2018: Olivia REVIEWton John!

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"Another Great Year in Art Entertainment"

Three Categories in this order:

Every GAME I played


Every MOVIE I watched




Each category will start with my “Favorites of the Year”, then will be followed by an Alphabetical list. Skip ahead to see what interests you. Enjoy!

Top 10 Games I played in 2018!

(pictures taken from my in-game screenshots)

10. Detroit: Become Human

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(I'm an Android, but I feel like a human, does that make me human? Should I have Civil Rights? Let's press buttons and do these "Quick Time Events" to find out!)

Gut Words to Describe this: Paradoxical, Historic, Personal

What I like about the Game: I bought into this story. Sure it is primarily rote material, but it's presented in a way that really resonated for me. As a “Choose your own Adventure” style game I honestly felt regret, pride, loss, and triumph through the web of choices it placed in front of me. In the end it made me connect with the main characters in a unique way few other titles have been able to.

Favorite Moment: My favorite moment is towards the end. My character comes across a piano and I chose to have him play it. He plays a piece that he played earlier in the game, but you can FEEL all the sadness and fear that had transpired through him from last he played it. Beautiful.

9. Destiny 2: Forsaken

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(I'm a Space Warlock, avenging a fallen mentor, hunting escaped alien convicts, and pouncing around Space Rivendell!)

Gut Words to Describe this: Renewal, Surprise, Friendship

What I like About the Game: My wife started playing! That and everything else they added to refine the systems surrounding this loot driven shooting game. I CAN'T believe this game is on my Top Ten list again, but I can't deny the sheer amount of fun I had with it this year. The Expansion really made it feel like a whole new game. Also the addition of “The Gambit”/”Blind Well” is stellar, getting our friends together to execute perfect strategies was some of the most satisfying shit this year.

Favorite Moment: Discovering the existence of the Dreaming City with my wife...and then poking and exploring it with extreme jubilee. The wonder in our hearts was real that night.

8. Friday the 13th: The Game

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(I'm at summer camp, it’s the dead of night. I'm either a counselor in for a night of drinking, goofin’, and promiscuity OR I'm a crazy homicidal monster man known as Jason in for a night of hot murders, what fun!)

Gut Words to Describe this: Shocking, Exhilarating, Addictive

What I Liked about the Gameplay: It reminded me how much I miss playing hide and go seek! Beyond that, the game really gave itself legs by allowing you to dig deep on hatching schemes. Whether you are a counselor baiting the enemy to allow your friend to escape, or you’re Jason systematically knocking out power grids to force your victims to scatter . Definitely a Surprise hit this year and a great game to play leading up to Halloween

Favorite Moment: Every moment you realized YOU’RE Jason for the round. It’s exhilarating in the same way you were deemed “It” in a game of tag as a kid. The power and anticipation in that moment is intense.

7. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission

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(I'm a BOT who controls a Tiny BOT, on a mission to save all my little BOT friends from Aliens and Miscreants across the galaxy!)

Gut Words to Describe This: Magic, Fresh, Nostalgic, Freeing

What I Liked about the Game: It was a true VR experience tuned to the strengths and limitations of the hardware. Gaming from inside the game is an experience everyone should try.

Favorite Moment: Jammin to the music in Crystal Cave. Do yourself a favor and take a listen: Tite Mites

6. Marvel’s Spider-Man

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(I'm Peter Parker, a guy just trying to make rent and stay cordial with his ex-girlfriend. Also I ride the subway in my underies!!)

Gut Words to Describe This: Exhilarating, Nuanced, Polished, Entertaining

What I liked about the Game: I can’t emphasize what a technical and artistic wonder swinging through New York City is. I don’t think the developers can get enough credit for pulling off something so damn breathtaking and making it seem so effortless. The only thing that got tired from playing this game were my hands...hah, otherwise I would have never stopped.

Favorite Moment: Easily the first time you jump out that window, sling your first web and that music swells...

5.Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

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(I'm Kassandra, a mercenary uncovering the mysteries of Ancient Greece, my family, and-YAY SEA SHANTIES!!)

Gut Words to Describe This: Breadth, Scope, Moxie, Legacy

What I liked about the game: The sheer size of the world seems overkill at first. But as I slowly visited each land, I was greeted by delightful one off tales and characters each helping to color in a massively impressive tapestry. I also loved Kassandra, she's the right mix of badass, wiseass, and kickass.

Favorite moment: The accomplishment of looking at that massive map at the end, and seeing nothing left to do.

4. Ascension: Chronicles of the God Slayer

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(I'm ME, playing a deck building strategic card game against assholes...oh... I mean “clever friends”…)

Gut Words to describe this: Smart, Unassuming, Worthwhile, Infuriating

What I like about the Game: I find it hard to believe this little card game has become one of my most played and most beloved titles this year. It’s got a great balance of strategy, skill, and luck. Each match I have feels incredibly fresh, even after the 5th or 5000th game. Also having good friends to play against is the best way, and maybe the only way to get the most value out of this title. It’s supported with a slew of expansions as well, which keeps me coming back daily.

Favorite Moment: Hitting a chain of combos that allows you to wipe the board multiple times...then heavily gloating about it as if you’d planned it ALL along!

3.Red Dead Redemption 2

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(I'm Arthur Morgan, an outlaw looking for a more peaceful lot in life, but in the meantime, hey, “let’s get this Beard THICK!”)

Gut words to Describe this: Rich, Tactile, Immersive, Daring

What I Liked about the Game: They said this would redefine the genre, and they weren’t wrong. I came to this game hot off of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and was ready for a similar experience, albeit as a cowboy. I was wrong, Red Dead did not allow you play this game as a big open world checklist. It challenged me to slow the fuck down and rethink what makes a game immersive. The answer was pace and character. I loved how this game let me take my sweet time and seemingly punished me for trying to rush things. It’s not a perfect game but damn did I learn a lot about myself and about how deep I appreciate the hard work of that went making this.

Favorite Moment: Dominoes! I now know how to play 5 variations of dominoes and play outside of Red Dead.

2. God of War

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(I'm Kratos, a Greek God off to spread his wife's ashes, all while dodging a Pantheon of angry Norse Deities and raising a precocious son named “BOY”)

Gut Words to Describe this: Beautiful, heartfelt, Gargantuan, Somber

What I liked about the Game: The seamlessness of this journey connects you intricately with the players involved. You are there with Kratos from the start of this tale to the bitter end. The amazing story is somehow just as amazing as the combat. I’m used to games with great stories having lackluster game-play or Vice a versa. But, they nailed it, making this one of the best games ever made. And I didn’t even like the previous Franchise!

Favorite Moment: When I realized what Kratos needed to get in order to save his son’s life. His journey down the river back to his house had me welling up. Powerful Shit.

And my favorite game of the year is!

1.Monster Hunter World

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(I'm a Hunter, out there riding pterodactyls, slaying dinosaurs, and hanging with Chef Cat!)

Gut Words to describe it: Incredible, Dumb, Consuming, Rewarding

What I liked about the Game: It’s weird, and obtuse in a way that kept me on my toes. I play an ABSURD amount of video games, so it's rare when I’m having a good time and I can't pinpoint exactly why. The answer was teamwork. Teamwork is at the core of Monster Hunter’s value for me. Getting online with our crew, eating together, stumbling over drunk, sharing supplies, dancing, showing off our spunky Palicos, sharing tips about a monster and then executing a plan to do the seemingly impossible was an INCREDIBLE experience every time . The discovery of each new creature filled you with awe and fear. The progression of your character was ridiculous yet somehow very serious. All in all, this is the most fun I had with a game this year and getting to share that fun with awesome people made it deftly soar to the top of my gaming list and I couldn't be happier about that.

Favorite Moment: Every time I Landed on top a monster and rode it. Every. Single. Time.

Once, Gamed(52 Games Total)

99Vidas 5/4/18 Eh, it’s not horrible.

It’s a side scrolling retro style arcade beat em up. The game try some fun combo systems but runs out of speed pretty quick. Looks good though.

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition 12/31/18 Stunning!

We went into our 5th year of playing one ongoing saga. I’ve lived 5 years with my character and it has been one of the greatest role playing experiences of my life.

A Way Out 12/4/18 This is great!

I had a fantastic time with this Co-Op splitscreen prison break adventure game. My wife and I played this together. There were truly MAGICAL moments where our gameplay synced up in a way that left us stunned. On the other hand the game presents a very serious tone with the story, but litters the gameplay with silly competitive mini games like “who can pop a wheelie on a wheel chair longer! Or who bench press more reps”. These mini games/moments (albeit fun) sometimes pop up when narratively your characters are in high stakes story beats (I think I was racing to the hospital to see my wife, when we found the wheelchair game). It lessens the importance of the narrative, but what the hell “check out this wheelie!”

Absolver 7/3/18 eh it’s not horrible

The art style of this slow paced competitive fighter is slick. The mystery around this environment is also intriguing. However the game relies on challenging real world players and to be honest, I couldn’t find many if any. The combat seemed so fascinating I wish I had someone to use it on.

Ascension: Chronicles of the God Slayer 12/31/18 Stunning!

It’s My biggest surprise of the year. I played this game with Mandy in the summer of 2014. After not touching it for four years, I found out a bunch of my friends played it well. And so happened the “Renaissance of Ascension”. This Deck building card game has become one my most played titles this year thanks to being well supported with a slew of interesting expansions and mostly thanks to the brilliant dickbag opponents who are my friends.

Almost a Hero 12/14/18 yea it’s good!

SO WHAT, I LIKE CLICKERS YOU WANNA FIGHT!!!??? This is actually a pretty well made clicker, good animations, fun characters, meaningful upgrades. Not a great narrative though, which is my favorite parts of these games.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey 10/18/18 Stunning!

True to its name, this is an Odyssey in pure form. I was intimidated, but then fell in love with the expanse of this game. Kassandra is a powerhouse of charisma and strength. I love this franchise, and this rollicking adventure only furthered my appreciation for the Period time trekking Series that is Assassin’s Creed

Assassin’s Creed Origins Season Pass 6/26/18 This is great!

The post-release content for Origins could be enough for an entire game. I was flabbergasted at the fact that I was still playing this 2017 game halfway way through 2018. To be honest I started feeling fatigued, but just when I did, they released “Curse of the Pharaohs” and then I was fighting GIANT scorpions and parkouring through the Land of the Dead. Rad. Also, more should be said about the amazing “Discovery Tour Mode” they added to the game, which allows you to take a museum style audio tour through Egypt. Education meets entertainment.

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission 12/10/18 Stunning!

What a pure delight. This game gave me those feelings I felt as a kid playing Super Mario World for the first time. I was filled with wonder from start to finish. The game is a great example of the unique fun a Virtual Reality Experience can deliver.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit 7/5/18 This is Great!

This standalone narrative choice driven game wonderfully layers a silly sense of whimsy on top of some very heavy topics including abuse, loneliness, and loss. I like these developers.

Bears Vs Babies 12/29/18 eh, it’s not horrible

While the title is stellar, the game just doesn’t seem well made. I don’t find it fun when the best move is to repeat the same thing 4 times in a row and you win.

Beatsaber 12/4/18 This is Great!

I didn’t need to play much of this to realize the genius of it. In Virtual Reality, you’re given two swords as a bass heavy beat drops into your headphones and squares start flying at you. It’s your job to slice through these squares to the music, effectively “combat dancing” through catchy ass songs. ONLY downside is it gets really sweaty which is never great for a VR headset.

Burnout Paradise Remastered 3/24/18 This is Great!

I’ve heard the Legend that this racing game is. And the legend is true: Polished, slick, heart pumping driving gameplay is abundant. Soundtrack is wonderfully dated, and the open world is filled with ramps, races and challenges to explore. Downside is...not to be that guy but..I got super Burned Out on BurnOut. Too much of the same stuff.

Celeste 6/12/18 Stunning!

Celeste is a great example of a game having pure heart. It delivers on a tight platforming experience and a neat , poignant commentary on mental health. Cool shit.

Clash Royale 12/31/18 This is Great!

Going on three years straight of playing this Tower Offense Game. Truth be told I played it very little this year, even got kicked out of my clan. But I kept up just enough to play the updates and to make this list. I still think it’s great.

Day of the Tentacle Remastered 8/30/18 Stunning!

Damn I love Tim Schafer and his crew of miscreants. Decades later this is such a joy to playthrough. The added benefit of audio commentary from the developers makes it all the better

Dead by Daylight 8/15/18 Yea, it’s Good.

I had no idea how much fun 1v6 online competitive play could be before this. The game is not amazing but has enough there to hook you figuratively and literally. Also getting to play as Michael Myers or getting chased by Freddy Krueger is thrilling

Destiny 2: Forsaken 9/12/18 This is Great!

I never expected Destiny to win me back. It was one of my favorite games last year, but I had mentally signed off of it. But then this expansion came out and relit that fire. Our clan reformed to trek the stars in search of glory and vengeance. To be honest, Bungie has proven I should never doubt this game again.

Detroit Become Human 5/29/18 Stunning!

