E3 2009 Day 1 Comments

Well it’s been a wonderful first day of E3 2009.  Of course it wasn't a full day of E3 with the showfloor of anything, but it was an awesome day none the less.  I thought Microsoft did an excellent job with their conference.  They highlighted the things they needed to, like the Motion "camera" Project Natal.

I think the games I am most interested in is Modern Warfare 2, Forza 3, Alan Wake, Halo 3 ODST, and Halo Reach, Splinter Cell Conviction, FFXIII, and Metal Gear Solid. Probably missing a couple, but basically every game they talked about I want to get and play. The biggest surprise for me was the Left 4 Dead 2 announcement, and I am not sure how to take that announcement.  I am a big Left 4 Dead fan, but we haven't even started with the modding content, let along buying a new game.  I probably would of been more happy with a story expansion rather then a whole new boxed game, but we will see I guess.  Netflix upgrades sound good, but there wasn't really anything too terrible new and exciting on the software or hardware front (other then Natal) of the Xbox 360, no new HDD for all this damn content they want us too buy.

The EA press conference was quick and decent.  They got the point of across with their big games, and boy do they have some huge games coming out.  Mainly Dragon Age Origins for me, but also Mass Effect 2 and Star Wars Online the .  I am kind of sad they didn't announce any new good Battlefield game coming out for PC, or even talk about Crysis 2.

The Ubisoft press conference was probably the worst.   Not only did it last forever, but it was really unorganized and painful at times.  I thought the host was fine, not like Activisions horrible choice last year lol.   But they pretty much didn't show anything worthwhile or anything we haven't seen before.  SplinterCell and the stuff was all the same and Assassins creed was just CGI trailer, so I was pretty disappointed with Ubisofts conference.

Overall I was really pumped all day, G4 had the best coverage of the event, as much as a dislike G4 they did a good job.  IGN.com was a joke this year with the press conferences, and pretty much gave up on them when their feed was in mono sound only coming out of the left speaker, then their feed kept going out.  So I will be watching G4 feed on my TV and in their Justin.tv chatroom.  Anyway, got a WoW Ulduar raid to complete and can't wait to see what Sony and Nintendo have in store.


Starcraft 2 Split = Great

Coming from the Blizzcon convention I must say I was exited to hear the game will be split into 3 chunks.  The developers made it clear the game will take a really long time to do 1 game right, and I would much rather have one fully fledged game sooner, for both story and multiplayer.  This option of splitting the game up makes a lot more since and personally works for me.  I don't understand why some people out their think they are doing this just to make more money.  Its not like they will be releasing each story with a few hours of play.  These will be full fledged games, people don't seem to complain if games have a lot of expansions (Warhammer 40k for example).  So I am surpized people want less to Starcraft 2 rather then get 3 epic games.  These storys will not be cliffhangers or incomplete storys, it will have full on cut scenes and prerendered cut scenes.  Its going to be an awesome game, and an awesome trilogy.  The games will be year to years apart making 150 sound not so bad, considering your getting probably 60-100 hours of gameplay + all the multiplayer hours and possible mutiplayer upgrade in each game.

Blizzard always makes great games, and while they are a business, they make things that their fans like not an EA ideology to release games that suck ever year.  These games will be great, and hopefully all the whiners will release it when the games come out.


Well made it to 5000 points.

Well this has been a fun week.  Personally I am glad this site exist now, because I have had such a gap in my gaming life every since the whole Gamespot thing.  One thing I love is community when it comes to everything.  I think that is why I play so many MMORPGs.  Ever since that first day I stepped into FFXI world you always feel apart of something.  Now that this site is here we can people can actually share their knowledge of games in one place.  Finding info about games will become so easy as the site develops.  You can pretty much see any screenshot in high resolution and without a game website watermark over it.  I am glad Giantbomb is saying no to watermarks and I have spent a lot of time searching for screenshots without them.  And boy that is hard lol.

I love this place already :D I think tomorrow I am going to get my writing brain set and write up some good game wiki's tomorrow, because I can't believe how many screenshots I have uploaded.  I serisouly think some people would die if they saw my desktop right now... haha

Anyway peace, will be on the forums tomorrow.


1000+ GB Points Post!

Well after little less then 3 days I have finally made it over the 1000+ GB points.  Boy here are some stats.

  1. Uploaded 859 images so far, many are still pending for approval.
  2. Close to 350 mbs of images uploaded.
  3. And like 35 changes to games, updating, adding info and adding a few games not on Giantbomb.

    Now that I finally made it over that 1000 points mark I am going to start writing up some good game info, to start games I have played a bunch and have a strong liking to. 

    So anyway a w00t from me hopefully I can be a big contributor to Giantbomb.com.


First day on GiantBomb's new site!

Wow what an awesome site.  I think this is what ever gamer needs.  This site outshines websites like GamesFAQ and Wiki.  Adding all these user features will make game info really useful.  I just can't wait to see whats instore, I will be adding tons of wallpapers and screenshots tonight.  Also, I can't wait to see how well refined this website gets, because it will be totally awesome.