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Worst games of 2012

I played a somewhat decent amount of games this year and here are the 5 most dissapointing.

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  • Oh boy. Where to start? As a big Resi fanboy the announcement of RE6 had me jumping up and down like a kid even so I wondered how they would continue the story, since most of it was wrapped up by the end of RE5. The story is kind of all over the place and the game doesn’t do a good job of conveying certain points to you, hiding some key story points in collectible files is a bad start. Also, this may be a more personal bitch but gonna roll with it. Leons campaign was pretty decent yet the amount of times you fight against Simmons is ridiculous, surely they could have made some more bosses. Chris’ campaign was an absolute train wreck, Gears of Resident Duty. Ii enjoyed Jake’s as a got a bit of a Resi 3 vibe from it while Ada’s campaign tied the batshit story all together somewhat.The gameplay was incredibly flawed. Controls felt way to lose and I found myself doing stuff I never wanted to do. If Capcom wanted to just make a generic cover based third person shooter they had a lot of games to look at to mimicThe amount of QTEs got stupid and enemies sometimes wouldn’t even react when they were shot. (In chapter 2 of Leon’s story a zombie leapt across to bite me, I shot him with a shotgun point blank and he still was able to damage me. Only to die afterwards) There seemed to be no decent direction in this title and in the end it became a clusterfuck that had a few decent moments but not enough to save it.

  • Konami really dropped the ball on this one. I had never got round to playing SH2 and 3 and not long after picking up copies for the PS2 this collection was announced, so naturally I decided to stop my play through and play the games on a current console in HD. Then my copy arrived and was horrified how badly these two titles had been handled. Later it was revealed that the copies given to Hijinx studios were incomplete versions. How do mess this up and not have final versions? A lot of the issues have been listed all over the net of how fucked this collection was. The post release support was also badly handled, patching the PS3 version immediately and then cancelling the second patch for 360 and only offering to replace the game for US customers. Recently they had the balls to release it on Games on Demand for £30. I finally gave up trying to slug my way through when unlocking an Achievement basically made my Xbox lock up.

  • Slant Six Games had some good ideas with this Resi spin off. Playing as Umbrella agents doing all sorts of dirty work in the shadows while the events of Resi 2 occurred sounded awesome. Once it was shown that you will hunt down Claire and Leon with the option to kill them was when I started to question some things. Why did Wolfpack seem more focused on catching / killing Leon (A rookie cop) as opposed to capturing Claire (The sister of Chris...they guy who blew up your secret zombie mansion.) The game play was pretty tedious and multiplayer was broken due to the over powered melee combos. The Spec Ops dlc that was added later on was more enjoyable and had some more unique moments but it seemed pretty obvious it was cut from the main game to get more money out of players.

  • The lead up to Ninja Gaiden 3’s launch had me pretty excited; it still had the stupid locations for super ninja Ryu to kill dudes in and looked pretty brutal. However the game had been stripped down to it’s basics by removing so much that made Ninja Gaiden enjoyable. The challenge, the multiple weapons and deep combo system were all gone. The game became just a boring button masher. The Wii U Version looks promising with the new features but it doesn’t change the fact that NG 3 is just boring.

  • Ok so first off, this isn’t a bad version of MGS3 yet it isn’t great either. Konami did a decent job in getting the control scheme to work with the 3DS it still looks pretty good. My complaint with this title comes down to the fact that in the UK the MGS HD Collection was delayed until Feb 2012 and the 3DS version was released a month later and was more expensive than the HD collection. So this mainly is on the list due to how Konami handled the situation. Paying £10 more for one game on the 3DS as opposed to the three games you could get on consoles devalued this product.