Amazing spam I received: "Re: Best!BlackJack%Now"

I received this spam email earlier today, and was extremely amazed by it. Its no ordinary poorly written engrish spam trying to get my creditcard info or other such nonsense, this one is special.

 Re: Best!BlackJack%Now
 MaNy of the Divine PrO#Mi(seS are addr@essed to PartiCulaR chaRacters, ~oR, more corr~e ct!ly speaking, to particu(Lar @graceS. FoR example, in P^salm 25:9, the Lord declares that He wil l "guide ~iN jUdgment" the meeK; b!uT if I am out of c*ommUnion with Him, i#f I am follow&in#g *a cou#rs*e of self-wi&ll, ~if my h!Eart iS ha&uGhTy, thEn I am Not just%ifieD i n taking to m!ys*elf tHe comfor~t of !this verse. htT!p://kelDa6d.youtu Be.Com/5410.html A~gaiN, ~In JOHn 15:7, the Lord @t@ell S us, "If y~e abide in Me, and %m@y words aBIde in yoU, ye shall a#sk what ye wil$l, and it Shall Be dOnE unTo y o*U. , " But i~f I am Not in expeRiment%aL communion with Him, if H(i&s commanDs are not reguLating ^mY cond$ucT, theN my prayers Will rem@ain uNAnsw%eRed. 

I like that the subject has a Re: As if the spam is in reply to me, or to somebody else. The link goes to a online blackjack playing website by the way (Tried it from school), which makes sense considering the subject line about BlackJack. What DOESN'T make sense though, is the entire fucking rest of it. Assuming someone decides to continue reading this little slice of joy, reading some bible verse, are they going to click the link? A link randomly inserted that makes no sense?! Lets assume they do, for the sake of stupidity. What do you suppose the venn diagram cross over is like between devout Christians who read bible verse spam emails and people who gamble online? I would wager its a pretty slim amount, which makes this spam meant for very specific people. 
Also, there's the whole issue about the way its written... random symbols and capitalization and complete bastardization of the english language. Was that to avoid spam filters? I guess it worked, I did receive it, mind you it was packed with warnings about not viewing it or clicking anything etc etc. 
 So what is everyone's take on this? Other than its the most magnificently crafted piece of literature ever, and that we are lucky to receive such a blessing from the gods.



I just realized that the yellow M&M and Barney from the Flintstones sound the exact same. 
The yellow M&M says "Oh, hey Red."
 and Barney says "Oh, hey Fred".
Those can't be two coincidences.


Thoughts on the Dragon Age 2 demo

Man! Dragon Age 2 sure is different from the first one huh? I feel like I should write down all the stuff I thought about it after playing it through 3 times as the different classes, so here we go!

The Main Character: Hawke

Firstly, I really don't like Guy Hawke. He seems like a nice guy or whatever, but he looks/sounds like he is 40. Whats that dude still doing at home?! MOVE OUT. Go get a wife man. Seriously though, his voice kind of bothers me for some reason, and he doesn't really look like a guy who could be evil. I am probably going to be pretty evil.
The female Hawke on the other hand is a total babe, I love the voice actress and she has great snarky 'neutral' dialogue. She reminds me a lot of Morrigan from Dragon Age: Origins actually. So that is a huge plus.
Obviously you can change their appearance in the actual game, but the voice will never change. So I will definitely be playing the game as a female.
Also, huge props to Bioware for making the characters not look fucking ugly. *unfond memories of DA:O* 


 So. Lets talk about the most important change in Dragon Age 2. Big breasts. Your sister has HUGE ones, too bad she is your sister though huh? If only this game was made in Japan.
 Also why does your mom (Who looks way too young to have birthed that 30-something male Hawke) let the daughter wear such slutty outfits. Bad parenting I say! Not that I mind.
Overall though, Dragon Age 2 is much more breasty, and I am definitely okay with that change. Especially now that women are finally easy on the eyes. (Other than that hideous orange hair monster woman who married the dead templar guy, seriously that hair looks like garbage).

