Best of 2018

This has been a really rough year for me personally. Haven't had a ton of game time.

List items

  • I wish I played the old DQs back in the day. Loved VIII when it came out on PS2 and XI is just as good. Excluding Persona for being its own unique thing, this is without a doubt, the best JRPG in over a decade.

  • Another fantastic game from the brilliant Lucas Pope. I hope the 2nd book on the shelf at the end is a hint for a sequel, but that's probably not his style.

  • This seems so much better than the first game. Maybe I'll actually get around to playing it.

  • (Didn't play, just watched.) I think this game is great. Depth of choice isn't too bad, length is good, acting is great. Lots of exciting and emotional moments. I think its critics are being too harsh. David Cage is probably an asshole but many people worked on this game and I think a lot of heart shows through more than just whatever Cage intended.

  • 3 programming puzzlers on my list!

  • Not as good as FTL. But it was ok.

  • This was an unfortunate disappointment. Overall a downgrade from the original. But worst of all, the voice acting would go missing at pivotal moments sucking all charm out of otherwise beautifully animated scenes.

  • Haven't played yet, but hey its Tetris.