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Top 10 Games of 2013

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  • Going into BioShock infinite, I had not finished BioShock 1 or 2. I had an understanding of the story of Rapture and the ending. I played through Infinite and was impressed on every possible angle except for the graphics; I played it the first time on the 360 2nd on the PC a world of difference. The story, the gameplay and the art style were fantastic. Once the credits rolled on the ending I immediately started looking up on twitter, podcast and talking to friends that have played about what they thought of the ending. It’s rare that a game can do something like that. So when it came to a top 10 list for games of the year BioShock Infinite was by far the best game I played this year.

  • It was BioShock or Last of Us for the top spot in my list. Both games were great but Last of Us did not have as many 80’s covers for my liking. But that aside the story of this game was dark and real more than any other game approaching a topic like a “zombie” apocalypse. Joel and Ellie’s journey across America for the cure. Another reason this game was good was the combat. The limited ammo and the setup of the encounters were a kind of choose your own adventure in bashing in some guys head in with a hammer with a pair of scissors attached. It was violent as it needed to be, the game never apologized for what it was and for that it was one of my top games for 2013.

  • There are two kinds of people in the world of games Grand Theft Auto people and Saint’s Row people. I am in the latter Dubstep guns all day. I played part 2 and the 3rd but when 4 was announced I was excited and confused. The story behind SR4 was it started life as a DLC pack that was expanded to a full game. The result was a lot of the same assets used in the 3rd but with two major differences Alien invasion and Superpowers. So instead of driving from point “A” to point “B” your flying to these points throwing fireballs all the way. The first time I did this I was like “Well I’m never going back to driving a car in an open world game after this.” Then the story itself was told in a way this it was self-aware and funny. Saint’s Row as a franchise knew it would always be standing in the shadow of Grand Theft Auto but through all the games in the series it showed itself to be something different and I would say better.

  • A rogue like, like no other Rogue Legacy was a plat forming game with randomly generated levels, monsters placements and items. What sets Rogue legacy apart from other games like these is the game mechanic of the “Family Tree.” Every time you enter a dungeon you gain money. Once you die (and you will die a lot) you can spend money on upgrading your family’s castle this is where you gain upgrades for your characters and even unlock different classes such as Mage Knight, Ninja and Dragon. Also each time you die you are presented with a choice of which class you would like to be, this builds your “legacy.” By the time you finish the game you’ll notice you legacy and level into the 100’s. It’s a good time on the PC I believe that it will be great on the Vita and PS4 when it gets released next year.

  • Released early in 2013 DMC is the remake of Devil May Cry by the company Ninja Theory. I was pleasantly surprised how similar and different the game managed to be. A good character action game nowadays is hard to come by. The flow of the combat is the main draw chaining combos together with weapon switches, distance and stance changes. I did also like the stories take on how demons entered our world and hide in plain sight controlling the human race with propaganda and a “Slurm-like drink.” The more things change the more they stay the same.

  • I put Pinball Arcade on the list because of the added downloadable content that was released this year and that it was released to mobile and the PC. Terminator 2 and Pinbot got released this year two of my favorite pinball machines. But the only drawback is that there is no cross platform buy. I picked up a good majority of the DLC on Android. I just wish there was a way to carry my purchases to Steam. Minor quibbles

  • This is game. You play the game. You’re told how to play the game. Then you deviate then the game gets surreal. The Stanley Parable is a game where you play as Stanley. He’s in an office and told what to do by a narrator. You walk outside of your office and then strange this start to happen. I don’t want to give anything away but this game is great on how it is a commentary about how we play games and what happens when you do what you want compared to what is presented to you on a given path. It is game that must be played to truly understood.

  • I played this game when it was released for Steam recently. The game is a Metroid-vania type game where you play as a robot digging in a mine collecting Gems for money and power-ups. SteamWorld Dig is a simple game that you can finish in about 4 hours give or take. I really enjoyed it. The game brought back memories of games like Super Metroid and the Game boy Castlevania games. As always in a game like this when you get the double jump your about to finish the game.

  • A late entry, everyone was talking about Brothers: A tale of two sons. People were going on and on about how the game is told the emotional depth the game reaches and all that. I got to say they were right on all accounts. This game had a story to tell. No words just emotions.

  • A 3-D fighting game in the vein of Power Stone and is a some what sequel to Madworld, mark me down for a “YES.” This game was released early in 2013. The single player put you against waves of enemies in open world environments where you can take on mission, fight bosses and find collectibles. But the main focus on the game was the multiplayer. It was a poised as a 3rd person online fighting game. Much Like Spawn for the Dreamcast, each character had their own set of moves, supers and if you get deep into it frame data. The game didn’t have much luck in the tournament scene but for a brief moment there were hopes for Anarchy Reigns at EVO 2014. Here’s hoping.