I bought into this narrative choice based game wholeheartedly. I really felt for the characters and cheered for their successes while fretting their misadventures. While the themes may be cliche and on the nose, I still thoroughly enjoyed the journey David Cage brought me on. Not to mention the hours I gained after the story just poking around at the fictional web these developers made.

Downwell 5/3/18 Stunning!

This is a game I can always play. It’s an Arcade style shooter where you fall down a well, shooting and stomping on monsters along the way. It’s fast cool and addictive. Great stuff!

Dragon Fin Soup 5/5/18 not for me

The artstyle of this title drew me in, but the clunky controls/gameplay and the lack of good direction left me feeling unrewarded for my time spent with it

DropMix 5/22/18 This is Great!

This Peripheral based DJ Card Collecting Musical Mashup Game can be pure magic. Slicing Hall&Oats with Salt&Peppa is one of my crowning achievements in life. That being said, Collecting the cards to make music is dumb and unnecessarily difficult. Also, I don’t like using batteries in my life anymore. Also! it’s required for you to have nice Bluetooth speakers, cause the speaker on your phone can’t hack it. I still love this toy though.

Dungeon Punks 5/18/18 Eh, it’s not horrible

This indie Dungeon Crawler is well animated and has a great cast of characters. It hits a point though where you have mind numbingly grindy fights for experience. At some point the balance gave out and it just got boring

Dungeon Village 5/18/18 This is Great!

This fun phone game was everything I needed on a mobile device. You manage a Village that Adventurers stop at before heading out on there Big Quest. “You can’t slay a dragon without a good night’s rest and some croissants for breakfast”. Such a novel twist on a genre.

Farcry Primal 3/19/18 yea, it’s good

FarCry scratches a specific open world itch for me. That need to simply explore and collect. Nothing deep like Skyrim, nothing heavy like Nier, just popcorn exploration. The added benefit of befriending and riding Sabre tooth Tigers made this FarCry pretty awesome but in the end, it’s more of the same.

Final Fantasy XV Comrades 1/16/18 eh, it’s ok

The online addition of One of my favorite games of 2016 was something I’d been hotly anticipating. In the end it wasn’t what I had hoped for (which was the “hop in the car, listen to tunes, hunt and camp” loop that the main game provided, but with my online friends). Instead it was a mission based co op experience. Set in an interesting time period from the main game, I had every reason to like this (and I almost did) but in the end it simply didn’t live up to potential of what I thought it could’ve been.

Florence 5/27/18 Stunning!

They somehow captured the pure essence of life and love in a relationship with this 15 minute game from Australian Developers. Perfectly tuned to take advantage of the mobile phone, it expands the Versatility of how you think your phone is capable of telling a story. Brilliant.

Fortnite 5/9/18 Yea, it’s good

We had to try it. I generally like Fortnite. It’s tons of fun getting dropped into a world with nothing and having to scavenge yourself to victory. I’m bad at the building aspect of this game but I did enjoy how the game feels like a cartoon version hide and go seek. Plus playing with a friend is simply a joy. I get why it’s so big and I’m happy it’s making more people see gaming as a viable titan industry..

Friday the 13th the Game 10/22/18 This is Great!

This game got me. You either play as Jason or one of a gang of counselors. If you’re a counselor your job is to work together to escape, if you’re Jason, your job is to horrifically stop them from doing so. I was gobsmacked by how much value I got from this game. Working with friends to allude Jason or even better HUNTING your friends in a tense game of Cat and Mouse was remarkable. What a surprise hit for me this year. Hope it picks up again for Halloween next year.

Gang Beasts 1/9/18 yea, it’s good

Bought the newly released Ps4 version, same dumb fun as usual. Charm Kinda wears off after a while though

God of War 4/28/18 Stunning!

Easily one of the best games in the last Ten years. It blows me away that they made the amazing narrative journey of Kratos just as good as the brutal sharpness of his combative gameplay. This title makes you emotional yet still provides satisfying gameplay mechanics. It doesn’t overstay its welcome yet provides content for those thirsting for more. It’s visually/audibly stunning, the artistic direction is daring and well thought out. The performances are heart achingly good. A few overly cliche moments and clunky upgrade systems aside, this game hits all the marks

Grand Kingdom 5/18/18 yea, it’s good

A fun turn based kingdom strategy game. This title was more than met the eye. Grand Kingdon is Quite robust in its depth, it gives you a fresh take on turn based puzzle combat. An unforgiving difficulty spike, odd online systems, and super convoluted menu U.I drains what fun I was having exploring this game.

H1Z1 Royale 10/1/18 Dumb

I think I simply like the Battle Royale concept. This version isn’t good (limited weapon variety, strict character movement, bad parachuting) yet I still had fun when playing with friends.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery 12/31/18 eh, it's ok

This is more like a long form storybook than it is a game. The interactive bits of this are mundane and uninspired. However! The art design, story, and dialogue is rather charming and honestly has made me continue playing this game despite my disinterested in this type of iPhone game.

Holedown 12/14/18 yea, it’s good

Simply puzzle iPhone game. Shoot a ball make things pops. It upgrades into a pretty neat timewaster

Homescapes 8/6/18 yea it’s good

What at first seems like a dumb home remodeling iPhone game trap, turns into a rather brilliant match three puzzler. It quickly goes beyond match 3 by introducing very ingenious twists on the formula. In the end, the puzzles got too hard and the dreaded iPhone game tropes of paying money to win overcame what fun I was having

Horizon Frozen Wilds 7/2/18 This is Great

I’ll take everything this franchise has to offer

KillerQueen 7/ 8/18 Stunning!

Sleeper hit of the year. This 10 person competitive local arcade cabinet sensation as been around since 2013. It’s myth was known, but we only discovered its amazingness this year. And it did not disappoint. There’s a part of me that wants to stop everything I do and dedicate my life to getting good at this game. My wife and Jordan feel the same.

King Oddball 6/2/18 yea it’s good

It’s easy to write off this crude Crown Wearing Moon Face game as dumb. BUT it’s not,... a clever angry bird- esqe puzzle game lies underneath it’s simple aesthetic along with a thin layer of humor. Well done

Kung Fu Panda The Showdown of Legendary Legends 5/18/18 Not for me

Stupid. LAZY smash bros rip off. Rips direct moves off, sheesh

Mafia III 8/25/18 yea it’s good

Set in 1960s New Orleans, this Crime drama gave me that city open sandbox I have been lacking in games since GTA 5. I liked it, but the one to one mechanics and lack of fast travel made it very boring at times. Worth noting, they made RACISM a game mechanic….and it worked disturbingly effectively. In the end, I found this a pretty fascinating tale whose main character, Lincoln Clay, reminded me of Rambo in First Blood. Sad, tortured, tragic, but still a trained cold blooded murderer.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 9/10/18 Stunning!

I smile just thinking about this take on our favorite web slinger. I loved this game. Such a tight romp through New York, saving citizens and trying to be a good nephew. The story and acting felt so natural too, I was startled to find myself so emotionally attached the narrative. Some marketing of this game before it released really put a tiny thorn in my playthrough because of spoilers it had within it but not enough not stop me from reveling in the joy it is to be Spider-Man.

Marvel Strike Force 5/18/18 eh it’s not horrible

Guilty pleasure Phone game. Turn based marvel character themed nonsense, whatever don’t judge me!

Mexican Train Dominoes 12/30/18 This is Great!

A new way to play dominoes and honestly it's instantly my favorite way to play dominoes now

Monster Hunter World 2/18/18 Stunning!

Incredible. This is the installment that captivated the gaming world. Our month of February was powered by Monster Hunter. Mandy, Bobby, Max, Brian, Anthony, AJ, Nakia, Zack, Marlent, John, Derek, Luis, Christian….these were our hunters. Each unique, each ready to jump in and explore this world, learn its wildlife, and tame its brush. The highs in this game were some of the most triumphant, (battling a Ratholos for 45 minutes, no lives left, no time left, then BOOM. You land the final blow, the dragon releases it’s death rattle and you could cry with happiness) more so because you were sharing them with your friends. Hard to grasp “online interfaces” definitely caused some annoying hiccups and convoluted systems are rife with this series, but in the end this title was an overall fun factory. Kudos to Chef Cat!

Moss 12/3/18 This is Great!

It was like being inside a LAIKA Film, so incredibly gorgeous. The scale of looking into this epic mouse world was breathtaking. It’s a platformer/puzzler with a heart of gold. Unfortunately I finished it not realizing I had finished it, kind of an soft ending. But who cares you can high five the mouse!

No Mans Sky Revisited 11/26/18 yea it’s good

They’ve added plenty to this 2016 game. I really liked it back then, So when my wife got into it and fell in love with all the changes they made, I was intrigued to jump back in. What they’ve added is impressive and I had fun for like an hour. BUT a random hostile creature spawn wiped me and my inventory out (which had legacy materials in it...) and the heartbreak made me walk away for good

Overwatch 12/31/18 Stunning!

I’ve written plenty about this game over the last two years. Simply put; it’s my favorite game. I didn’t put it on my top 10 list, cause it would’ve win everytime. I'm crazy for this franchise. Lots of great new Areas and Characters were doled out in 2018. This year was special cause in introduced the Overwatch League, an esports season that thrilled me every step of the way. What I loved most is that it finally gave me a sport to root for. I don’t follow football or basketball, but with Overwatch League, I finally have that avenue of social interaction to partake in and I love it. Only downside is after three years of events, they’re getting stale. But to be honest, I don’t care I’m in it for the costumes!

Postknight 7/31/18 yea it’s good

A quick fun phone game with a great loop of gameplay. Fun power ups and weapons make this title a good waste of time, hah

The Quiet Man 12/4 Not for me

What a hot mess. I want to applaud a game trying to deliver the hard of hearing experience to those who are not. But unlike Senua’s Sacrifice (which deftly created a platform to explore psychosis), the Quiet Man seems to use his disability as a gimmick and an inconsistent one at that. Your main character is deaf, but can still communicate through sign language. When you play as him you hear nothing but vibrations and muffled ambience. YET when he signs or reads lips, you do not get a translation to know what he’s signing. SO what experience am I supposed to have hear? Not of the character I’m controlling but of a hard of hearing person playing this game who doesn’t know sign or lip reading? Or is it conveying how hard games are to enjoy when you lack some of the abilities developers/industry/society expect you to have? Ehh well at least it make for good conversation. Played it twice to get true ending, didn’t enjoyed either play through.

Red Dead Redemption 2 11/26/18 Stunning!

Again, one of the best games to come out in years. I had such a visceral experience with this game. With encounters that seem tailor made for you, characters who live beyond the screen, and a powerful narrative which refines the definition of Redemption, Red Dead soars to a higher pillar of storytelling you rarely get to see. Cumbersome control schemes, over repetitive mission types, and inconsistent rules of the world between open and quest can definitely provide some headaches, but none of which deterred me from enjoying this expansive piece of work.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate 12/12/18 Great!

Yay! I’ll play this forever. The World of Light mode is so much more than I expected and it’s really frustrating, but in a fun way. This installment makes me want to dig for a deeper combat experience. No items, no map hazards… I definitely found myself up at night looking at pro smash videos trying to learn new tricks and strategies.



Favorite 2017 movie I didn’t watch till 2018 is!

The Shape of Water

No Caption Provided

Elegant, Romantic, Dream-like

Top 10 Movies from THIS year!

10. Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

No Caption Provided

Delightful, Surprising, Easy, Feels good

9. Bad Times at The El Royale

No Caption Provided

Fun, Stylish, Unapologetic

8. Mary Poppins Returns

No Caption Provided

Whimsical, Nostalgic, Heart Warming

7.Eighth Grade

No Caption Provided

Uncomfortable, Beautiful, Real

6.Avengers: Infinity War

No Caption Provided

Crazy, Impressive, Saturated

5.Black Panther

No Caption Provided

Bombastic, Invigorating, Thought provoking

4. Blind Spotting

No Caption Provided

Organic, Grounded, Heart Pounding


No Caption Provided

Exquisite, Detailed, Grand

2. Spider-man Into the Spiderverse

No Caption Provided

Endearing, Hilarious, Inspriational

And my favorite movie of the year is!

1.Sorry to Bother You

No Caption Provided

Quixotic, Powerful, Brilliant

Once, Moved (86 movies watched)

A Quiet Place 12/21/18 This is Great!

Rather remarkable in ambition. I Really respect the gumption to make a film with such a daring premise. That being said I definitely found my eyes rolling through overdone horror cliches.

A Star is Born 10/22/18 Yea, It’s Good

This is the 1954 version with Judy Garland. It’s an important tale of the highs and lows of Hollywood. I found the story great, but they padded out the movie with seemingly filler musical numbers which ended up making this movie fall rather flat for me. Garland is awesome though, no doubt. Her final lines definitely had me watering up.

A Star is Born 10/23/18 Stunning!

This is the 1937 version starring Janet Gaynor. This blew me away. Everything I liked about the 1954 version was done better here. Fredric March turns out such a stellar performance and the commentary the film makes on the movie industry is daring. Simply wonderful.

A Star is Born 10/24/18 Stunning!

