My Top 5 Games

I'm a sucker for atmosphere and story in games, which you'll probably notice in the following list.

List items

  • The oppressive mood that this game evokes, along with getting involved in the lives of all the townspeople, make this my number one game. And Tingle wasn't really all that bad, folks. At least not in this one.

  • One of the funniest games of all time, with lovable characters all wrapped up in an amazing Casablanca film noir drama.

  • The setting, the themes, and the concept were all just too perfect.

  • The perfect capper to the entire trilogy, wrapping up all the loose ends and disparate elements in one satisfying conclusion full of heart and consequence.

  • Valve managed to work off of the phenomenal success of the first game and produce a sequel that was just as clever, unique, and surprising as its predecessor, while avoiding catering to the meme-culture and references that followed in the wake of that success.