The Classes

 The first time I started the demo, I, like many others, chose the Warrior class. The Warrior class is BY FAR the worst of the three there. All the skills are completely unimpressive, have really long recharge times, and are just plain boring. All I did was tap X repeatedly while waiting for the other skills to come off cooldown. The tornado thing was pretty ok, but it took like a minute to come off cooldown, so it wasn't used very often at all.  
Also, the Warrior appeared to be the weakest of all the classes too, taking off tiny slivers of hp with his huge slow claymore. After I finished the demo as a warrior it seemed like the game was pretty much a garbage grindfest and the only hope was that there was a super easy mode where things died easier so I could enjoy the story at least.
However, I decided to try the mage next, because although my first character in DA:O was a warrior, my second one was a mage, and I remember having way more fun with her. 
The mage class was like night and day. The attacks are super fast and look great, plus the tons of spells are insanely powerful. I found myself clearing through the fights three times as fast as a warrior. The mage felt amazing. The AoE spells did tons of damage, and freezing targets kept them away, while I had the Mind Blast spell to throw all enemies away if they ever made it too close. 
The Rogue class was third, I've never been a huge fan of rogues, but I can definitely see the appeal. The Rogue was a ton of fun on the battlefield. She had less AoE attacks than the others, but was able to slice and dice rapidly through single targets, She was also able to close the gap between her and the enemy extremely fast which made jumping around the battlefield cutting up darkspawn very effective. During the Ogre fight I found the teleport behind the enemy spell to be indispensable. I could simply dodge the Ogre's attack by poofing behind them, then dump all my skills onto his ass. A few rounds of that and he was dead. Also I should mention that the cooldowns on the Mage and Rogue felt way better than the warrior, and I almost always had a skill that could be used.

The Actual Demo

 The demo got me pretty excited for the story in Dragon Age 2. I haven't really kept up with what they have been saying about the story in any press stuff, so I didn't know what to expect. I assumed it took place some time far after DA:O, but that's not the case? Hawke was at the battle when the King died, but does this game take place slightly after the events of DA:O? They mentioned the darkspawn hoard, so I assume its sort of concurrent? or afterwords when something new is leading the hoard now or something.
The most surprising part was seeing Flemeth. I didn't play the Witch Hunt DLC for DA:O so I never found out what happened to Morrigan. Did Flemeth steal her body after all?  I remember Morrigan having yellow eyes, and now she does... Not to mention she looked younger obviously, though not a lot younger. Really curious if this has been touched on in Witch Hunt, or if itl be in DA2.
Also the Dwarf guy seems pretty awesome, the pirate girl seems breasty and probably okay. Shes also a bisexual apparently. I'm hoping/assuming you can recruit the seeker girl, see seems kind of cool. The way she talks reminds me a lot of the The Maiden In Black from Demon's Souls.

Final Verdict

I am really glad I played the demo again and tried out the other classes, Warriors are totally garbage (at least in my opinion) in DA2 and ruined the experience for me the first time. 
So anyone who only tried the warrior I encourage you to try it again as one of the other classes and see if it changes your mind. Its seriously a completely different game.
I think I will definitely be picking up Dragon Age 2 at some point, the story seems really interesting, and the game looks great. I'll definitely be playing as a female mage, being all snarky and evil.
Thanks for reading!

First Thoughts: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.

So I have played about an hour of the new Monster Hunter game and thought I would post some initial thoughts on what I have seen of the game so far. 
Also, I grabbed a bunch of screenshots while playing since that probably makes things way more interesting to read and whatnot. Prepare yourself for the glory that is 480x272!

Around Town

No Caption Provided
This is the main part of the single player hub area. The change to a feudal Japan hot springs town is a pretty cool change of scenery, though these shops don't particularly reflect that.
No Caption Provided
Here is a picture farther back by the stairs leading to the guild building. All the trees look really nice and animate well. That lady drinking tea looks really low rez in this photo for some reason, and she totally has like no face?! Definitely not like that in the game... its just magic.

