Best of 2014

I feel weird about my top 10 this year. I thought 2014 was kind of a weak year for video games. There were lots of games I liked, but very few I loved.

List items

  • Mordor is the game Assassin's Creed Wishes it could be these days. The combat system might be lifted from the Arkham games but it works great here. It's also a very competent stealth game. The Nemesis system is the icing on the cake and I have spent a lot of time playing with that. I just wish they would not have blocked so many abilities behind story progress.

  • Wasteland 2 is a return to the kind of RPG I love. Good writing, great turn based combat and lots of things to do. On top of that everything you do feels like it matters.

  • Best implementation of a digital CCG. Got even better with the first real expansion.

  • Great horror game, that relies a bit too much on jump scares. It also had excellent DLC.

  • It's Rainbow Six planning mode the game. An idea perfectly executed with lots of content for a small price.

  • Just as fun as the couple of levels in SM3DW if not more. Sadly a bit light on content for the asking price.

  • This might be my favorite Musou title Koei has ever done. Great fan service, lots of content and the Adventure mode is really cool. If only the frame rate was more stable and they had voice over...

  • It's funny how my thoughts on Bayonetta 2 are basically the same as with the first game. Great combat, terrible story and characters. Kamiya probably should not write video games.

  • Beautiful game with a well crafted world, which also has lots of content. Still, even with the inner Circle quests the side quests still feel hollow overall. I wish they would have done more with that. The combat also becomes too easy on normal, bump up the difficulty once that also happens to you.

  • South Park really felt like a season of the show, which is incredible when you remember I am talking about a video games. it just lacked a bit of variety and the combat was probably a bit too simplistic.