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You misspelled Indiegogo as Indiegoto in the paragraph immediately after the video.

A great article though. I haven't actually played Skullgirls yet, but I've been following some of the stories about it since not long into the EVO donation drives. It's great to see them get this kind of support, and it's fascinating to see the cost of development for something like this spread out.

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@Ben_H said:

The only real answer:
(I picked the Original though the First Battle version is pretty good too)

I'm glad somebody else thought to bring this up. The song itself is fantastic, but the name is absolutely FANTASTIC.

It's actually kind of hard to choose between the official versions though. I prefer the first battle to the generic battle version for that extra bit of buildup, but there's nothing wrong with the shorter one at all. The Live Band version is pretty great, but doesn't really seem like it would work for the battle system of the game. The P4Arena version is pretty great too, and fits with the fighting game format. What it really boils down to, though, is which has the best keyboard, and that has to go to the Reincarnation version. Besides, that one tells you to "quit that shizzle" which is a great lyrical choice.

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You might want to ask the guy that did this version of the rainmeter skin http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/psycosis/persona-4-hud-for-rainmeter/30-56999/

His has the portraits, but they've got the health bar section on there still.

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I assume that there won't be one, since everything they've shown has been later game content. Somehow I doubt that either Jeff or Vinny want to replay the majority of the game to show off the new stuff. Maybe one of the others will if they haven't gotten to play it themselves, but I bet there's Persona fatigue.

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@FluxWaveZ: Ok, yeah! That's a much better reference, and you're right, he sounds much better in action.

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@BlackLagoon: That's true, Teddie was sort of unique in that his voice was totally inoffensive compared to what it could have been. I guess I sort of see his new voice like I see Chie's new voice in that it seems more accurate to his Japanese voice somehow. I think it's sort of replacing his ending a sentence with -kuma with a straight up grating voice.

On the other hand, I imagine that once the voice actor isn't having to do exaggerated fight announcer voice like he was for the Arena trailer, he'll sound a lot more natural. We'll have to wait and see how he sounds in a more natural speaking context before we can really come to many conclusions.

Also re-watching the trailer, a few more thoughts: Chie's voice sounds a lot more similar to her original voice than it did the first time hearing it. Yeah it's slightly higher, but within reason. As for Teddie, his voice sort of has the opposite problem I had with his original voice; it didn't really fit Human Teddie, while this one doesn't seem like it fits with Teddie Teddie. Again, will just have to wait to see what it sounds like in action I guess.

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I'm super interested to see how this works out. I liked the original voices well enough, and I was initially kind of worried because I wasn't sure what to expect, but having heard the Arena voices I'm much less worried.

For Teddie's voice I just sort of remembered that I found Teddie as a character annoying (he's the mascot character, isn't that kind of the point?) so a voice change isn't too huge of a problem.

For Chie, her original voice was great, but having heard the original Japanese voice, the new voice in the Arena trailer just seems like a better fit. Besides, she can always re-record AHA IS THIS OUR CHANCE since she's (most likely) going to be reading the same exact script.

Besides, this is a huge change for both characters! Sure a character may have different voices between games, but how often does it happen in a re-release of the original game? It can't be that often, right? It's totally fascinating to me!

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I'm mostly curious to see what the early termination fee is. It's got to be pretty substantial if you cut out at the very beginning, right? Otherwise you'd be able to pay the price of the console, the termination fee, and buy two years of gold for way less than you would get it paying monthly at fifteen bucks.

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Something that stood out to me about both of those was that the animated cutscenes were all re-used from the original game. For some reason I was positive they would use the related scenes from the anime, but I guess that would probably require a bunch of rewriting and stuff to make it work properly.

Also the dancing in the second video was really great. That whole video was great. This is all great.

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@FluxWaveZ: I'm fairly sure that they used Kanji's shadow's voice rather than his normal speaking voice for some reason. I can't really think of any reason they would do that, though.