This is the 1976 version starring Barbara Streisand. I loved this movie. Kris Kristofferson stole my heart within the first 15 minutes. The whole movie was a whirlwind of romance, music, and chemistry. It’s take on the Music Industry was smart and poignant. I fell for every second of this film and the final number still blows me away.

A Star is Born 12/13/18 This is Great!

This the 2018 version starring Lady Gaga. They truly did a great great job staying faithful to the source material yet paving their own path for modern times. Bradley Cooper blew me away with his performance as Jackson Maine. Lady Gaga was striking. The use of Andrew Dice Clay and Dave Chappelle in “stereotype breaking” roles was awesome. Great stuff.

A Wrinkle In Time 4/13/18 eh, it’s ok

I really enjoyed this fantastical journey. Even though I read the books as a kid I still had no idea where they would take me. Visually, I was feasting on every location and costume they put before me...unfortunately I didn’t find much substance beyond that. Rushed plot lines left me feeling a little cheapened by the end of the film. That being said...OPRAH’S THE BEST

All Eyez on Me 2/12/18 yea it’s good

This Bio Drama on Tupac Shakur surprisingly hooked me. Demetrius Shipp Jr. is an uncannily doppelganger to 2pac. Honestly just watching him, eerily, is what kept me invested in this movie. It starts falling apart towards the end when it gets VERY over the top and overtly heavy handed with the lead up to his death.

All the Way 1/17/18 Stunning!

Bryan Cranston plays a monster version of LBJ. And it’s fantastic. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Ant-man and Wasp 7/7/18 This is Great!

Marvel movies are fun. This one is some of the most fun. What I like about the Ant-Man movies is that even if he fails...the world or universe will be fine. I love the emphasis of being a parent in this franchise. Looking forward to more

Atomic Blonde 4/3/18 Stunning!

Yea, Charlize Theron is my hero. Great Action Movie top to bottom.

The Avengers 4/15/18 This is Great!

I originally saw this movie and thought it was “just fun”. But it gets better every time I see it. And this last time was no exception. What they pulled off with this film (combining four major movie franchises, successfully!) is some of the most important shit in recent cinema history.

Avengers : Age of Ultron 4/25/18 This is Great!

I liked it better with this second viewing. Ultron is a fascinating concept. Once again it blows me away how they pull this off

Avengers: Infinity War 4/26/18 Stunning!

Damn...they did it. This is a masterclass in the art of a blockbuster. So many threads expertly woven together. So many unique voices, mashed together with seeming ease. Very excited for its conclusion.

Bad Times at the El Royale 12/31/18 This is Great!

I like a movie that just wants be a movie. Akin to Baby Driver, this Film gives you that bombastic verve Pulp films should have. A delightful time and a standout performance by Cynthia Erivo

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs 12/23/18 This is Great!

The Coens Brothers are cool. Here’s this anthology of quirky western tales, each unique, each charming, and each with a forbidding slant. “All Gold Canyon” was my favorite of the tales.

Baywatch 5/28/18 eh, it’s fine

This is dumb fun. No qualms with that.

The Big Sick 1/11/18 Stunning!

Fantastic. You feel the heart within this film from start to finish. Zoe Kazan is magical and Kumail Nanjiani is the definition of sincerity. I think everyone owes it to themselves to see this flick

Blackkklansman 12/18/18 eh, it’s fine

Rather underwhelmed by this movie. Don’t get me wrong it has a great soundtrack and powerful moments (Harry Belafonte...damn) But the Hollywood elements they added to the true story fell real flat for me. In the end it made we wonder what the hype was all about

Black Panther 2/17/18 Stunning!

Killer movie. Mandy and I spent two hours in a diner afterwards discussing everything from race to nationalism to the very concept of choice.

BladeRunner 2049 4/12/18 Yea it’s good

Pretty rad follow up to blade runner. Plot lines are dense but enjoyable to follow

BladeRunner 4/3/18 Yea it’s good

Great mood game in this classic, really like the overall tones they reach. But damn does Harrison Ford talk in one tone all through it. Truth be told I fell asleep in all three of my previous attempts to watch this movie.

Blindspotting 12/20/18 Stunning!

This Oakland based piece of cinema stole my heart and delighted my senses.The performances by the two leads was ripe with history and nuance. They hit you over the head by explaining the meaning of the title to you, but it really doesn't matter. This movie is amazing.

Bright 10/21/18 Yea it’s good

Better than it should’ve been. I liked the vibe and the world state.

CAMP 10/12/18 not for me

Not for me.

Captain America: The First Avenger 4/24/18 This is Great!


Christopher Robin 9/2/18 This is Great!

Pooh is a fountain of wonderful quotes wrapped in an endearing film. “There’s ALWAYS time for a smackeral of wonder.”-Pooh

The Cloverfield Paradox 2/6/18 Yea it’s good

They announced AND released this movie with a trailer during the Super Bowl. I watched it that night cause I’m a sucker for silly marketing tricks like that. The Movie is trippy and adds nicely to the Cloverfield lore.

Clown 10/31/18 not for me

The premise is that a dad stumbles upon a clown costume while running late for his kids Birthday party. He throws the costume on and surprises his kid, once the party is over though….he can’t take the costume off… The curse of this demon clown spirit slowly transforms him into a monster and yada yada. The Movie is no good.

Coco 4/12/18 Stunning!

"Buhhhhhh"::sniff sniff::"buhhhh"

Crazy Rich Asians 12/21/18 Yea it’s good

A real fun flick to wrap Presents too. Great seeing Asians out there breaking stereotypes by playing cliche movie stereotypes. Shows Rom-Coms can definitely be broader.

Cube 9/14/18 This is Great!

A really smart well made thriller. Hats off. Fascinating premise.

Cube 2: Hypercube 9/14/18 eh, it’s fine

Uhhh they try to take the first movie to some trippier levels but...I dunno, it’s fine I guess

Cube Zero 9/17/18 not for me

Pretty dumb

Darkest Hour 3/3/18 This is Great!

Watched this immediately after Dunkirk, twas powerful

Doctor Strange 4/1/18 Yea, it’s good

First I saw this, we were sitting in the very front row. I feel like I actually GOT to see it now and it’s fun

Deadpool 2 5/20/18 This is Great

Ryan Reynolds and the writers of Deadpool are heroes

Death note 7/10/18 not for me

Bad movie interpretation of one of my favorite mangas

Deepwater Horizon 1/15/18 eh, it’s fine

Heart pumping, over dramatic, somehow cheapens the actual devastation of the event with all its action movie tropes

Divergent 3/31/18 Yea it’s good

Pretty rad, it’s a good one of these. If that makes sense, heh

Dunkirk 3/3/18 Stunning!

Blew me away. I was on edge through its entirety. What a magnificent way to tell such a moving moment in history.

Eighth Grade 12/23/18 Stunning!

Damn, this movie instantly brings me back to being 13 while at the same time feeling so LUCKY I’m not 13 in 2018

Escape from New York 6/2/18 Yea it’s good

Snake Plissken is one of those “so stupid that I’m totally on board” characters and his movie is no different

Fantastic Beasts:The Crimes of Grindlewald 11/15/18 eh, it’s fine

I really dig fleshing out the world of Harry Potter, however I just don't find Newt Scamander’s journey though it that interesting. He seems unnecessary and lost among the larger themes of this movie.

The Favourite 12/18/18 Stunning!

A great new twist on All about Eve. Marjory Coleman will blow you away

Happy Death Day 4/2/18 eh it’s fine

I have a weakness for any movie akin to ripping off Groundhogs Day. They may not be good but I secretly like them all

Hardcore Henry 9/10/18 This Is Great!

I can’t believe they made this. The whole movie is in heart pumping first person view. What action, what choreography, I was baffled multiple times while watching this. Is it good? Doesn’t really matter, it’s impressive.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard 4/2/18 Yea it’s good

Funny, nothing much to add

Guardians of the Galaxy 4/24/18 This is Great!

Still good

The Godfather 8/20/18 Stunning!

I hadn’t seen this since I was a teenager and now that I’m an adult...yea it’s just as good as everyone says. The way Coppola is able to convey pages of exposition without having an actor utter a single word is breathtaking. Top to bottom brilliance

The Godfather II 8/23 /18 This is Great!

Yea I really didn’t care for this as much. Seemed like a 180 from the first film as it literally starts with pages of exposition on screen, then has this self aware slant as if it knows the first Godfather was a hit. It really threw me off. That being said, the tale it tells is beautiful and the journey of the Corleone family is powerful.

The Godfather III 8/25/18 Yea it’s good

Never saw this before. The ending of this trilogy surprised me, I didn’t expect it to take place canonically so long after the last movie. Seeing The actors age through this epic family drama was really cool. Al Pacino sounds so weird though.

Green Book 12/31/18 Stunning!

It's a movie ass movie. Hits every staple to make you go "wow, now that's a film" (for example: based on a true story, topical relevance, dramatic scenes in the rain, trying to get home for Christmas...). Not a complaint, I bought into it and loved it all the more. At first it just feels like a twist on Driving Miss Daisy. Well actually...it's very close to that, but it makes strides to flesh out the two main characters and to show differences of power and race. Powerful Performances.

I Am The Pretty Thing that Lives in the Walls 11/11/18 not for me


The Incredibles 6/21/18 This is Great!

I did not like this movie when it first came out. Thought it started great but fizzled out quickly. I take all of that back now, love it the whole way through

The Incredibles II 6/22/18 Yea it’s good

Not many thoughts about this, successfully told the next episode of this super family

Insurgent 3/31/18 Yea it’s good

Fun series, that’s it

Kid Gorgeous 12/11/18 This is Great!

John Mulaney is some of best shit out there

Kubo and the Two Strings 11/8/18 Stunning!


La La Land 11/22/18 Stunning!

Oh this movie, it makes me smile and water up every time.

Ladybird 3/4/18 This is Great!

Really great slice of life flick. The relationship with her mom is striking to watch

Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution 10/21/18 Yea it’s good

Fascinating documentary looking at hook up culture. Sad, scary, cool, enlightening

Mamma Mia! Here we Go Again 7/20/18 This is Great!

I can’t tell how much I enjoyed this Movie Musical. I didn’t care for the first one, but this sequel was great. I think the original tried bringing a stage experience to film while this was built for film from the start. I think it makes a huge difference. Lily James is darling, and her strength in this character shines. They also cut Peirce’s singing time WAAAAAY down.

Mary Poppins 12/17/18 Stunning!

Mary Poppins is so pretty, Dick Van Dyke is so handsome. Both are out of this world in their own right. Mandy and I tried to breakdown Mary Poppins magic through D&D logic, twas fun

Mary Poppins Returns 12/30/18 Stunning!

Nostalgia factors in heavily when thinking of this. It captures the whimsy and frivolity from the original and by staying the course they deliver a delightful journey of love and exquisite imagination. They follow the beats of the first movie pretty much one to one. At times you can see them REALLY trying to make a “-like” songs as catchy as the originals, time and kids will let us know if they did. Also some cameos knocked me on my ass, so good. Meryl Streep's “Turning Turtle” is my jam though: Link: Turning Turtle

Meeting the Enemy 6/25/18 This is Great!

Great Doc about a Muslim Women taking the chance to real meaningful conversation with the Alt-Right

Mute 6/12/18 not for me


Ninja Batman 5/ 8/18 This is Great!

Not Dumb

The Ninjago Movie 6/24/18 This is Great!

Hilarious, I like whoever is making these LEGO movies

Oceans 8 6/16/18 Not for me

On paper, this should be the coolest flick of the year. In action it simply lacked my favorite element from the previous movies: Chemistry

Only Lovers Left Alive 2/14/18 This is Great!

Tilda and Tom Hiddleston are total forces of nature in this. Worth seeing just for their combined screen presence

Pop star: NeverStop Neverstopping 1/24/18 Yea, it’s good

Dumb...but in a fun way

The Purge 7/7/18 Yea it’s good

Yea, this was pretty wild. Hated the kid in this though, so forced

The Purge Anarchy 7/7/18 eh, it’s fine

Not great, still love the overall premise of this series though

Ready Player One 4/10/18 Yea it’s good

Totally fun blockbuster movie. Although I feel like this was just Spielberg’s long winded way of telling his grandkids to get off Fortnite and come to dinner

Roma 12/18/18 Stunning!

Wow. If you wanna see a filmmaker at the height of his craft, watch this movie by Alfonso Cuaron

The Shape of Water 1/9/18 Stunning!

Beauty. Odd. Awesome. So glad this won Best Picture.

Solo a Star Wars Story 5/25/18 eh, it’s fine

A little too fanservicey for me. Saw a lot of missed opportunities, but hey a special appearance at the end had me out of my seat in excitement

Sorry to Bother You 12/14/18 Stunning!

Floored me. I can’t think of one thing I didn’t like about this. Still chewing on everything it set up. damn.

Spider-Man Into The Spiderverse 12/16/18 Stunning!

The feel good film of the year. You wanna smile for a straight hour and a half, watch this. Brilliant.

Stitches 10/29/18 Not for me

What should’ve been a dumb killer clown movie actually had some value in the form that the horror was kinda clever and funny

Thor 4/1/18 This is Great!

