My Textures Are As Smooth As Your Mom's Ass.

Like I said few days ago the Skate 2 Demo has arrived. I might manage to knock out a demo review this week but I know i'll be getting this game so I may wait and give you a full review.Due to the quality of videos on the web you won't really be able to notice the graphical upgrades, but you will be able to see the improvements to what were already impressive character animations. Plus the physics and frame rate, which were a bit sketchy at times in the last game, have seen great amendment; the game now runs at 60 frames per second (a vast difference from the previous 30 fps), and new physics mean the characters actually bend and crumple like real humans, when flying through the air after a major bail, the guys limbs actually flail about desperately, you can see the panic as he realizes how close the ground is. Very fun to watch. Mwahaha.

There is a graphics comparison between the PS3 and 360 versions of the game at

I honestly don't see much difference except that the trees and bushes seem a little more detailed on the PS3, they look blander on 360. I know that in the last game the 360 had a better frame rate but PS3 version had clothes that blew in the wind. From playing the skate 2 demo i noticed that you can get cuts and stuff on your arm, and dirty up your clothes in th eps3 version, don't know if the same goes for PS3 In this video I can make out that the guys long hair moves about slightly on the PS3, I could not see it in the 360 version.