No Caption Provided
The hunter's house. Not a ton to say about this, it looks nice. Not a lot is different from other games though. ALSO, if you didn't notice by now then this picture definitely makes it obvious; you get two cat companions now instead of one and they also follow you around town. I had the piggy following me too and we had an awesome party (He was also wearing an eskimo outfit, it was cute).
No Caption Provided
Inside the guild hall now, its very fancy looking. Only two new things going on in here that I saw, one being the Health and Stamina business, not sure what the deal with that is. Presumably something involving food effects or something. I assume it has some relationship with the other new thing: The hotsprings.

 Almost an album cover
 Almost an album cover

No Caption Provided
The hotsprings are pretty fun, they basically replace the benches you could sit at and drink/emote in the old MH games. Same things can be done here, but its more awesome.

New Mechanics and shit

No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided
Besides the fact that you can quest with two cats now, they can also totally equip weapons and armor now. This equipment isn't cosmetic like the last game; each piece has its own stats like regular character equipment. The method you obtain them seems to involve trading items for various 'scraps' which you then exchange for equipment.

No Caption Provided
Anybody who played (Or didn't play) MH: Tri will probably know that they removed a bunch of weapon types from that game. Luckily for us, every weapon type remains in 3rd and we get Switch Axes from Tri. They will probably be my new main though I do love to fiddle with heavy bowguns once I can get some decent ammo for them. Also, the bowgun system from Tri is not in this game, instead its back to the light and heavy ones.
No Caption Provided
I noticed this guy when I started up a mission from the guild (I didn't see him when I did a single player quest from the elder, though I might be blind?), this cat dude will take some items from your inventory and go back to town with them. I assume he will put them in your item box, but I suppose its possible he just sells them and gives you the money or spends it on hookers and catnip. I should probably check.
Theres probably some other shit that is new, but this is getting long and I should sleep soon, so i'll skip those for now. 
...Oh! When I went to the farm area to mine and whatnot, I decided to fish once, Instead of doing that very boring fishing minigame the character pulled up a sweet fish trap from the water and it gave me some fish. A very welcome surprise! 

Quest Stuff

No Caption Provided
Man, they really stepped up the quality of the scenery again in MHP:3rd. I only walked around a few zones of the first area but they have some really nice ambient effects going on.
No Caption Provided
So, the Japanese version always has lots of blood, its awesome. I can't remember if the last english MH game had blood like this... I don't think it did. Its pretty crazy!
Also, Switch Axes are really fun! Well, the sword mode is anyways :D The Axe mode is like a faster greatsword and hits hard, but the sword feels so zippy and powerful, plus you can do some crazy moves with it. 
No Caption Provided
I noticed that my felynes (The cats/not a spelling mistake) got pissed off towards the end of the mission and started flipping out. They were even throwing these crazy glowing boomerangs at the enemies. I know they have had something like that in some of the older games, but it seems like they have some other moves that they start using when in the rage mode as well. Also, you can see the map clearly in this screenshot, it looks nice. Definitely more detailed than previous games.

No Caption Provided

Heres the loading screen, I took a really nice screenshot when it was showing the full colour version but that caused the game to lock up and me to lose all the items I collected on that mission. Oh well, I can do it again =P The loading screen looks really nice when it isn't darkened like this... Maybe I can get a picture later sometime.

No Caption Provided
So yeah, thats my initial impression and thoughts on the game, it looks really great. I haven't seen a single change I haven't liked (Though no swimming from Tri is sad, but presumably a technical/control limitation). I am looking forward to playing more of the game on thursday with some friends. I will probably write another blog on the game once I have had some time to sink my teeth into it. 
Thanks for reading (If you did?!). Lots of pictures and not much writing is probably lame. Or totally awesome. I don't know which.

What I need to know for my Archaeology Midterm tomorrow


  I haven't started yet and its 1:15am. I have two midterms tomorrow and didn't study for this one until right now, and this is what I need to know. I haven't paid attention in class at all. I'm sure I will succeed.