Still fun

Thor The Dark World 4/24/18 not for me


Thor: Ragnorok 4/15/18 This is Great!

The series developing its own self aware humor really helps extend the interest in it. Also it’s hilarious

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri 3/1/18 Stunning!

Brilliant performances across the boards. Sam Rockwell kills me.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before 12/20/18 Yea it’s good

A Fun watch. Infuriating rom com tropes aside I really liked the main actress

When We First Met 8/20/18 eh, it’s fine

Again I’m a sucker for movie that rip off Groundhogs day.

The Wiz 3/08/18 This is Great!

So weird. It’s great. The music floors me every time.



Top Shows/Series I watched this Year!

10. Big Mouth Seasons 1 & 2

No Caption Provided

Well Written, Raw, More than meets the eye

9. Castlevania Season 2

No Caption Provided

Brutal, Tragic, Epic

8. Arrested Development Season 5

No Caption Provided

Insane, unexplainable, frenzied

7. Disenchantment

No Caption Provided

Quick, Clever, Silly

6. Wild Wild Country

No Caption Provided

Eye opening, raw, unfortunate

5. American Vandal Seasons 1 & 2

No Caption Provided

Scary, Funny, Impressive


No Caption Provided

Deep, Endearing, Organic

3. Dear White People Season 2

No Caption Provided

Thought provoking, Consistent, Crisp,

2. End of the F***ing World

No Caption Provided

Delightful, Measured, Brilliant

And my favorite show this year is!


No Caption Provided

Precise, Hilarious, Threatening

Once, Seried(34 shows seen)

13 Reasons Why S.2 8/16/18 yea it’s good

At first I couldn’t understand why a second season was in the works. Upon watching it, I do find it important to tell the story after a loved one takes their life. The story doesn't end and I think it's cool they explore that.

American Horror Story: Cult 10/20/18 Yea, it’s good

I Really enjoyed the set up to this season. The real world election process brought a dread to me that I saw depicted on screen, and I identified hard with it. But it doesn't hold steam till the end and spins into weird filler territory which wore out the shows welcome.

American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare 10/14/18 Not for me

The idea of a TV show about a Tv show about a haunting is cool, the result was uneven and barely interesting to me

American Vandal 9/14/18 Stunning!

I was not expecting to be blown away from this series. At first I thought it was just a funny dick joke and I did not expect it to be interesting pass the first episode. I was wrong. This is a perfect case of “not judging a book by its cover”. Hats off to all those involved in this title

American Vandal S.2 9/18/18 This is Great!

They continue to make impressive content despite what at first seems like a flimsy premise. Kudos!

Altered Carbon 2/3/18 Yea, it’s Good

No joke I enjoyed this sci-fi caper. Instead of dying, have your consciousness uploaded to a new body, pretty convenient...for those who can pay for it.

Arrested Development S.4 9/11/18 Stunning!

Herbert Love

Arrested Development S.5 11/18/18 Stunning!

What beach house?

Ballers Season 3 1/17/18 eh, it’s fine

Entertaining to watch but mostly forgettable

Barry 5/31/18 Stunning!

A hit-man discovers his love for acting. Yea this title has it all. Just watch it.

Big Mouth 11/28/18 This is Great!

Every trailer I saw of this, turned me off. A few friends talked highly of it and after giving it a chance...they were right. Behind the shit and boobs jokes is a really smart sincere and brutally honest story about coming of age. Not flawless, but great nonetheless.

Black Mirror S.4 7/9 This is Great!

More of the same. This show has become a parody of itself. Still great though

Castlevania S. 2 12/14/18 This is Great!

Wow. The art style alone could be enough for me to love this. The deep lore and beat to beat story is compelling to boot.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 11/11/18 Yea, its good.

Waaaaaaayy better than I thought it would be. Their reverence for the dark arts is pretty fascinating. Ambrose is one of the most interestingly charismatic characters on television right now.

Coach Snoop 2/9/18 Yea it’s Good

I love Snoop’s love for youth, people, and sport in this documentary. I don’t love how he thinks a teenager’s confidence problems should be solved by getting him laid. Weird dumb masculine mentality crap.

Dear White People S.2 5/16/18 Stunning!

Crisp, Smart. Poignant, even better than the first season.

Deathnote 12/10/18 Stunning!

The Anime is spectacular, great voice acting, great animation, great soundtrack. Wraps up satisfyingly

Disenchament 9/7/18 This is Great!

Won me over. I’m fully in to see what mishaps and misadventures Bean, Luci and Elfo get up to from now on.

The End of the F***king World 9/1/18 Stunning!

This shit is genius to me. I rarely see material do this much in such a small amount of time. Has become one of my favorite shows to date.

Evil Genius 6/5 eh, it’s fine

Starts off intriguing as hell, but then drags on as you start to realize the makers don't have much more story to tell

GLOW S.2 7/3 yea, it’s good

Continues the arcs of the great cast of characters from season 1, but then falls into filler zone with a slew of episodes that just don't move the plot anywhere.

Grown 5/22/08 Stunning!

Brilliant. Shining light on the beauty that is the Haitian American experience in Miami is monumental. Characters that win your heart over and a plot that makes you feel right there in the thick of it.

Jessica Jones S.2 10/11/18 This is Great!

I really like where they took this plot. Jessica is a complex character to roll with . I hope to roll with her for another season

Joel Mchale Show with Joel Mchale 5/12/18 Yea, its good

Dumb and funny. The right kind of nonsensical irreverence I wanted from it. Also it helped me keep up what was happening on tv these days

Lost in Space 5/18/18 Not for me

Weird and slow. Contrived, yet visually appealing.

Orange is the New Black S. 6 8/2/18 This is Great!

The series continues to dole out interesting content for characters I'll follow till the end

The Punisher 9/25/18 This is Great!

Violent and tragic. I appreciated them going into depth to deliver multiple threads a Vet story, and the hardships that can come of it.

She-Ra Princess of Power 12/14/18 This is Great!

Truly wonderful. A colorful cast is fun over the top epic fantasy tale. Every episode Felt a bit like watching a D&D session.

Skylanders Academy S.2 6/30/18 This is Great!

Only Mandy and I like this show, and it just keeps going

Thirteen Deadly Sims 5/4/18 This is Great!

Hilarity from such an unexpected platform: The Sims 4

Voltron Legendary Defender S.4 6/11/18 This is Great!

I love this series

Voltron Legendary Defender S.5 6/22/18 This is Great!

Show cranks out content like it’s no one’s business

The Walking Dead S.8 9/28/18 eh, it’s fine

Pretty dry, Just watching to see how it compares with the comics at this point

Wild Wild Country 6/22/18 Stunning!

This chronicles a religion that pushed America...and America pushed back. No side is clean in this enlightening documentary


And that’s a wrap. Thanks for reading. If you are morbidly interested in more, here is a list of previous lists!

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Happy New Year!


2017: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, REVIEWFISH!

Here’s a dated list of every Game, Movie, Series, Show, and Album I experienced this year. Plus My Complete Song of the Month Selection. Have fun!

My Top 10 Games released in 2017!

10. Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice (Meet Senua, a Celtic Outcast Suffering from Grief and Psychosis, battling through Ancient Gods to Save the Soul of her Love)

No Caption Provided

Gut Words to Describe it: Compassionate, Determined, Dire, Important

What I Dug About the Game: Wearing headphones and hearing whispering voices inside my head all around me was...frightening and fascinating. Sometimes the voices were distant and hard to hear, other times they were so close I could almost... feel them breath on the back of my neck. Visually it’s the best looking game I’ve played this year.

Favorite Moment: Realizing I couldn’t ignore all the voices. My initial instinct was to tune them out...I was wrong. Sometimes they would guide me and save my life, other times they would berate me or send me down the wrong path. I even started depending on certain voices for survival. During combat I would hear a voice say “ Watch out behind you” and then I would turn around just in time to counter a blow from an attacker. I was humbled to realize I was wrong for thinking it’d be that easy to simply ignore them. I HAD to listen.

Also! The game had this great quote-” A Life without Loss, is a Life without Love”

9. Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator (Meet Dad, a real cool dude just looking to hang out... so...you free?...How do you work this messenger-where’s my daughter???)

No Caption Provided

Gut Words to describe it: Hilarious, Thoughtful, Sincere, Daring

What I Dug about the Game: The strength of Dream Daddy is in its' writing. I really found my dad's voice, and loved getting to take part in this adventure with him. It's also the most charming game I played this year and possibly ever.

Favorite Moment: Putting myself onstage to bust out a Sick Impromptu Ska Ballad to save the show of Mat’s(my Dream Dad) Cafe Concert. Hilarious and Sincere all in one.

8. Destiny 2 (Meet Guardian, hot off his Destiny One Tour, he’s here to be the Universe's only hope again… along with millions of other guardians who are told they’re also the universe’s only hope)

No Caption Provided

Gut Words to Describe it: Teamwork, Silliness, Playground

What I Dug about the Gameplay: Planet Trekking with friends...being hooligans in those lovely planet-size sandboxes is genuinely delightful. I loved that there's nothing deep about Destiny, it’s just fun!

Favorite Moment: Assembling your friends for a Raid, and posing for pictures (the one above is us) before getting slaughtered for hours!

7. Super Mario Odyssey (Meet Mario, he's that Jump Up Super Star!)

No Caption Provided

Gut Words to Describe it: Elation, Fearlessness, Adventure

What I dug about the Gameplay: Poetry in Motion, this game feels like Dancing in a Roller Rink. I marveled at the Meticulous game design, was absorbed by its catchy soundtrack, and was delighted by it's vibrant visuals. The only reason why this isn't higher on my list is because the other games all touched me on deep personal level and that, simply, is not what Mario is about. Thankfully.

Favorite Moment: Entering Cascade Kingdom (The First Big Level) and hearing that music swell. It made me reminisce about the 1st level of every previous Mario game that I loved and filled me with excitement for what the game would offer next.

6. Night in the Woods (Meet Mae, she’s back in town after dropping out of college, she also plays a sick bass)

No Caption Provided

Gut Words to Describe it: Genuine, Fresh, Personal

What I Dug about the Gameplay: The real star of this game is interacting with the amazing characters. Every single animal I interacted with was a special experience. The game is force of brilliant writing and a pillar for others to aspire to. And it's real funny...

Favorite Moment: Watching Lame TV with my Cat Dad! Also Playing that kick ass song “Die Anywhere Else”

5. Assassin’s Creed Origins (Meet Bayek, a traveling Egyptian Sheriff, off to seek vengeance and help his local small businessman)

No Caption Provided

Gut Words to Describe it: Breadth, Honor, Poise

What I Dug About the Gameplay: Navigating the world was awe inspiring. Dealing with each area’s socially conscious themed issues was smart. Watching the contention bubble up with his wife was illuminating. Fighting Hippos...scary. But Most importantly seeing how this all ties in to start the Assassin’s Brotherhood is surprisingly poignant. Also this game is a Western in disguise.

Favorite Moment: The Desert...I wont say anything else.

4. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Meet Link, you know what he’s up to, he's gotta save the Princess..and eat like a thousand Baked Apples)

No Caption Provided

Gut Words to Describe it: Incredible, Breathtaking, Thorough

What I Dug About the Gameplay: It’s commitment to non linear gameplay. After the first hour, the game really lets you loose. What Freedom, What Tact. What Gusto. It’s incredible. And the world is teeming with curiosity.

Favorite Moment: Sitting back, doing nothing but listening to Kass, the accordion playing Bird:


3. Pyre (Meet the Reader, She’s a cool outcast trying to help her friends seek Redemption.)

No Caption Provided

Gut Words to Describe it: Special , Dense, Enriching

What I Dug About the Gameplay: The way this game sets-up it’s world lit up my imagination in a way unlike any other game I’ve played this year. A "Visual Novel/Spiritual Sports" Game swirling around with themes of Loss and Acceptance. This game hit me deep. Also... you play Mystical Basketball in Masks....."Masketball"...

Favorite Moment: Hearing the Finale Song ”Bound Together”. This song is tailor made with lyrics that reflect your choices in the game and how it all wrapped up. Wow what an emotional and technical feat!

2. Nier: Automata (Meet 2B and 9S and A2, these robots all got a little something to say on life and the repetition of existence.. I hope you're sitting)

No Caption Provided

Gut Words: Daring, Crazy, Inventive, Emotional

What I Dug About the Gameplay: Its’ perpetual way of subverting my expectations. From the UI, to Story Beats, to False Endings. This game kept me on my toes the entire way

Favorite Moment: Everyone talks about Ending E and, yes, it is my favorite part of the game. BUT my favorite moment of Ending E was writing my message of Hope to future players. They helped make my Ending, and I was grateful (and heartbroken) to be there for others.

And my Favorite Game of the year is...

1. Horizon Zero Dawn (Meet Aloy, she’s got a lot of questions about this robot dinosaur filled Post-Post Apocalyptic world...and so do we)

No Caption Provided

Gut Words: Scope, Vibrancy, Depth, Brilliance, Robustness, Intrigue

What I Dug about the Gameplay: I loved the history of this world, the tribes, the monarchies, the religions every inch of it fascinated me wholeheartedly. I also marveled at the precision of the Enemy design. Seeing how each beast ticks and then formulating your own tactics of how to hunt them down.

