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GOTY 2013

This might be work in progress. I am pretty sure about No 1 though.

I still mean to play Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (I like AC and boats, and that time period) at some point, but man there are too many games. I essentially still have a lot of 2011/2012 games I really want to play. The Last of Us is probably good too, but I only have so much time.

Essentially Crusader Kings II should also be on this list. They released a buch of expansions and really see games as a service. Probably betwen Bioshock and BF.




List items

  • This game lets me chuckle madly as I conquer half of the world with the Byzantine Empire in the 19th century. I already put over 300h into it.

  • I had a SNES with a Link to the past. Then I hated Nintendo with a fiery passion for about 20 years. This game made me buy a 3DS. Nuff said.

  • I LOVE open-world games. And this one has the most "open" and the most "world" in a video game yet. The story is crazy fun, but at some point I was not interested in finishing it. I will go back though.

  • I like the artstyle, and most of all that this is essentially a game about physics ... well, science-fiction physics.

  • Despite the bugs, I am enjoying myself a lot. The unlock curve makes so much more sense (Heatseekers for jets!). The game looks great. The maps (especially the new ones) are varied and detailed. The campaign however IS aggressively bad, and they make you play the last mission for unlocks.

  • I only scratched the surface, but I can already forsee that I will sink even more hours into it.

  • When a game makes me so anxious that I do not want to play it because I do not want to eff things up.... thats probably a good thing.

  • I never played card games, but Blizzards speacial sauce of polish and beginner friendlyness invited me in.

  • Dota is a lifestlye, and the experience I had with the game and the GB community was fantastic. But usually I look for relaxation in games*, so I will not become a big dota player. (FPSs don't fit here you say? Consider how inconsequential a death in BF is.)

  • I play RTS for the story. This one was a great ride.