Modern human/Modern Homo sapiens/Homo sapiens sapiens

Herto site, Ethiopia (Homo sapiens idaltu)

Klasies River Mouth, S. Africa

Border Cave, S. Africa

Middle Stone Age (MSA) (300,000/200,000-40,000 years ago)

MSA Stone Tool Industries: Aterian – North Africa; Sangoan/Lupemban – Central & East Africa; Howieson’s Poort – South Africa

Katanda site, Congo – bone tools, fishing

Blombos Cave, S. Africa – incised ocher = art?

Sibudu Cave, S. Africa

Qafzeh Cave and Skhul Cave, Israel

Luminescence Dating (thermoluminescence, electron spin resonance, optically stimulated luminescence)

Differences/Similarities between Neanderthals/Modern Humans

Upper Paleolithic

Middle to Upper Paleolithic transition

Neanderthal extinction – multiregional hypothesis, Out of Africa hypothesis, hydridization hypothesis

St. Césaire site, France

Peştera cu Oase Cave, Romania

Abrigo Lagar Velho child skeleton, Portugal

Mitochondrial & Y Chromosome DNA

Szeletian industry – Eastern Europe; Ulluzian industry – Italy; Châtelperronian industry – France/N. Spain

Arcy-sur-Cure, N. France

Neandertal refugia - Zafarraya Cave, Spain; Vindija Cave, Croatia

Stone tool industries of Upper Paleolithic – Aurignacian, Gravettian, Solutrean, Magdalenian

Use-Wear Analysis


Sungir, Russia, double child burial

Dolní Vĕstonice, Maravia, triple burial

Mobiliary Art

Hohlenstein ivory figure, Germany, Aurignacian

Venus figurines, Gravettian, Grimaldi figurines

Magdalenian atlatls – antler ‘marks’

Cave Art – Lascaux Cave, France; Altimira, Spain; Les Combarelles, France; Chauvet Cave, France

La Marche engraving, France

Klein – language ‘mutation’ hypothesis

Peterborough petroglyphs



Clovis & Folsom fluted points

Homo erectus in Java/China

Ngandon site, Java

Sunda, Wallacea (Wallace Line), Sahul

Island of Flores

Homo floresiensis

Lena Hara Cave, East Timor

Bobongara, New Guinea – ground axes

New Britain & New Ireland

Kilu Rock Shelter, Buka Island, Solomans

Nauwalabila I, Austrailia

Lake Mungo, Australia

Deils Lair Cave, Purrijarra, Koonalda Cabe

Austrailian megafauna extinction

Fire-stick farming

Australian Rock art – Gunbilngmurrung site

Colonization – slow & coast to interior vs. more rapid & mobile –Bridsell population growth in 2000 years

Tasmania emu eggs & wallaby hunters; Darwin glass

Modern for peopling of Americas – Clovis First, Pre-Clovis, Early Arrival.

Blackwater Draw, New Mexico

Clovis culture

Gainey complex, Eastern Canada/USA


Laurentide and Cordilleran ice sheets

Ice-Free Corridor

Radiocarbon Calibration

Broken Mammoth Cave, Alaska - Nenana stone tools

Meadowcroft Rockshelter, Pennsylvania, USA

Monte Verde, Chile

Caverna de Pedra Pintada, Brazil

Quebrada Tacahuay, Peru

Coastal Migration Route/Fladmark/Maritime Adaptation

Perda Furada, Brazil

Solutrean Hypothesis

Kennewick Man, Washington, USA

Repatriation – NAGPRA – Kwäday Dän Ts’inchi (Long-Age Person Found), BC, Canada

North American megafauna extinction

Head-Smashed-In site, Alberta, Canada

Peopling of the Arctic – Paleo-Eskimo; Dorset; Thule



Lewis Henry Morgan – savagery to barbarism

V. Gordon Childe

Neolithic Revolution

David Rondos – symbiotic relationship

Tim Ingold – trust to domination

Marshall Sahlins – original affluent society

Major centres of domestication (Eastern North America, Mesoamerica, Andes, Near East, Africa, Northern China, Southern China, New Guinea)

Ester Boserup – population growth

Broad spectrum resources – Flannery

Agriculture – Domestication, Technology, Community



Jericho (Pre-Pottery Neolithic A)

