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I gave into temptation: Vive arriving tomorrow! (+ GearVR talk)

Hello World (first blog post)

Recently I have been tempted to jump into PC VR and you can bet your right butt cheek it's partly because of Rec Room. This will not be my first VR rodeo because I currently own the GearVR but I dislike it for a couple of reasons:

  1. The GearVR shell and phone itself are annoying to get perfectly clean for VR use. Unlike the Oculus and Vive, it is not a sealed unit so getting dust on either side of the lenses can result in you having to take the phone off and clean it all over again.
  2. If you think VR on PC is lacking content, try GearVR
  3. Getting custom content onto the GearVR is a hassle, you have to transfer files to specific folders for some apps like Oculus Cinema to detect them. The worst is when you forget to transfer something or it doesn't work for some reason and then you have to take the GearVR off, remove your phone and troubleshoot
  4. GearVR has noticeable judder, I think that is down to 60hz
  5. No true head tracking and of course no room scale & hand mapping
  6. Only a very small part of your view is sharp and in focus, anything out of the center looks blurry and no adjusting can change that

Wait that is more than a couple...

I don't mean to sh*t over the GearVR, you do get a very impressive sense of space with it. It blows away Google Cardboard and if you have a phone it works with it's a no brainer. The lenses (side blurring) and finicky nature of the shell/phone combo make it something I simply don't like using a lot.

I will be testing out the recently discovered supersampling which should clean up the Vive's image further. I'll be running it on the PC below (copy & pasted from PC forum) so I should have plenty of power to use on supersampling.

CPUIntel Core i7 6700k 4.9 Ghz
MotherboardASUS Maximus VIII Hero
RAMCorsair Vengeance LED DDR4-3200 16GB
GraphicsPalit GeForce GTX 1080 GameRock (Overclocked)

If anybody has any questions about the Vive I would be happy to answer them, I'll update this blog with the games/apps/experiences I test out.

First Games to Test


Rec Room