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Top Games of 2011

Sadly a couple of games I would want to include I have not finished and get honorable mentions:

  • Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
  • Infamous 2
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution

*Note* I was running out of good games I had completed so that's why number 10 is in this list even though I have not finished it.

List items

  • A great end to the trilogy. Epic has put together a package that has modes to suit all players. A fun campaign that adds more value with 4 player co-op and a nice ending. The best competitive multiplayer and supremely fun co-op modes with Beast and Horde.

  • Saints Row : The Third really surprised me. The game totally got me hooked and wouldn't let go until I cleared every single thing that there was to do. Sure there are a few glitches and hiccups (Achievement de-synching issues was my main one) but all the bat shit insane stuff that happens during the course of the story makes up for it. The only reason I have stopped playing is due to having nothing else to do.

  • Just learning of the people behind this game got me very excited for it. An awesome story with very nice characters. The shooting felt very fluid and apart from one section nothing in the game felt tedious. Great humor and Akira Yamaokas' music made the game pleasant to listen to. I would enjoy a sequel to this but I doubt we will see one.

  • My first game of 2011 and an amazing one to start of with. Moving from the Ishimura, that seemned purely industrial, to the Sprawl which is a civilian space station adds to the creepy disturbing atmosphere. The game looked amazing the strategic dismemberment 'feature' still gives a nice fresh change to how to approach combat situations. Personally I'm indifferent about giving Issac a voice but I can see why people would dislike the idea. Visceral Games also added a fairly enjoyable multiplayer and some nice single player dlc.

  • Dirt 3 continues the fun arcade style racing from Dirt 2 with a nice handling model, fun online and the gymkhana mode. The addition of Gymkhana is also a bit of a bad point as I felt like it was focused on a bit to much.

  • A great shooter that is easy to jump into a match and do some crazy shit. Just loading up on a jeep with your squad that is covered in a load of C4 and driving towards a bunch of enemies to messing around in jets and helicopters

  • Was on the fence about this one until I played the demo. Netherrealm took a gamble adding a full fledged story mode to a fighting game and it paid off. MK has a nice easy to pick up and play scheme but also allows the pros to get dug really deep. Granted the online issues at launched were a burden but if you lucked out and got around those issues you would be set for some great, crazy and brutal action

  • The Forza series stands as a sim-style racer but one of the appeals I find is how the game eases you in by allowing you set your own difficulty and pace with incentive to challenge yourself further. The community and storefront is a nice feature and allows you to find any design to apply to your car or go and make your own.

  • *NOTE* Still haven't completed Main Quest* *NOTE*

    Just the massive open nature of Skyrim to just go about do what you want and can spend 20+ hours find random dungeons before heading back to the main quest is so appealing.