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XBOX 360: The best RPG, My infinite undiscovery

For those that have been following me on twitter (thank you and @_XcL_) I’ve been playing infinite undiscovery and it been quite a pain to play or just start because I   like to go through a RPG to find stuff and see what’s down every hallway. I just want to get lost in a game for a while NE who I’m a good 3-4 hours into and I pretty much came to this conclusion , the game is Square Enix’s paint by numbers nothing subtle , characters are not interesting it just seem Square Enix was like “Hey Microsoft wants a game from us, we don’t really like the system but where getting paid slap some spiky hair emo’s a girl that’s tough and bad ass one second and subservient little girl maid the next, lather rinse and   repeat get paid .” that’s what I gather from the time I’ve put in maybe it gets better or maybe it gets worst I don’t know I’m not gonna   stick around and find out.

 But it got me thinking RPG in general their time consuming grind factories where you gain lvls and learn new abilities then fight bigger enemies. As I’m now playing my Xbox 360 as my primary system of choice ( My PC is first by far but console wise 360 I play more) because I picked up a HDtv (thx hype) and all the other systems I got look like ass. The 360 falls into more of a RPG in itself, whenever I’m using my 360 there’s always a voice in the back of my head … Red Ring… Red Ring… so I don’t play it extensively so I utilize and justify every time I turn it on so I get as much as I can in short bursts like lvl grinding in a RPG. They do share some similarities in a few spots:

1) The achievements, XP what do they do absolutely nothing except to show to other people (enemies/friends) that you have completed these goals and played these games.

2) Skills: Contrary to popular belief when you play a game your learning and gaining skills weather it’s learning the layout of a map or how a game works or actually learning how to do something like in rock band sure fake guitars blah blah it’s not a real guitar for those folks I say “you can leave the room I’m playing a game here and oh yeah F@*k you!” but if you have a full set with the mic and the drums you can actually learn to play basics of drums and singing, hey now I’m learning new skills and getting better at something hot damn.

3) Time consumption, kind of a bit meta game within a game when you playing a game on your 360 your playing a RPG and your still grinding level/achievements similarities a plenty.

All in all for those that have a 360 you know what I’m talking about, the Xbox 360 the only RPG the system needs, is the system itself kudos Microsoft you’ve turned a 30% failure rate into a functional selling point.