death threats or that Anita Sarkessian handles death threats by giving what her would be attackers want. She should call the police not twitter. Her reactions fuel her message. It's completely inappropriate for real imminent danger

The objectification and murder of millions of male characters in games and movies means nothing when discussing actual bomb and gun massacre threats in the real world, no.

And where did I say anything about how it was ok for Jack Thompson to be attacked?

Anita Sarkeesian was going to go through with the talk, not giving them what they want, but the security wouldn't comply with her safety concerns. She did call the police and talk with them and campus security. Did you even read the story? Also, her increasing the visibility of these threats may give the specific trolls what they want, but in the long run will help push this violence and aggression against women further to the fringes of the culture, and allows other women who are victims to speak out about their experiences as well. So "shut up and get over it" may be your opinion, but she has the right to speak out about it if she wants.

Is this what I get for NOT accusing you of being a men's right activist? But continue to construct straw men to battle so you can avoid the fact that you think her speaking out about issues in gaming is as important as her life and the lives of women and students on that campus.

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@spacecouncil said:

If only she represented her beliefs with real facts rather than subjective bias. I'd have no quarrel.

You realize how that comes off when this is your response to news about threats of violence against the woman, right?

Like... priorities.

I'm not equating you with one of the anti-woman people, just... I don't know that this is the appropriate time for that discussion.

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I was really into the idea of this thing a long time ago before we knew it existed. I want to play hand held games on a big screen with a controller because I don't use handhelds hardly ever.

But whenever I think of getting this thing, I try to think of what I'd play on it and I can't really think of anything. Maybe I wish it could play PSP games because there seem to be a bunch of interesting ones on there that I never played.

Undecided. Logical part of me says not really and the game collector/tech nerd/new toys wants to get it anyway. And to support Sony for making the decision to bringing it over here.

Wait, it doesn't play PSP games? Not even the ones on PSN?

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Zoned out for all of Matt Smith, but Capaldi's giving me what I want.

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I don't have a PSP or a Vita. I prefer playing video games on TV.

I'll get this just to play Vita games cheap on my TV. Persona 4 Golden, here I come.

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@branthog said:

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@milkman said:

Seeing the amount of "THIS SHOULDN'T BE ON GIANT BOMB" posts in this thread, I really, really hope that they talked about this when they recorded the Bombcast today. I think some people need a reminder that they don't decide what this site is and isn't.

Yeah, apparently we are allowed to decide now? If so, let's quit all DOTA/Dark Souls/Indie Game/PC videos, because I don't like those games.

Oh, I don't watch wrestling or F1, those podcasts shouldn't be on this site either.

Are you guys daft? Of course you all get to decide. You think people who survive on advertising revenue make a habit of creating content that people do not want so that they can have a net-loss of eyeballs to sell to advertisers? Not only do you get to decide in a very democratic way, but sites like this (and television shows and movies) often directly solicit your input. It's a bit naive to suggest that people should consume it or shut up and ignore it. Look at how Polygon has been forced to change after all of their hoopla about "a new kind of journalism", to keep eyeballs on them?

Of course, since we're talking about eyeballs, it doesn't matter if people *like* the content. As long as they keep clicking on it, that is sufficient.

Oh, and guess what? If you *want* to see frequent social justice and political content on here and you want that to be a regular part of your gaming diet, then you can voice that opinion, too!

Except the argument is being made that Patrick's work doesn't belong on Giant Bomb because it doesn't fit Jeff's vision. Most of the people saying that are implying that Jeff and the rest don't support or agree with Patrick's work. I have no problem with someone saying what they do or don't like to see. But projecting their opinions on the rest of the staff and acting like Patrick is some kind of maniacal all-powerful web lord that is forcing this upon the rest of the staff is ridiculous.

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What is anti-gamergate? Is that another movement? I haven't seen that hash tag before.

Exactly, there is no organization on the other side. That's why they have to be described with the modifier "anti". They aren't a group. It's why I can condemn them and not look like a hypocrite by association. I'm not a member of some group called "Anti-GamerGate". I can condemn anyone that attacks or doxxes or hacks public personas on the internet.

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@legion_ said:

@wrighteous86: I think we're at a point where we just need to stop feeding the troll.

Thanks... I needed someone to step in and stop me, haha. I have trouble once there's some momentum going.

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@hef said:

@legion_: Yeah lets just start a whole new movement that will totally get as much traction as this one. How is this not a perfect example of one rotten apple spoiling the bunch. Maybe read up a little bit past crazy assholes tweeting death threats.

Can the Tea Party turn things around? Did Occupy Wall Street? That's the way the world works. One bad apple does spoil the whole bunch. You're judged by the company you keep. And right now, this is your company.

And if you don't think a new movement under a new name that directly and officially and loudly combated this hatred and derided it wouldn't get attention, then I don't know what to tell you. Your odds are better doing that then trying to salvage what's now seen as a hate group.

If it makes you feel any better, to the outside world, this GamerGate crap makes ALL gamers look bad.

That's one way to spin it, I guess. She still did what she did.

Yep, she had all this coming. You win. Compelling argument.

Yep, that's totally what I said. As I said before, I find it unfortunate that there are those out there that feel they need to make death threats instead as the way to make their positions known. I don't want anyone's safety compromised for something they think. But it was still pretty shitty what she did.

I stated why the journalistic ethics group needs to separate itself from the hate-mongers and start fresh. Your response was "She still did what she did". If that's not just avoiding the issue and blaming the entire scenario on her actions in her personal life, I don't know what is.