Fertile Crescent

Kebaran and Geometric Kebaran, Natufian, Early Neolithic, Late Neolithic

Ohalo site, sea of Galilee

Wati Mataha burial




Younger Dryas (Little Ice Age)

Abu Hureyra, Syria

Early Neolithic Pre-Pottery A and Pre-Pottery B

Netiv Nagdad, Jordan

Harris Matrix

Jerf el-Ahmar, Syria

Plastered Skulls (Early Neolithic)

Display Rituals


Pottery Manufacture (Late Neolithic)


Wadi Ziqlab, Jordan, Tabaqat el-Buma

Language Dispersal Hypothesis

Mesolithic hunter-gatherers

Fire-stick farming

Lepenski Vir, Serbia

The Iceman

Linear Band Keramik (LBK) culture

Talheim site, Germany



Earthworks – Great Serpent Mound

Teosinte - Maize Agriculture

Tehuacán Valley, Oaxaca Valley, Richard MacNeish

Guilá Naquitz, Oaxaca Valley, Kent Flannery

AMS radiocarbon dating

Domesticated Squash and Beans

Cerro Juanaqueñe, Mexico

Optimal foraging theory

Milagro site, Tucson, Arizona

Las Capas site, Tucson, Arizona

The Formative Period

Archaic-period sites (Mogollon Highlands and Colorado Plateau)

Hand-built pottery

Shell Middens

Poverty Point, Late Archaic, Louisiana

Squash, Chenopod, Marsh Elder, Sunflower domestication

Adena and Hopewell, Ohio River Valley

Vacant Centre Patterns

Carr and case – agency perspective

Isotope Analysis (carbon)

Princess Point Complex

People being transition - Gender bias (Watson and Kennedy)

Smith’s model for plant domestication

Prentice’s model - shamans



Banff Trip Photos and blog type thing!

So I just got back from Banff (Actually it was a few hours ago, but I was tired) and I thought I would post some photos from my trip for anyone who is interested in seeing 'em. Since Banff is in the middle of the Rockie Mountains, the view is pretty amazing. We also stayed in a 4 and a half star hotel, which was gorgeous! Pictures of that later~
Before I start though, I should explain what and where Banff is (Smart readers will already have picked up on a clue or two of where it is!). Banff is a resort town, so basically a town that is based entirely around tourism more or less. Its nestled in the Canadian Rockie Mountains ( Gorgeous!) and is one of Canada's most popular tourist spots, there is always a ton of Japanese tourists visiting during the summer, and during the winter all the Australians come out to go skiing and snowboarding. 
Banff is actually in one of the many national parks in the mountains, which is cool, all that unspoiled land makes for a great backdrop for photos =P What else is cool about the place... Its the second highest town in Canada? Thats pretty cool. Mountain air is refreshing!
Alright! On with some cool photos! 


No Caption Provided
I didn't take any photo's on the way there, I mostly just forgot, so this first photo is when I have already arrived in Banff. This bridge leads into the actual town on the left, and our hotel is nestled off in the mountains on the right somewhere.

No Caption Provided
You might have noticed the water being all blue and stuff, this is because the water is glacier runoff from the other mountains. Its very pretty to look at, but also really cold =P

No Caption Provided
Heres another shot from the right side of the bridge facing towards the town, lots and lots of traffic even though the long weekend had just ended. People sure love to jaywalk even even though there is a million crosswalks.

No Caption Provided
So instead of checking out the town first, I wanted to check out the government building, it has a ton of flowers and was super nice looking. I took the previous photo of the bridge from just inside this property (You can see the gate and fence that surrounds the area in it).
Heres a few more to check out if you like, the fountain was pretty nice.
Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4

No Caption Provided

Also, the colour filtering option on the camera is totally crazy, look how artsy this picture is! ARTSY.
No Caption Provided
Here is what the building actually looks like, its all cool and whatnot!

The Hotel

So after we finished checking out the flowers and stuff, it was finally 4pm and we could go check-in at the hotel. Seriously 4pm check-in... those fuckin' punks.

