Ending credits in games nowadays

There is one thing that has started increasingly to annoy me more and more in modern video games.

Ending credits.

I mean I dont mean to disrespect the people creating these games but...

I just completed Hell Yeah! Wrath Of The Dead Rabbit and it was extremely good game IMO, fun and surprising with solid gameplay and everything I want from my modern sidescrolling 2d shooterplatformer. But is it really necessary to display 15 minutes of ending credits? Did SEGA Benelux or SEGA Australia really put that much creative input into the game so that they should be included in the ending credits? I think not.

Most of the credits consisted of people dealing with marketing, translating or something else not directly affecting my gameplay experience therefore useless information for me. Why does gaming industry see these names relevant to display them to the player, is it some kind of reward for me to endure long lists of names which I really don't want to see. Most of the time skipping ending credits is not a possibility and I really don't want to do it as there might be something hidden at the end of the credit roll. I want to see the whole ending but I really have no need for the information games these days want to show me.

In my opinion the ending credits should contain only the people why really made the game happen and the "useless" names should have their own credit roll which the players would see should they choose to do so in a menu or something like that. Or at least localize the ending credits so that the list would be a lot smaller for each individual.

It seems that the gaming industry don't want players to complete their games and punish us for doing so.