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Games that I've played or am currently playing during the year 2011.

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  • I couldn't help but get attached to the animated and utterly implausible characters. With a story that twists and turns like only one written by Shu Takumi can I couldn't help but rush to its conclusion in a mere two days. The cliched "video game equivalent of a page-turner"; here's a puzzle game where the pace of the narrative drives the difficulty of the puzzles. Given only mere moments to make a change and a limited number of possibilities the mental acrobatics you're asked to complete aren't terribly taxing. The universe artfully creates and abides by its own set of rules and I'm grateful for it. Once the game reaches its conclusion all the questions the player might have have been satisfactorily answered and they're left free to enjoy the closing cinemas. A charming adventure then, for even the most critical of audiences; I loved every minute of it.