Game music which has inspired me.

Music is very important to me when I play games. One of my dreams is to be as good as these composers and write music for games some day. 
Harry Gregson Williams I don't know how you do it:  

The production on the Wipeout HD soundtracks are incredible and fit with the game perfectly:
I get major Nostalgia and shivers down my spine when I listen to the Final Fantasy soundtracks. Nobuo Uematsu is the master at creating beautiful melodies that will never leave you. There are so many good examples I just had to pick one at random:   
Ok I can't just pick one. The orchestration in this is awesome and I love the blatant steal from Beauty and the Beast at 0:48:
 Mario Kart and CTR have nothing on Speed Freaks it will always be my favourite kart racer. The music was so happy and full of life, it just makes me smile: 

 SSX3 is the only snowboarding game you need to play. EA is so good at putting playlists together for their games: 
The Medal of Honor Franchise has some very memorable classical music. I will never forget this haunting piece of music from Allied Assault on the first section of The Day of the Tiger:
I'm bored of modern FPS bring back Timesplitters:
This track is so simple but very effective. 
That's all for now.