Favorite Moment(s): Climbing a Robotic Satellite Giraffe, Stumbling into the Futuristic Underground facilities, Taking down that Giant Falcon for the first time, Spotting a Thunderjaw and immediately walking the opposite direction, shooting arrows in slow motion while sliding, seeing and reaching Sunfall, tracing the mesmerizing in-game irrigation design back to its water source, discovering the tragedy of the past and that amazing final act...I could go on...I felt like played this whole game with my jaw either smiling or dropped.

But there was one moment that surprisingly struck a very strong chord with me. Throughout the game you can find these vantage points that, when looked through, allow you to see the world as it was before the Apocalypse. While looking, you hear the narration of a man journaling his life story. Throughout the game you continue to find these Vantage Points and get another entries into this Man’s life. This side story, chronicling him losing his father, his troubled adolescence, substance addiction, forging a career, and his relationship with his mom. I finished this side story with tears literally streaming down my face. It was beautiful. I was so touched by it.

"We, Gamed" (64 Total Games played in 2017)

Playstation-38 Nintendo-10 Steam-2 IOS-11 Table Top- 3

*Entirely ranked in the order I liked them. My favorites are towards the top, my...not so favorites are towards the bottom.

Overwatch (PS4)12/31. Let's be honest, I ONLY played other games this year by the mercy of Overwatch weakening its hold on me sporadically. I've played this game every possible day since it launched and I plan on continuing doing so. It's One my favorite games of all time.

Horizon Zero Down (PS4) 3/15. My favorite game released in 2017. It did everything right for me.

Nier: Automata (PS4) 7/6. The game that challenged me the most on a personal level

Pyre 9/21 I would read multiple novels set in this worlds fiction. And I don't Read!

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild (Switch)12/4. The definition of Adventure

Assassin’s Creed Origins (PS4)11/07. A Slow Burn for me, like most others, but wow did that game suck me into a brand new perspective of Assassin's Creed

Night in the Woods (PS4) 12/18. Why do I care so much about a townsfolk of anthropomorphic animals? Oh..brilliant storytelling that's why

Super Mario Odyssey (Switch) 11/15. This game is classy as hell and dripping with charm

The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask DS (3DS) 8/27. Finally got to finish this. A game I originally started over 10 years ago. Worth the wait.

Destiny 2 (PS4) 9/9. One of the best ways to have Fun with friends

Dream Daddy (Steam) 9/23. Surprise hit for me. It's also important to me cause it the only game in my top ten that doesn't have violence. I appreciate that this year more than others.

HellBlade Senua’s Sacrifice (PS4) 12/27. I'm absolutely stunned by this game. I think it's also important for the industry that this game Marries the looks of a big budget game with story of a small indie project.

What Remains of Edith Finch (PS4) 12/15. I spent hours pouring over this material after finishing it. It's theories and secrets and I know i still haven't even scratched the surface of what this game offers.

Cuphead (steam)12/12. One of Kind. Wish it was a gameplay style that I liked more, but I cant hate on one of the most beautiful works of art this year. I had an amazingly memorable time every time I booted it up. I'm still Stuck on King Dice though.

Injustice 2 (PS4) 6/2. I loved playing this game. I caught up on the comics, got into the customization, joined a clan, checked in for daily rewards. Eventually that fervor wore off, but damn was it fun while it last. Robin Main for Life!

Shadow of War (PS4) 10/25. This might have some of my favorite characters this year. Unfortunately these character's were orcs that were wholly unique to my play through. Hork the Poionsoner, Kabash The Butcher, Uugrid Ranger-Killer....you're my boys forevs

Battle Chef Brigade (Switch)12/14. A tasty delight from start to finish. Problem is, I'm still hungry

Guardians of the Galaxy the Telltale Series (PS4).12/6 Really touching, they found a way to really dig into what make Guardians special. Friendship. And they deftly challenge that. And wow does it make you think about your own struggles with loss and choice.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm (PS4)12/26. Beautiful, tragic, inspiring. Getting to see Chloe's transition into the women she becomes in the main game is...incredible. I loved the nuance of her relationship with Rachel. Most importantly this prequel develops Rachel Amber's character so well, it makes her role in the original Life is Strange even more devastating.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (WiiU) 5/5. This was WAAAAY better than I thought it would be. Although, playing with the Wii Mote and nunchuck was, frustrating as hell sometimes... I still walked away from this game with positive feelings. Especially for what it sets up with the lore of the Zelda Saga

Rise of the Tomb Raider (PS4) 1/30. The Active crafting this game has is crazy smart and effective. This Lara Croft is even better than the last. Lets Hope the movie is as well. (Though I do wish Camilla Luddington was reprising her role for it)

The Elder Scrolls Online (PS4) 1/31. I got married to my wife who I had already married in real life...but then married in game as well. That's cool as hell. It was a Crazy Orc wedding. Some Sacrificial blood was shed on the alter. Also this game is like endless Skyrim

Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Switch) 9/24. Nothing beats popping a enemy in the air then chaining a 4x combo on them. Feels so satisfying. Also the music in this is incredible, Tom Phan for life!..or Death?

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (PS4)9/4. What I loved most about this game were its main characters. Other than that it just felt kinda generic to me. Multiplayer was exactly the same as before, no noticeable improvements to it.

HQ Trivia (IOS) 12/27. This is more fun than it has any right to be. Getting that notification, then my wife and I dropping everything we're doing to jump in...was hilarious. I still Like it, but I'm not dropping everything anymore...I've only made it to Q7 anyway. Also Scott's good at what he does.

Bury Me, My Love (ISO) 12/22. I spent a little over a week, fictionally texting my character's wife. What amazing is that that the texts are spaced out in away that makes them feel real. If she went to sleep I wouldn't get a from her text till my next-real life-morning. I got.. alarming used to the repore as if I was actually living with and talking to this fictional character. It did not end happily for us.

Wolfenstein II (PS4) 11/17. I had fun with this. Half way through the game I got frustrated with the gameplay, to the point that I had to switched it to easy. That was not something I had to to with New Order or Old Blood. I lost some connection with the game after doing that and never got that connection back. The world state and those moments are just as good as everyone says though.

Clash Royale (iOS)2/27. Yep, a Year and eight months later I'm still playing this game everyday. I Don't enjoy it as much as I used to. But it's still solid and they've added new modes and cards that are super engaging.

Diablo III Reaper of Souls (PS4) 7/26. I finally tried out Diablo, I played through the whole campaign and honestly had a fantastic and fun time (Monk all the way). When I started poking around the expansive post game content, a random player dropped into my world and gave me ALL the top tier armor and equipment fro my monk, as well 10 million coins and then took me on a single mission that leveled my charterer up over 100 times. It effectively ruined any reason I would need to play this game further. I'm actually not that mad about it, it was a pretty cool series of events

Batman: A Tell Tale Series (PS4) 5/14. They found a new dynamic unique Batman Story to tell , which is saying a lot.

Psychonauts and the Rhombus of Ruin (PSVR) 4/4. I got to be in the world of pscyhonauts. I'm still besides myself in glee

For Honor (PS4) 2/28. Man I really got into this Ancient Weapon Based Combat Fighter. But once that first season was over... it moved on with out me. Respect for the trying to put something ambitious like this out there.

Tekken 7: Fated Retribution (PS4) 6/5. I bought this solely to Watch all those tekken cut scenes from previous games. I was delighted, the story mode was fun too. I don't really care for playing tekken as much as I used to though. So it was a relatively short time spent with it.

Framed (IOS) 6/8. Smart, Sleek

Framed 2 (IOS) 10/26 more smartness, more sleekness

The Walking Dead Michonne (PS4) 5/20. Another great entry into the franchise

Hyrule Warriors (WiiU)5/8. Way better than it had any right to be. It even surprised me with where the story went. Simply fun, nothing more.

Splatoon 2 (Switch) 8/5 . This was my first time in the Splatoonaverse, and I dug it! I got all kinds of rad threads too. Even purchased Amiibos! Unfortunately I got bored of the limited Maps and stopped seeing new clothes that I was interested in buying . Not to mention that Mayo vs Ketchup debacle really hit me hard.

Fruit Ninja VR (PSVR) 1/30. Still one of the top uses of VR to date

Monument valley (IOS)6/11. Freaking gorgeous

Monument Valley 2 (IOS)11/12. yea just as gorgeous as the first

Jackbox party pack 4 (PS4) 12/19 .They do these things right. The Monster texting dating Game is my favorite from this pack.

Magic the Gathering (Table) 12/31. Yep, finally jumped in. I intellectually understand why this game is good. But I'm still not quite into it in any special way. I only think it's some fine fun. Watch out for my tailor made Red/White Dinosaur Deck though, its got that ferocity about it.

Old Man’s Journey (IOS) 6/23. Lovely

Star Trek Bridge Crew (PSVR) 5/31. This would be so much better with friends! Buy it, if you're reading this! Be my space friend!

Carcassonne Amazonas (Table) 6/24. A good adaptation to an already great game

Tethered (PSVR) 1/5. Fun VR God Like Magic

Super Mario 3D World (WiiU) 2/27. a good romp. easy to enjoy.

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles India (PS4)11/20. Buh, I'm not a fan of these sidescrolling assassin creeds. It so slow. But this one is rather beautiful to look at.

A King’s Tale: FF XV (PS4) 5/9. How dope, to play a pixelated 2d sidescrolling beat-em-up game that serves as a prequel to one of my favorite games last year. King Regis is rad.

Coffin Dodgers (PS4) 3/15. Stupid fun. look it up

The Flame and the Flood (PS4) 7/9. I wanted to enjoy this river trekking survival game, but I couldn't survive the inventory menus..shame it seemed real cool

Knack (PS4) 9/15. Wasn't as bad as I expected. Played like watching a knock off pixar movie

Table Top Racing World Tour(PS4) 7/8. Fun for a bit, but nothing lasting for me

Heads Up (IOS) 10/10. Still a solid "hey I'm in a group of bored people, why not" game

Wise and Otherwise (Board game) 9/11. didn't leave the biggest impression but it was fun making up profoundly fake quotes

Fated (PSVR)5/26. Cool world that it's set in, But disappointing payoff for it

Stay, Mum (IOS)7/14. eh..didn't work for me...thought it would more narrative driven. Puzzles just didn't always gel for me

Disc Jam (PS4) 3/19. Fun for about 10 minutes

Dancing Line (IOS)10/10 Good concepts, great music, bogged down in phone game tropes

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp (IOS) 11/25 BOOOOOOO! GO HOME!

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China (PS4) 9/26 So sad, I thought this would be fun...it wasn't

Doodle Devil (PS4) 10/23. I did this one to myself

Drawn to Death (PS4) 5/1. It's Existence is Insulting

My Top 3 Movies that were released this Year

3. Logan

No Caption Provided

I never thought I’d be moved by a Wolverine Movie, I mean hell...I remember "Origins" and “The Wolverine” as strictly fluff action flicks. Logan however brings a depth to it’s main characters that I had been craving in Superheros movies for years. And the places that it goes with Patrick Stewarts’ Professor Xavier is so profound and beautifully tragic to me. Also The fact that Jackman and Stewart have stuck with these characters for almost two decades, is special.

2.Baby Driver

No Caption Provided

Sometimes a movie can just be a hell of a good time. And that's what I had with Baby Driver. I marveled at its film making polish, I fell for each of the over the top characters, I rooted for Baby every step of the way, and grooved with that soundtrack like it was bubbling in my blood(that was a weird analogy.

1. Get Out

No Caption Provided

What a beautiful blend of genres. Get Out hit so many marks sublimely for me. I will always remember the collective experience I shared with the folks in that movie theater. Every gasp, every laugh, every "no f*cking way" muttered under breaths. This film was truly surprising till the very end. And the fact that I kept replaying that movie in my head weeks and months after seeing it is a testament to its storytelling prowess. Bravo.

"We, Moved" (104 total movies seen in 2017)

Ranked in the order I liked them.