No Caption Provided
So I didn't get any shots of the outside of the hotel partially because I forgot, and partially because the hotel is on the edge of a giant cliff half way up a mountain, so enjoy the above googled photo! The place is called the "Rimrock Resort Hotel", its 4 and a half stars and super fancy (Read: Expensive). Thats actually a lie, it wasn't too expensive since we used Hotwire (Save a lot of money on hotels, but you don't know what hotel you get until you purchase the room. The hotels sell the extra rooms cheaper than normal, so they have to be unlisted. Its all fancyness).

 Since the hotel is built on a cliff up a mountain, the hotel's lobby is actually located on the 7th floor, which is really strange and easy to forget when you are using the elevators.

No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided
A couple lobby shots, the inside is insanely fancy and they even had a grand piano nearby, It made me wish that I could play the piano so I could have dazzled people with my musical powers. One day I'll learn to play Piano... One day.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2
Two more pictures for anyone wanting to see what the lobby looks like a bit better.

No Caption Provided
I like this photo because you would assume it was taken from the ground looking up towards the building, but its actually taken from the 7th floor balcony looking towards the ground. The plant was on the balcony =P

No Caption Provided
Took this shot from inside the elevator, its all shiny and reflective. I guess its brass or something, I wouldn't know but that'd be my guess. 
Here are two more pictures from inside the elevator, one is an advert for their in-hotel restaurant called Eden, its super fancy looking but I didn't feel like paying $70 for a meal. The other is just the facilities listing and what floor they are on. We tried to find the pool, but we never found it.
Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided
So this is the room we stayed in, its quite nice and I wish I could have spent some more time in it, but we were pretty busy. The room had 2 beds which felt like a waste since we only needed one, but oh well, thats the room they gave us =P

No Caption Provided
This is the view from the window, a surprisingly great view considering we had one of the cheaper rooms.

No Caption Provided
And the bathroom... It was nice and had a full bath, although It took me forever to figure out how the faucet for the tub worked when I wanted to have a shower. You would think that itd be some form of turn and/or pull system, and it appeared to be, but it was actually some sinister trick or something. When I finally got hot water, it was too hot... ugh. I must be retarded.
So thats prettymuch all the photos from the hotel I stayed at, however I totally need to show you guys the Fairmont Hotel in Banff. I was really hoping that I would get to stay there but hotwire had other plans for me. The Fairmont is so gorgeous!

No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

I love the way the Fairmont looks, but apparently not all of the rooms are air conditioned and I need AC in a hotel. As soon as I got to my hotel room I turned it down as low as it could go (Which was 17C for anyone wondering, still a few degrees warmer than I prefer, but manageable).

No Caption Provided

Heres a professional-ass shot for you punks who don't like my drive-by camera skills. I didn't want to stop and get out to get a better picture since that would make me seem totally lame. 
As nice as this Fairmont hotel is, theres actually an even nicer one a little ways away at Lake Louise, but that place is mostly a winter resort. Heres what it looks like though:

No Caption Provided
Look at how blue that water is! Looks like a huge pool doesn't it. The water really is that blue in real life too, its really amazing to see.

 This blog is getting really really long, I probably should have made it a 2 parter, but the first one would have been all substance and the second part would be mostly random stuff, Plus I probably would have gotten lazy and played Starcraft 2 all week. Lets finish this now! The silly and hilarious shit is coming now! Feel free to take a break here, but come back, its gonna be awesome.
Alright, so we came across these rapids just outside of Banff, and they were pretty awesome so I took some pictures. There was a path all along the side so you could walk along it and look at the different parts of the rapids. It was neat.
No Caption Provided
This shot sucks, but it shows where they start, well actually, where they end. But its where we started. The spot shown above is actually fucking insane, the picture doesn't do it justice, but these ones do.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2
I remembered I had some video recorded, so I threw those in too! =)

Around Town

 So when I finally got a chance to wander around the town, I found some pretty awesome shit. I'll share that here. I left it for the end to better establish a narrative in my blog. Also anyone still reading will enjoy this part the most! *Evil Smile*.
First up, is this famous candy store called "Welch's", I immediately thought of Star Ocean, but there was no crazy girl with a hand wand inside sadly. There was however, A LOT of candy. They sell a ton of different sweets which are really hard to find or not available in Canada. They also have a ton of candy that isn't made anymore... I have no idea where it comes from.

