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Games I've beat in 2018

Just the games I've beaten this year and some thoughts on them! Most of the games here will be older titles that I missed in previous years.

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  • I've owned a PS3 since basically launch and somehow never played any of the Uncharted games. So I decided to go back and start from the beginning. The game holds up okay, not the best but playable still and I enjoyed my time with the game. Nathan is a fun character and I love the set up of being an adventurer in the Jungle. One of my all time favorite settings.

  • Ever since I saw game play and heard the buzz around this game I wanted to try it. It lived up to the hype, the game play was unique and fun, the story was interesting and left me wanting to know more. The game is so stylish and nails almost every aspect of what it is going for.

  • So this game I honestly have no idea where i got it. It was just in my Steam library and looked pretty cool so I said why not give it a shot? Stomping around in mechs blowing up stuff is real cool, although the mechs can certainly take some time to get used to the handling on. I beat all the story missions and even stuck around to grind out some of the unlockables but ended up putting it down after a while.