Moonlight 1/18

Get Out 3/5

Baby Driver 7/1

The Darjeeling Limited/Hotel Chevalier 9/15

Arrival 2/8

La La Land 1/22

The Royal Tennebaums 9/18

Logan 3/5

All the President's Men 4/14

Captain America: Civil War 1/9

mother! 10/5

13th 2/25

Madonna: Truth or Dare 4/20

The Big Short 3/1

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 1/1

Spiderman Homecoming 6/6

Trainspotting 1/28

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes 7/9

The Matrix 8/7

Bronson 3/13

Mrs. Doubtfire 4/9

Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens 11/18

Kingsman: The Secret Service 7/24

American Psycho 3/8

Finding Dory 2/15

Wonder Woman 6/2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 5/20

Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi 12/14

Mad Tiger 3/26

Spotlight 3/3

Fences 1/5

War for the PLanet of the Apes 7/14

Rise of the Planet of the Apes 7/9

The Matrix Reloaded 8/7

Hacksaw Ridge 10/8

Burning Sands 3/11

War Dogs 4/14

Lego Batman Movie 2/13

Okja 7/20

Dallas Buyers Club 3/20

Hidden Figures 7/17

One Of Us 11/4

Manchester By the Sea 2/6

The Matrix Revolution 8/7

Imitation Game 4/23

GAGA: FiveFootTwo 9/24

Memento 6/5

Trolls 6/28

IronMan 1/9

Thor: Ragnarok 11/13

Kingsman: The Golden Circle 9/23

Justice League 11/26

WarCraft 12/16

Split 12/18

The Secret Lives of Pets 5/25

Strike a Pose 4/20

Founder 8/5

Topsy-Turvy 4/4

Sing 9/8

Bridget Jones’s Diary 10/3

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets 7/21

Saban’s Power Rangers 6/29

Sand Castle 5/20

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks 4/27

Westworld 1/4

Neighbors 2 3/20

Nightcrawler 3/11

Jim and Andy 12/3

Most Sunny 4/1

Accidental Courtesy 3/1

Darby O’Gill and the Little People 12/9

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales 7/2

Kong Skull Island 7/13

Big Trouble in Little China 6/5

Keeping up with the Jones 7/17

Beauty and the Beast 3/30

The Angry Birds The Movie 7/23

Last Witch Hunter 4/2

Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie 5/5

Central Intelligence 3/05

Saw V 11/4

Saw VI 11/04

Saw 3D: The Final Chapter 11/06

Jigsaw 11/30

Demi Lovato Simply Complicated 12/2

The Mummy 9/16

Independence Day Resurgence 4/16

Pirates of the Caribbean: On the Stranger Tides 7/2

Why Him? 12/7

Freddy’s dead: The Final Nightmare 12/4

Ultimate Avengers 1/25

Sausage Party 2/27

Sharknado 2/15

Sharknado The Second One 2/15

Sharknado 3 2/17

Sharknado The 4th 2/20

Naked 9/9

Huntsman Winter’s War 2/14

Hercules 12/16

The Great Wall 12/16

Bridget Jones’s Baby 10/7

Bridget Jones Diary: The Edge of Reason 10/4

Top 3 Seasons that came out in 2017:

3. Dear White People

No Caption Provided

This follow up to its’ 2014 movie namesake is remarkable from start to finish. What sets it apart, is its’ ability to flesh out the characters from the movie, pressing what their strengths were and challenging them to reveal their strengths to be truly flawed. This series embodies the struggle to have that conversation on race that I want to have with more people. This series does it with importance, humor, respect, and compassion.

2.Veep Season 6

No Caption Provided

Veep is what happens when "Funny" is finely tuned to perfection. The jokes per second in this series are staggering. One of the tightest examples of well written/performed comedy one will see. Go watch Veep.

1. No Clip

No Caption Provided

This is a Youtube DocuSeries steeped in the Video Game Industry. I’ve never seen such a delicate, personal, and enlightening take on the people behind my favorite Entertainment medium. It's not just that this series is about video games, but that Danny O’Dwyer, the journalist, approaches the subject material with such grace and fervor that I found it hard to stop watching Episode after Episode. I’ve seen tons of music, movie, and sports documentaries which is why I think I it's SO important to finally hear the stories about what goes on behind the scenes of one of the nation's Biggest Entertainment Industries

"We, Seried" (50 Total Seasons watched in 2017)

Ranked in order as I enjoyed them from top to bottom

Gravity Falls S3 4/1

Gravity Falls S2 3/15

Gravity Falls S1 3/02

No Clip 12/31

Shameless 7/8

Veep S6 12/21

Veep S5 11/09

Veep S4 9/22

Veep S3 5/5

Veep S2 4/5

Veep S1 3/5

Dear White People 5/5

Easy S2 12/12

Stranger Things 2 10/31

The Legend of Korra Book One: Air 4/2

Girls S6 4/16

Transparent S1 1/10

Star Wars Rebels S2 1/20

Game of Thrones S6 8/27

The People vs OJ Simpson 2/7

The Legend of Korra Book Two Spirits 4/3

The Walking Dead S7 9/20

Shameless S2 7/17

Voltron Defenders of the Universe S4 12/12

Transparent S2 2/4

Shameless S3 11/5

Shameless S4 11/8

Shameless S5 11/14

Shameless S6 11/29

13 Reasons Why 4/25

Outside man 7/25

Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On 5/25

Star Wars Rebels S1 1/10

Cloth Map 12/31

American Horror Story Hotel 10/28

Castlevania 7/22

Steal My Sunshine (GiantBomb.com) 11/27

Welcome to Tates 6/25

Orange is the New Black 6/29

Transparent S3 4/1

House of Cards S3 1/23

House of Cards S4 2/4

Voltron Defenders of the Universe S3 12/9

Transparent S4 9/26

The Defenders 9/8

The OA 4/19

Tarzan and Jane 2/20

5 Alive 10/22

Skin Wars S1 8/10

Iron Fist 7/5

My 2017 Song of the Year! (the one that stuck with me all year long)

"We, Sung" (One Song that specifically spoke or resonated with me that month)


"I Wanna Go Back There Again" -Truly Smith


This songs rocks itself out in a surprisingly somber/longing way. I randomly heard it on New Years Day of 2017 and it made me reflect.


"Monday" Cecile Mclorin Salvant


Heard this on NPR on my home one night...blew me away. Makes me think of my amazing Wife.


"Pastime Paradise"- Stevie Wonder


It was when i finnally found out Gangsta's Paradise sampled this song


Pennies From Heaven- Louis Prima


Heard this rendition in a Documentary. It's so wild and fun, I couldn't stop playing it


When Will I See You Again"- The Three Degrees


This was right on the cusp of my me working away from home for an extended period of time... it struck me.


"Reach for the Stars"- S Club 7


This is a Camp Song, it got me pumped with the staff and campers


"Weight of the World" -Nier: Automata Soundtrack


Woof. This plays at the end of the game in three multiple languages at once.


"Bound Together"- Darron Kobb


The song that was tailor made for my ending of Pyre. It's like a choose your own lyrical ballad.


Golden Slumbers/carry That Weight/The End- The Beatles


They did rendition of this in the movie Sing. Made me love it all over again.


You'll Never Walk Alone- Andre Rieu


My friends got married to the amazing Dropkick Murphys rendition of this song. When I came across this version...ugggh, the tears...


Die Anywhere Else - Night in the Woods


I can't this number came from a mini game joke.


"It's a Living Thing"- ELO


Heard it on the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 soundtrack. It's just great.

My Favorite Live Show of 2017!

No Caption Provided

The closest I can come to describing this show is...."Magic". Pure, bad ass, next level Magic. It's elegant game, to play with my familiarity of theatre and poetically challenge how I perceive it, made me fall in love with theatre even deeper.

"We, Lived" (12 Total Live Shows)

Ghost Light 7/19?

The Humans 11/4

Peter and the Starcatcher 11/19

Protest and Audience 3/5

Our Town 11/17

Space Ape 2/16

Monarch Barber Shop 5/7

It Can’t Happen Here 11/18

Firemen are Rarely Necessary 7/8

Between Riverside and Crazy 2/19

Ovo 7/20

Matilda 4/27

"We, Listened"( 14 total Albums)

I didn't listen to any albums from 2017. sorry, maybe next year

The Score, The Fugees 1/20

Rumors, Fleetwood Mac 2/5

Sublime 2/3

ATLiens, OUTKAST 2/21

25, Adele 1/31

19, Adele 1/20

Daydream, Mariah Carey 1/21

Unorthodox JukeBox- Bruno Mars 4/29

Cycles of Existential Rhyme, Chicano Batman 4/18

21, Adele 1/26

Hotel California, The Eagles 2/21

Doo-wops and Hooligans, Bruno Mars 4/29

Appetite for Destruction, Guns and Roses 1/28

Wonderfulness, Bill Cosby 2/6

And that’s 2017 the List!

What did you play/watch/read this year?? Let me know!

Thanks for glancing through, here’s a look back at my previous lists if curious:

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Happy New Year!

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2016: A Review Askew!

2016: A Review Askew!

Here's a list of every video game, TV show, album, and movie I experienced this year. Some of which I wrote about, others I didn't. Enjoy!

Top 10 Games

10.Watchdogs 2 (I'm a parkour hacker in San Fran, check out my funky pants!)

No Caption Provided

Overall Feels: Stylish, Fun, I love good Sandbox-City Romps

What I Dug about the Gameplay: I loved being able to play this game non-lethally. The main character, Marcus, didn't come across to me as a killer. Being able to Stun, hack, and drone my way through missions allowed his character to grow more naturally with me.

Favorite Moment: While I was playing the game, minding my own business, another player from...somewhere in the world started Hacking into my game. I found where he was hiding, he ran, jumped into a car and before I knew it, we were in a city trekking high-speed chase that could rival any action movie you've seen. He got away...but then friend requested me on PSN. We then went on a 3-hour spree of hijinks in SanFran. We pulled off heists, caught criminals, escaped bounty hunters, surfed on cars, and took loads of in-game selfies. Because of him, I was able to get the last trophies I needed to Platinum the game. Good times, thank you random player!

9. Overcooked!(I'm a cook sent to the past to be able to stop a Spaghetti Monster from the future!-and these are my friends!)

No Caption Provided

Overall Feels: Joy, Frenzy, the warming sensation of teamwork

What I Dug about the Gameplay: When you start playing, you're frantically yelling at your friends to bring you more onions! By the end, you are carefully planning and assigning who gets the onions, who chops the onions, and who cooks the onions. Brilliant.

Favorite Moment: The first Ice level is pure beauty. Drifting around corners in a kitchen on an iceberg, falling off the sides, running into your partners, all while making fish 'n' chips. It's the best.

8. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End(I'm a charming adventurer, who can't escape my dangerous past because...the future is what truly scares me- also treasure and dead pirates!)

No Caption Provided

Overall Feels: Wonder, Mystery, Poetry that Thrills

What I Dug about the Gameplay: Fluidity from start to finish, everything simply flowed. It had an amazing pace that seamlessly knew when to ramp up and when to simmer down.

Favorite Moment: Within the first couple hours of the game, there's a scene with Nathan Drake and his wife Elena at home. They get into a conversation that involves his past. And then I saw it. It blew my mind. Elena said one thing to her husband, and then her face hinted at something different, something deeper, something she wanted to but couldn't say. And that's what I saw...subtle acting in a videogame. Wow. The performances only grew deeper from there as the engrossing and personal story unfolded. It was beautiful to watch.

7. King's Quest (I'm a super old King who wants nothing more than to recant the tales of my life's "crowning" achievements to my precocious granddaughter...mostly through puns.)

No Caption Provided

Overall Feels: Love, Wisdom, a strong sense of the Importance of family

What I Dug about the Gameplay: Wow, everything. The Puzzles were fun and meaningful, the environments were diverse, the choices you made felt impactful, the comedy was brilliant, and the tech on that cape was top notch!

Favorite Moment: The End.

6. Final Fantasy XV(I'm a dude, who's a Prince, on a road trip with my Best Buds, trying to save the world. Also my friends and I are totally just the Ninja Turtles)

No Caption Provided

Overall Feels: Nostalgia, Brotherhood, a wide breadth of Adventure

What I Dug about the Gameplay: I really came around on the combat system. It starts off flashy and confusing. But once you understand how it works, the depth to which it extends is surprisingly engrossing. And the more you learn how to utilize it, the better it looks on screen

Favorite Moment: Riding in the car, top down, blasting old Final Fantasy Soundtracks. I rarely fast traveled. I spent hours just riding around listening to music, taking in the vistas. It was great.

5.Clash Royale(I'm a King in a Tower deploying my troops to defend me, but at the same time hoping to wreck that other King's tower across from me. Why? He laughed at me....sarcastically...)

No Caption Provided

Overall Feels: Fun, Thrilling, a Competitive Addiction

What I Dug about the Gameplay: Clash Royale has such a Smart and Simple design, that lends itself to elicit surprising depths. Forget all the mobile game "money trap" tropes that surround it. The game itself is awesome and still exciting after 7 months of playing it...pretty much every day.

Favorite Moment: Joining a rad community within the game who, not only enjoy playing it but are also fans of my favorite videogame website, giantbomb.com; it's a website about videogames.

4. Stardew Valley(My Grandpappy gives me his old farm, it's his dying wish for me to make it thrive again. I proved my worth through patience, diligence, and lots of fried eggs.)

No Caption Provided

Overall Feels: Beautiful, comprehensive, chock full of charm, a calming sense of euphoria

What I Dug about the Gameplay: I hadn't played a farming type game before. So this one knocked me over with what it presented. I loved working one day, while anxiously looking forward to next. I had a smile plastered on my face every time I played.

Favorite Moment: Looking at my Steam account before booting the game up and realizing I had sunk in 130 hours. I couldn't have been more proud.

3. The Witcher III: Complete Edition(I'm a Monster Hunter Guy, who realizes not all monsters are "monsters"...while some men harbor the true monsters within.... Also who wants to play cards!)

