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If you like mindless fun check it out 0

If you haven't played little King's Story game before, you may have played an Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon. What these games have in common is gathering resources and expanding your land. New Little King's story follows these conventions but more simplified. You start off with your kingdom being attack by monsters and being ejected to the forest. The aim is to rebuild your kingdom through gathering gold and buying land. You start off with a few residents that need to be trained to carry out t...

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Rayman is back but in 2D 0

Rayman Origins brings back Rayman into a new side scrolling adventure. Once again the electoons have been captured and need to be freed with the help of the Nymph sisters, rayman and friends will go across numerous worlds to free them. The mechanics of the game involves the character punching and jumping their way through the early worlds and upon freeing the Nymph sisters, they would gain additional powers such as flying, swimming and many more. This will aid the player in finding the more dif...

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Imagine runescape, but much better 0

Its pretty difficult to describe fable, its an adventure game with rpg elements. From the begining of the game you can tell that this will be a journey that will take you across the fable world and you would encounter evil beings who threaten the world. Starting as a child who dreams to be a hero when he grows up, is suddenly put through his paces when his family and village is attacked. Saved by a well known hero called Maze, you are taken to the guild where you will start your training to beco...

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Dont say a thing, its BURNOUT 0

What can i say about the Burnout Paradise, well its an open world crash ride from start to finish. You start of as a rookie who needs to prove himself in the burnout world, after a few wins you get upgraded to a new license and the world is your oyster.This huge city offers everything you would expect in a racing game, miles of beautiful scenary and of course competition. Nearly every junction offers an event which is unbelievable, at the fun part is there are no barriers to stop you. For exampl...

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Fallout 3 Unbelievable 1

When this game came out last year, i wasnt excited by it and refused to buy it. After actually listening to the bombcast and seeing the quick looks on  the dlc which came out i decided to get the game and see what all the hype was about.Im glad to say that the game is fantastic and enjoyed every moment of it. This being a game which you can play in both first and third person and with elements of other genres really sets it apart from other games. The sombre atmosphere through out the game with ...

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Simply the greatest game 0

The best game i have ever boughtStory- A waging war between two cities and Dalmasca is right in between the war. A young boy named Vaan goes through cities, jungles to find the truth of what happened to his brother. The story will take upto 40-50 hours.Gameplay- A new design of the gameplay battle system, real time battles occur instead of random battles. Also a licence board which can improve the characters deeply than before and also a new gambit system so you can control your characters more ...

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The best Grand Theft Auto game on the ps2 0

Story- Tommy Vercetti served time in jail while his buddies were free outside. Since his release he was sent down to Vice city to do work for Sunny. Things get out of hand and Tommy decides to take over Vice himself. The decade 80`s.Gameplay- From story and random gameplay makes this game brilliant. You can do the story line to unlock weapens and the other island or you can get a gun and start blasting. Improvements from Gta 3 such as graphics, more cars, bikes and planes. The best bit is you ca...

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Brutal Violence at its best 0

Story- James earl cash sentenced to death is given a new lease of life. Through a mad director you are given orders to kill for the fun of it.Gameplay- Third person shooter role gives you the oppurtunity to kill in a various ways. you can kill by every day items such as bin bags, glass shards and to more lethal weapons, baseball bats, crow bars and guns. Also a execution mode where you can choose between cruel or extreme ways to kill enemies.From a jail cell to the outside it is brutal to the bo...

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Unusual fun gameplay 0

Well this is a sequal to the famous FFX. Two years after spira was attacked by sin. Now yuna grown up and with two friends, Rikku and Paine join her in saving spira all over again. You will meet your old friends through out the game.Gameplay- The most changed part to the game, only 3 members are in the game and thats it. Also another change is the story, not like other FF games it is linear but this game attempts to go non linear. You can choose to continue the story or either do sidequests. Sou...

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Simply Awesome 0

Another superb game added to the already great series. Endless races varying from normal street racing, rally driving and the new F1 racing.Gameplay- Once again you can choose between arcade to the actual Gran Turismo mode. The arcade mode you can Race, time trial or just practise. While racing you can unlock more tracks and cars. The Gran Turismo is bigger and better. From the license difficult as usual, from buying a variety of cars and then racing. More tracks and longer races in harder races...

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In 1997 a game was born, FF7 0

Simply the greatest game ever made. Never ever before has a game for that era made a great impact like FF7. This game has even been said to be better than current games.Story- You cant explain this, words dont mean anything. You have to play the game to wonder what everybody is talking about.Gameplay- I could talk about for ever. From the battle system to actual racing and fighting contests have never been better. You can ride chocobo`s, land machines and an airship. Also you can go to an arcade...

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This game has left a permanent mark. 0

Final fantasy rarely disappoint and this tradition continues.Story - You start in the future, where a blitzball player called tidus is focused on, going to play in a tournament which eventually changes his life. Tidus is taken through time to a land called spira, here he embarks on a journey making friends along the way battling enemies and evil which threatens spira. Will he make back to his own world and rid the world of evil. What can i say simply awesome.Graphics - this game uses all the pow...

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Where has halo been all my life 0

Not since half life 1 which was released in 1998, there has been a better fps out there in the gamig world. Halo redefines this genre with its explosive gameplay and multiplayer action. It just took too long for it to arive on the pc.Masterchief will go down as the greatest action hero in video gaming history. With high pace action from the start of the game you will battle through alien like creatures and later on, zombies, which will test your shooting accuracy. Using your own weapons is not e...

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Grand theft auto is back bigger much bigger 0

If you thought the first two grand theft autos were ground breaking this was broke so much ground. Story - This is probably the most disappointing part in the game, instead taking over the city by killing a gang lord, you have to find who killed your mother?!!. The great thing about the this is that it is quickly forgotten when you move to other cities and stories improve dramatically.Graphics- same old Gta graphics but this time it can be forgiven because of the sheer size of the game.Sound- 10...

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Started of a good franchise now im speechless. 0

The previous driver games were excellent so by my guess this should have been even better, i was wrong.Story - need to steal 40 cars for a criminal boss and along the way your old foe Jericho returns trying to kill you. could have been a great story if it went any where.Graphics - surprisingly the best part of the game, over the 3 cities every exact detail is accurate. The graphics are pretty good, but you get the occassional glitch.Sound - I cant remember if the game had good sounds shame. Stan...

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