No Caption Provided

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7

I ended up buying an old school looking Charleston Chew to see if it was any different from the ones I normally buy (Also my favourite chocolate bar by the way), Some german or something chocolate called "Schogetten" It was super creamy and delicious milk chocolate, I also bought a Yorkie since I've never tried one before and their "It's NOT for girls" slogan thing on the bar made me laugh. 
 I also bought a half a pound of those lego candy bricks, they don't taste particularly great, but you can totally build things with them! Loved them as a kid. Heres what they look like for anyone missing out:
The other thing I bought was a bag of Mini (More like TINY) Jawbreakers, they are about a quarter inch in diameter and I have like 200+ of them. They are really great and amusing looking. Heres a picture!
So thats it for the Candy Store. Next, and most awesomely, was this famous Ice Cream place called "Cow's".

 This cow theme is amazing.
 This cow theme is amazing.

I had already started into the candy on the way there, so I decided to not get an icecream, that and the line was insane. However, they sell a ton of custom made novelty t-shirts which are totally hilarious. I took a picture of all the best ones I saw, I wish I had had some money left to buy some of them though. Anyways, look through them all! They are amazing!

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7Gallery image 8Gallery image 9Gallery image 10Gallery image 11Gallery image 12Gallery image 13Gallery image 14Gallery image 15Gallery image 16Gallery image 17Gallery image 18

I put my favourite 3 at the end, but they are all pretty amazing =P I really want to buy most of those.

OK! And now for a few random funny pictures I took along the way that made me laugh.

No Caption Provided
A car had this pretty sweet gothic tinkerbell, I dig it.

No Caption Provided
This is obviously the most classy place around. Some 'Restorante' named "guido's" on top of a McDonalds. Nice. Oh and its Leased! 

No Caption Provided
I came across this little gem as well. What a perfect name for A Liquor Store!
I think that is pretty much everything from my trip that I took pictures of and is worth showing, I'll leave you guys with some pretty mountain pictures I snapped on the way back. 
Thanks for reading my blog!
- Xei~

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7Gallery image 8

I Need your help everyone! We are going to do something amazing.

UPDATE: Everyone can vote once per day, so please vote again!

So, the Tester. That show was total cheese, but I found myself actually enjoying it. It had that perfect kind of terribleness to be hilarious, and everyone on the show sort of realized how silly the entire thing was.
Anyways, the casting call for the Tester Season 2 has started, and for the next 10 days, people can vote up their favourite people on the site.

 Put this together this morning. Are you voting yet?!
 Put this together this morning. Are you voting yet?!
A friend whom some of you may know, bonbolapti, has decided to try out for the show (After much convincing by us at how funny it would be if he was on it), and since he is such a shitty actor, this will probably be good for him. Minimum wage jobs are better than no wage acting jobs, right bon?
So I would really appreciate it if everyone can take a minute and make a voter account super quickly, and vote bonbolapti up there. If one of our own members gets onto the show, it will be hilarious! He promises quality programming!
Here is how you do it:
1.  Sign up quickly right here: 
2.  Go to bonbolapti's profile on the site and click VOTE! 
3.   PROFIT, fuck ?????.

Thanks a lot for your time everyone!
Also, check out his video, its pretty funny. Lazy links for the lazy.

 These sideburns have the minimum wage wall-hugging credentials for being a tester.
 These sideburns have the minimum wage wall-hugging credentials for being a tester.


It looks like you are able to vote again each day, so please vote again everyone! If you bookmark the profile page you can just jump back to it and click vote, super duper quick! This is a great opportunity for us to get even more votes!
Thanks a lot for your time everyone, Bonbolapti is very excited and just spent a few hours filling out paperwork.
Check this out, Cyrus wrote on Bon's "Wall": 

" Glad to have a Giant Bomb community member on the site :) "

That is pretty awesome! That means Cyrus is aware of this website! I wonder who he is... I have many questions!
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