No Caption Provided

Overall Feels: Expansive, Gritty, Majestic, this game is the definition of Rich

What I Dug about the Gameplay: The way this game made exploring feel so natural. Wander into town, check the posts, go to the Inn, help the village, then mosey on off. It almost felt like a great western. The longer you played the more robust the world became. Add to the fact that this version (which came out this year) included both of the stellar expansions. This game heartily earned all 190 hours of gameplay from me.

Favorite Moment: I hate/love to admit it...but my favorite moment in this game came from Gwent...After a high stakes match, I won the match by accumulating over 200 points clinching a close victory, plus earning a PS Trophy on top of it. I did a celebratory dance.

2. Overwatch (You're Awesome and this game celebrates that you're awesome.Which by itself.... is awesome!)

No Caption Provided

Overall Feels: Pride, Growth, sheer moments of Elation

What I Dug about the Gameplay: The way this game rewards your imagination. The characters, their abilities, and the way you see players and use them are pure poetry in motion. This is the game I have spent the most time with and even now I can't wait to play more. Add on top of that, charming special events and meaningful free additional content, Overwatch is something that I plan on playing for a long long time to come.

Favorite Moment: There are so many in-game moments and even a few loot box gains that have rocketed me out of my seat into spontaneous dances. But my favorite moment came within the first few months that the game was out. DVA detonated her self-destruct bomb, and I was playing Reinhardt. Instinctively I- (before this was a well-known move, I just reacted) I charged toward the Bomb, grabbing it in my arms, rushing it away from my team. I pushed it directly into the DVA who set it off, killing her, sacrificing myself, and saving my team. I love this game.

And another thing I like!- The way this franchise tells its story through Comics, Digital Short Films, Ambient Dialog, and the Environment feels so fresh and oddly fulfilling. Every new trinket of story you get feels like a prize, I love slowly figuring out this world and its players.

1. That Dragon, Cancer(Witness The Beauty of Love Incarnate)

No Caption Provided

Overall Feels: Love, Sorrow, Love, Desperation, Love, Anger, Love, Love, Love, Love

What I Dug about the Gameplay: Its' remarkable way of telling a story from multiple perspectives, yet willingness to tell let you experience it from your own as well. Every inch of this work of art dripped with the deep emotional connection to its makers.

Favorite Moment: Everything is beautiful and raw. So I'll share just one of the moments that affected me while moving through this game. You're in a hospital room with the main characters, and there are brightly colored Cards strewn about the room. If you open one of these cards it would contain a personal message that was from a family to their loved one who is battling or has battled cancer. The developer collected these real messages and put them into the game. As I realized that each of these cards told a personal story, (ex. "Keep fighting Jimmy, we love you!" or simply... "I miss you mom") I also realized the AMOUNT of cards in the room. Then I left the room and walked into the hallway, also splattered with Cards, then I found another room, another hallway, another desk, another hallway, ALL filled with these cards. Phew. I lost it. Each card represented a whole universe and seeing so.....many of them...in one place made me angry. I gutterly yelled "STOP", and I was yelling at Cancer, I was pissed. Still am. After a good cry and lots of breathing, I composed myself enough to read every last one of those cards, each one as beautiful and touching as the last. This game transcends the meaning of game, and I feel so lucky the developers chose this medium, my favorite medium to tell their story. Thank you.

Be, Gamed (75 Total Games)

*Alphabetically ordered, Dated, and then Rated on a scale of 5

80 Days(IOS) 6/28. 5/5 This takes the framework of the Novel and lets you spin your own version of it. Part Choose your own Adventure/Part Oregon Trail. We Played this while traveling in The UK, it was fitting.

Aaru's Awakening (PSN)11/12. 3/5 Pretty Neat platformer and cool fiction, ...I believe you're a Minion of the God of Dawn. And you take over each God's realm (Day, Dusk, and Night) at the behest of Dawn. Worth a play.

A Bird Story (Steam)12/12. 3/5 A touching tale about a boy who finds a friend. And a friend who found a home.

A Boy and his Blob (PSN)10/28. 5/5 A Game whose great gameplay is only matched by its Charm. This game is a complete Joy.

Abzu(PSN) 12/26. 4/5 Beautiful Elegant Intriguing. An Underwater Master class

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Second Edition (Table) 12/17. 5/5 On that night, we finished a near Four Year long Campaign. Thanks Team, till the next adventure.

Amplitude(PSN)1/10. 2/5 Fell Short of expectations. And While I liked the way it used songs to tell a story, in the end...I just didn't like the song selections

Avenger's Academy (IOS)4/20. 3/5 Total Guilty Pleasure. All the Avengers have been turned into first year College Students. And they can't remember how or why. Not a good game, but that wasn't the point

Batman Arkham VR (PSVR) 10/16. 4/5 Holy Crap is it cool to Look in a Mirror and see yourself as Batman. And then Dance in that Mirror

Boom Beach (IOS)10/23. 2/5 Not a great game. Uses every annoying trope IOS games fall into. And uses them punishingly

Bound (PSVR) 11/30. 5/5 This was literally Poetry in Motion. My jaw was constantly dropping at the beauty of this game and the way it moved.

Broforce (PSN)10/22. 3/5 Silly, Mindless Fun, exactly what you'd think. And that's a good thing

Campaign Clicker(Steam) 10/31. 2/5 Not the most engaging clicker. BUT they did have FULL animated transcripts of all the presidential debates

Clash Royale (IOS)4/21 throughout. 5/5 One of Fav games of the Year. (See above) Also! This game receives free meaningful updates, events, and additional content that make it maintain it's freshness

Click Hole Adventures (URL)1/30. 5/5 This Choose your own adventure Site provides seemingly endless quality content. With premises like "You just got a sword for Birthday!" and "The Rat Pack Just asked you to Hang out Tonight". Each one barrels down and hilarity filled Adventure. I look forward to going on more.

Coming Out Simulator (URL)12/30. 4/5 A very Natural and humorous 20 minutes. It's great

Dead Star(PSN) 10/28. 2/5 Only got through the tutorial. Then I tried to find a match only to be told that their servers have been closed permanently. Bummer

Destiny: The Taken King (PS4)2/4. 4/5 I'm a Believer, Destiny is great. I would never have thought that I would have been so engrossed in a game like this. But...damn. I maxed out one character, made two more and started maxing them out too. Played with friends from all over the country. Stayed up all night by myself, simply playing and training to improve my skills. And I got good. Feel guilty I fell off over the year though, but...you know...Overwatch...

Don't Starve Together (PSN)10/4. 4/5 Same awesome game made even better being able to play with friends. Myself, Mandy and my Sister had a great run. Even made a tiny village for ourselves.

Doom (PS4)8/26. 2/5 This game was just not for me. Nothing Clicked as fun or rewarding. I can acknowledge its combat as cool. I had to stop playing after a couple of hours. One day I'll Have to try this again.

Emily is Away (Steam)3/29. 4/5 Brilliant. Transports you to 2002. Makes you feel that same social pressure too

Entwined (PSN)10/28. 3/5 A beautiful Ballet Duet. Just go for the relaxing ride

Ether One (PSN)11/18. 3/5 Pretty neat Story Telling. Fun and Challenging Puzzles. Some parts are broken. But hey, whatcha gonna do

Final Fantasy XV (PS4Pro)12/6. 5/5 One of my favorite experiences this year

Firewatch (PSN) 12/11. 5/5 Firewatch Nails everything it goes for. I was Affected and engaged, from start to finish.

Furi (PSN)10/29. 2/5 I saw what the game was, I respect it. Not for me. Looks great though! Just Not my kinda game

Gauntlet Slayer Edition (PSN)1/25. 3/5 This was some fund mindless dungeon crawling with friends. I went a littler further on my own, devoting way more time in a trance like a state, teaming up with strangers, for nights on end. But I shook that trance off and moved on after a week

Head Lander (PSN)11/5. 4/5 This was a lot of fun. I had my doubts at first when I heard that Double Fine teamed up with Adult Swim. But this was a cool ass( and creepy) game. Some truly impressive puzzling.

Helldivers (PSN)11/27. 3/5 Great Starship Trooper Vibe. This game falls into the, have fun, don't think category. It had a cool community goal aspect to it.

Hidden my Game by Mom! (IOS)12/28. 4/5 This will make you laugh. And it's really fun. Even the Ads.

Hohokum (PSN)12/27. 4/5 Serenity meets Gaming

I Expect you to Die (PSVR) 12/31. 3/5 Brilliant concept. Each scene opens up with you set up to be killed ala James Bond style. You have to clever your way out of it with as much style as possible. All In Virtual Reality

Inside (PSN)12/28. 5/5 This was Incredible. And the less I say the better

Job Simulator (PSVR) 10/29. 4/5 This is brilliant. It's too much fun. Although it does get a personal knock from me for the being the only VR game that has made me nauseous

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (PSVR) 7/4. 4/5 Incredible premise, surprising execution. Mayhem as never been more fun

King's Quest (PSN)11/29. 5/5 One my favorite games of the year

Lara Croft: Temple of Osiris(PSN) 1/19. 3/5 Plain ole Multiplayer Fun. Mandy and I tore through this with gusto

The Last Guardian (PS4Pro)12/09. 5/5 I think this game was brilliant. Learning how to communicate with Trico, The Dragon Dog Bird, was simply inspirational. I felt fulfilled by the end. Great Stuff

Let it Die (PSN)12/19. ?/??? This game bewilders me and thrills me.... I think. Sometimes it feels the true game is trying to figure out the game...whoa...

Mad Max (PS4)1/5. 4/5 I had a bloody good time with this. From start to finish. My car was brutal, the chase scenes felt like I was actually in the MM universe. My beard grew super large. This game was alright, despite what the critics say.

Mario Kart 8 (WiiU)1/12. 3/5 Mario Cart is fun. It's more fun with Friends.

No Man's Sky (PSN)10/3. 4/5 I get the criticism. But it can't account for that personal moment, when you're stranded from your ship, wandering an alien planet, left to your own survival, finding shelter from acid rain, and staving off dangerous wildlife...only to make it through to witness a breathtaking three moon sunrise...Bravo.

Neverwinter (PSN)12/27. 1/5 I kinda Actively disliked pretty much everything about this MMO. It was just sloppy. Character Creation was good, ill give it that.

O! My Genesis VR (PSVR) 11/11. 2/5 Shortlived VR Demo Experience. dealt with the idea of creating and managing a village as their God.

Overcooked! (PSN)9/2. 5/5 One of the best games I played this year

Overwatch (PS4)6/17. 5/5 The second best game I played this year (see above)

The Playroom VR (PSVR)10/16. 4/5 They nailed how to have fun in groups with early VR tech. You get to be Godzilla, rampaging through a city. Or a cat, catching mice. Or a sheriff with face blindness. The whole package was super fun and impressive.

Playstation VR Worlds (PSVR)10/13. 4/5 This was my go to when introducing friends to Virtual Reality. As it was MY first experience with it. In short, it's magic, pure magic.

Pokemon GO (IOS)7/20. 3/5 The Zeitgeist that took everyone by storm. We were all there, it was a beautiful summer of Pokemon Love. Sadly the game itself was too frustrating and inconsistent to take seriously. But damn was it fun while the nation wide fad lasted.

Reigns(IOS) 12/31. 4/5 A really great and humorous King Simulator, Crude in presentation but rich in Personality

Rocket League (PSN) revisited. 5/5 Rocket League continued to get play time from me this year, because it is STILL good

Sly Cooper 3: Honor Among Thieves(PS3) 4/19. 5/5 One My favorite franchises at it's finest.

The Stanely Parable (Steam)12/13. 5/5 Finally getting to try this game out was great. I had heard so much about it and it lived up to every expectation

Stardew Valley (Steam)5/16. 5/5 One of my favorite games of the year.

SUPERHOT (steam)12/27. 5/5 This game has a goal. And achieves it in a way that had me nodding in respect the entire time. Also SUPERHOTSUPERHOTSUPERHOTSUPERHOT

Submerged (PSN)10/7. 3/5 A really nice exploring filled adventure game. Just you, a boat, a dying brother, and water world.

Super Mario Maker (WiiU)2/22. 5/5 This also transcends the meaning of the game, as you start crafting levels of your own. The true joy comes from watching friends figure out the levels you have made. It's magical. Also...this game gives you ENDLESS Mario. wow.

Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings (PSN)6/12. 4/5 This was great because I was really jonsing to play a baseball game. This was akin to what I played in the '90s. Over the top and super engaging.

Super Smash Brothers 3DS(3DS) 2/26 revisited. 5/5 I had more flights this year than usual, Smash was there for me every step of the way.

Tharsis (PSN)8/26. 2/5 It's Intriguing concept drew me in(Turn based, board game, space survival!) but after a good amount of time, the difficulty just seemed more cheap than challenging, I got frustrated and never returned to it.

That Dragon, Cancer (Steam)12/29. 5/5 My favorite game of the year. (see above)Also! The game came with this breathtaking documentary called "Thank you For Playing". It chronicles the making of the game and highs and lows of their family's journey through unfathomable times.

Three-Fourths Home (PSN)6/6. 4/5 It'd be better if I simply didn't say much on this. Worth playing, it's not long.

Time Clickers(IOS) 1/27. 3/5 So what. I kinda like clicker games. are you gonna fight me?

