All-Time Favorite Games

Not necessarily the best, but the ones I love and have personal meaning for me. I also probably need to preface this list by saying I was born in 1992.

List items

  • My all-time favorite game. I consider this game my own personal Street Fighter II. Yeah, sue me.

  • Do you want amazing graphics, intense action, and awesome one-liners? No thanks, bro!

  • Gameplay is somewhat clunky, but the characters and story are on a level that other games can't reach. I wish I was as alpha as Brucie.

  • Spoiler alert: I totally called Kratos being Lloyd's dad.

  • The first Rock Band made the bigger impact, but I played Rock Band 2 SO FUCKING MUCH. The amount of DLC I have for this series is staggering.

  • The best part about this game is the music.

  • One of the most artistically inspired and downright beautiful games ever.

  • I remember saying to myself as a kid, "Why the hell do I have to install this thing called Steam if I want to keep playing CS?"

  • I'm not sure if my memory is lying to me, but I distinctly remember being able to beat this game in one day.

  • Similar to Rock Band, the first Modern Warfare has the bigger impact, but I put much more time into MW2. Ah, the good ole' days of trying to end a Search and Destroy match with a throwing knife kill, and failing miserably.

  • Beating Dual Destinies reminded me of how fucking amazing this game was. Some of the best storytelling, characters, and plot twists in any video game. The first 3 Phoenix Wright games hold a special place in my heart.

  • Simply watching Jeff and Vinny play through the original PS2 game made me fall in love with this game. Now after playing Persona 4 Golden many years later after watching that legendary Endurance Run, I came to realize how truly special this game is.

  • Excellent plot twists, fucking radical soundtrack, hilariously animated characters, surprisingly touching story, clever gameplay mechanic, and of course, Missile.

  • No other open world game has captured the joy of exploration and discovery quite like Breath of the Wild.

  • Red Dead Redemption II has the most touching, poignant, and tragic arc of a main protagonist in any video game ever. Arthur Morgan is the reason why Red Dead Redemption II is an all-time classic.