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A Fighting Game Platformer? 0

I'll preface this review by saying this: I'm not great at this game, I haven't S+ ranked a gold level, or even started much of chapter 2, but I felt a review of this game needed to get out as fast as possible simply because this is an extremely unique game and creates a feeling that I rarely experience with a videogame. This game encapsulates the speed of Sonic with the fidelity of a fighting game to produce something truly magical.Dustforce allows the player to choose from 4 unique characters, ...

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New Island, New Life 0

The third instalment of the Stilwater Saints returns replete with new characters and gangs as well as a new playground, Steelport. We see the Saints resting on their laurels as champions of Stilwater and starting to become more corporate than most gangs would. After a quick kidnapping, the Saints realize they have to return to their roots and do what they do best - kick some ass.With every iteration of Saint’s Row (SR), you always have the option to customize ‘The Boss’, the protagonist for the ...

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