Titanfall 2 (PS4pro)12/20. 5/5 Titanfall 2 Is spectacular. the Multiplayer makes you feel so freaking cool. And the pace is so fast and invigorating. The main story had wonderful gameplay mechanics that made my jaw drop. Wish there was more story across the boards. Still. Brilliant game design.

Toren (PSN)1/14. 3/5 pretty harmless combat adventure game. You're a bad ass lady with a sword

Trials Fusion: The Awesome Max Edition (PSN) 8/1. 3/5 You can be a cat shooting golden guns while riding a Unicorn

Trimps (URL) 1/9. 3/5 Like I said. Sometimes I like clicker games....

Uncharted 4 (PS4)5/13. 5/5 One of my favorite games (see above). Also, I really leaned into the Multiplayer. Swinging around large environments with your team. Multiple varied power-ups and a great arsenal of weapons. This game didn't need multiplayer. But I still dropped tons of hours into playing it.

Until Dawn (PS4)10/22. 4/5 Wow what a ride. A great spin on the choose your own adventure format.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (PSVR)10/31. 3/5 A Horrific VR Rollercoaster Shooter

Virginia (PSN)10/9. 3/5 A pretty trippy tale. In the same vein as Thirty Flights of Loving.

Watch Dogs 2 (PS4)11/25. 5/5 One of my Favorite games of the year(see above) Also! Had some great music, and the most fun clothing options to date for me. I was constantly looking forward to what I could wear next, Trying to make it match the mission or vibes of the story.

The Witcher: Complete Edition (PS4)10/1. 5/5 One of the best game I've played. Period.( See above) Also! I read the books this year and the game really rewards you for doing so. Thanks Witcher!

The Witness (PSN)1/28. 4/5 Damn... the only game who beat me. Not a phrase I get to say often, if not ever. The game is brilliant. Too Brilliant for me. Well done.

The Wolf Among Us (PS3)4/21. 4/5 This Tell Tale has all kinds of Heart pumping style. The world in which it lives in utterly fascinating. I want more.

Wolfenstein The New Order (PS4)/16. 4/5 This was a really fun piece of work. Surprisingly fluid and intuitive combat

WildStar (Steam) 9/25. 3/5 I used this game to re-cut my teeth of MMO's. A game mechanic broke 5 hours in and I never rebooted it. But that's okay...I've upgraded to Elder Scrolls.

*2 URL, 8 IOS, 8 Steam, 2 WiiU, 1 3DS, 1 Table, 2 PS3, 11 PS4 Disc based, 31 PSN Downloaded, 9 PSVR

Top Three Series

3. Black Mirror Seasons 1-3

No Caption Provided

Overalls Feels: Weighted, Smart, Dazzling, Sobering

What I Dug about the Show: The way it made you look around in your everyday life and see the elements what would lead to some of these spectacular and horrifying futures

Favorite Episode: "15 Million Merits" Season 1 Episode 2. This Pixar-like ballet of an absurd and maddening future was nothing short of poetry

2. Easy

No Caption Provided

Overall Feels: Natural, Intriguing, Voyeuristic

What I Dug about the Show: The Performances. Each held this air of believability that drove the stories to become beautifully interesting

Favorite Episode: "Art and Life" The wonderful performance from Marc Maron added with the great chemistry from Emily Ratajkowski, nailed home all the high concept conversational philosophies that spewed from them both with lyrical ease. Great stuff.

1. The Get Down

No Caption Provided

Overall Feels: Pride, Exuberance, Enlightenment...Baz Luhrman

What I Dug about the Show: It's a Hip-Hop/Gospel/Disco Musical in disguise. A romantic look at the burgeoning of Rap in the 70's. The amazing cast embodies the motion of the era with fantastic performances across the board. Every episode is simply dripping in style, making it my favorite show of the year.

Favorite Episode: " You Have Wings, Learn to Fly". This episode brings together so many elements from the show to set up for the finale. On top of that, Grand Master Flash delivers a powerful monologue about the power of music that I still re-watch on occasion

Be, Episodic (32 Series, 462 episodes)

*Dated then Rated

Ballers Season Two 10/5. 3/5

Black Mirror Season One-Three 11/14. 5/5

Choose Our Own Adventure! 1/13. 4/5

DareDevil Season Two 3/18. 4/5

Easy 9/23. 5/5

From Dusk Till Dawn Seasons One and Two 3/17. 2/5

Fuller House 6/5. 3/5

The Get Down 12/28. 5/5

Girls Season Five 8/3. 4/5

Going Postal 2/8. 5/5

Gunpowder Treason and Plot 6/10. 5/5

Hip-Hop Evolution 12/10. 3/5

Hitman Giantbomb 12/31. 4/5

Justice League Season One and Two 5/1. 4/5

Louie Season Five 2/28. 5/5

Luke Cage 12/23. 1/5

Making a Murderer 1/27. 4/5

Marco Polo Season Two 8/25. 5/5

Master of None 11/30. 5/5

Overwatch Digital Shorts 11/27. 5/5

Orange is the New Black Season 4 6/27. 4/5

Serial 2/26. 4/5

Skylanders Academy 11/13. 5/5

Star Wars The Clone Wars Seasons II-VI 3/10. 5/5

The Stolen Eye with Jane Elliot 6/14. 3/5

Stranger Things 8/15. 5/5

True Detective 6/17. 5/5

True Detective Season Two 7/22. 4/5

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season Two 4/20. 4/5

Voltron: Legendary Defender 6/19. 5/5

The Walking Dead Season Six 9/25. 4/5

West World 12/19 5/5

Young Justice: Invasion 9/29. 5/5

Be, Filmed(114 Movies)

I missed a bunch of 2016 movies this year...totally dropped the ball. Hopefully, I'll pick up the slack in 2017

*Alphabetized then Rated on a scale from "Stunning! to Not for me"...

10 Cloverfield Lane 6/20-Stunning!

A Christmas Horror Story 12/23-Not for me

A Royal Night Out 6/30-This was Great

A Very Murray Christmas 1/15- It's Good

The Alphabet 1/12- This was Great

Assassin's Creed 12/26-This was Great

Attack On Titan Part I 7/8- It'sGood

Attack on Titan Part II 7/8- It's Good

Ava's Possessions 8/30- It's Good

Barry 12/19-This was Great

Batman Vs Robin 4/25-It's Good

Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice 3/25-It's Good

Beasts of No Nation 3/3-Stunning!

The Book of Life 10/1-This was Great

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas 2/29-Stunning

Captain America: Civil War 5/6-Stunning!

Cartel Land 4/5-This was Great

Children of the Corn 10/22-Not for me

Chimpanzee 7/11-It's Good

Cool World 2/19-It's Good

Concussion 6/21-This was Great

David Blaine Real or Magic 11/23-This was Great

Deadpool 2/1-This was Great

Deliverance 10/31-This was Great

The Descent 2/4-It's Good

The Descent II 2/5-Not for me

Diana 2/3-It's Good

Doctor Strange 11/6-This was Great

Drinking Buddies 9/23-Stunning!

Easy Come Easy Go 2/18-It's Good

Elizabeth 7/11-This is Great

Elizabeth: The Golden Age 7/5-Not for me

Fifty Shades of Grey 1/22-Not for me

The Flashpoint Paradox 3/10- It's Good

Frequency 1/17-Stunning!

From Dusk till Dawn 2/13- This was Great

Glory 8/10-Stunning!

The Good Dinosaur 6/30-It's Good

Goosebumps 5/24-It's Good

The Grand Budapest Hotel 2/20-Stunning!

Hannibal Buress Live from Chicago 2/29-It's Good

Hannibal Buress at The Fringe in Edinburgh 6/29-This was Great

Harry and the Hendersons 9/9-It's Good

The Hateful 8 12/17-Stunning!

Hitler's Children 2/29-It's Good

Holy Hell 10/29-This was Great

Hot Tub Time Machine II 2/5-It's Good

How to Train Your Dragon II 3/12-Stunning!

I Am Not Your Guru 9/8-It's Good

Iliza Shlesinger: Confirmed Kills 9/23-Not for me

Indie Game: Life After 11/26-Not for me

Inglorious Bastards(rewatch) 2/13-Stunning!

The Intern 7/14-It's Good

Jumper 9/14-It's Good

The Jungle Book 4/15-It's Good

Jurassic Park (rewatched)5/27-Stunning!

Jurassic Park: The Lost World (rewatched) 5/27-Not for me

Jurassic Park III (rewatched)5/27-Not for me

Justice League: War 4/18-It's Good

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis 4/23-This was Great

Justice League Vs Teen Titans 9/22-Not for me

Kindergarten Cop II 6/14- It's Good

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV 11/28-Stunning!

Last Shift 4/6-Not for me

Leon: The Professional 3/24-Stunning!

Leprechaun Origins 3/17-Not for me

London Has Fallen 9/15-It's Good

Looney Tunes Back in Action 6/14-Not for me

Lucy 4/30-It's Good

Maleficent 10/6-Not for me

Manhattan Night 5/22-It's Good

The Martian 8/13-It's Good

Mascots 10/17-This was Great

The Maze Runner 9/8-This was Great

Maze Runner: Scorch Trials 9/11-It's Good

Moana 11/25-Stunning!

My Big Fat Greek Wedding II 6/30-It's Good

The Neon Demon 12/15-Stunning!

Night at the Museum 4/27-It's Good

Night at The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian 4/28-It's Good

The Night of the Hunter 8/26-Stunning!

Nina Simone Lie at Ronnie Scott's 3/30-Stunning!

Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows 6/3-This was Great

Olympus Has Fallen 9/16-It's Good

The Postman 2/29- It's Good

Pride and Prejudice 1/29-This was Great

The Revenant 1/22-This was Great

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 12/16-This was Great

San Andreas 5/1-Not for me

Santa Muscles 2/19-It's Good

Selma 7/11-Stunning!

Sense and Sensibility 2/6-It's Good

Son of Batman 4/21-This was Great

Stage Fright 8/24-Not for me

Suicide Squad 8/13-Not for me

Sunset Strip 3/11-It's Good

The Sheik 2/29-It's Good

Sherlock Holmes and the Abominable Bride 1/18-Stunning!

Star Trek: Beyond 7/31-It's Good

Straight Outta Compton 1/13-This was Great

Taken 2/25-It's Good

Taken II 2/26-It's Good

Taken III 4/29-It's Good

Tammy and the T-Rex 3/23-This was Great

Terminator Genisys 8/6-Not for me

Thank You For Playing 12/28 -Stunning!

The Thief and the Cobbler 3/19-Not for me

Tomorrowland 10/6-This was Great

Trumbo 7/8-Stunning!

Up (Reached)6/28-Stunning!

Vampire in Brooklyn 2/3-Not for me

Wish I was Here 4/15-It's Good

X-Men: Apocalypse 5/30-Not for me

Zootopia 6/30-Stunning!

Be, Listened (13 Albums)

Aladdin on Broadway 5/6

Boys Don't Cry- The Cure- 1/22

Deja Vu- Crosby Stills Nash and Young 11/27

Green Onions- Book T and the M.G.s 12/15

Hamilton An American Musical 5/1

The Hamilton Mixtape 12/30

Honky Chateau- Elton John 4/3

I Do not want what I haven't Got.- Sinead O'Conner 2/15

I'm Jimmy Reed- Jimmy Reed 4/3

The Little Mermaid Broadway 5/27

Rocky the Musical 5/10

Shrek the Musical 8/20

Spring Awakening 5/12

Previous Lists

2012: A Review to a Kill!


2013: Reviewtiful Joe!


2014: Reviewsical the Musical!


2015: Reduce. Review. Recycle!


Thank You! Till next year!


2015! Reduce. REVIEW. Recycle!

2015: Reduce. REVIEW. Recycle!

The time has come once again to compile my year end list of entertainment hoopla. Every year, I time stamp every book, movie, album, show, game, and tv series I partook in. Why? For sheer enjoyment!

So here we are, from January to December, my year in review presented below to provide a personal log of stories, and the hundreds of hours spent delving into them. Huzzah!

I will Rate my level of Enjoyment for funzies plus my favorites in each category:

5- Fuck yes, this is amazing!

4- This was a solid experience

3- I enjoyed myself

2- Didn't really like it, but I see what they were going for

1- Not for me

Spoiler: I like a lot of stuff

THUS, BOOKED(18 total)

I don't read as much as I like. I will though. It’s exciting.

Favorite Story

No Caption Provided

The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County- Mark Twain

Favorite Comic

No Caption Provided

Hush- Jeph Loeb

On the edge of my seat the entire way through, which doesn’t even make sense, cause I m reading a book. But that’s how I felt. A great mystery that kept me guessing right till the end. Loved it.


5/20 The Art of War- Sun Tzu (Audio)

My first Audio Book Experience. Brilliant. I see why it is regarded in such high esteem.I liked the section dedicated to preventing war

5 out of 5

5/21 Powers- Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming

Got into this graphic novel after watching the TV Series. Brings more humanism to super heores/villians. Not new territory, but it’s presented extremely effectively

4 out of 5

5/21 The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County- Mark Twain

Funny shit. Great Payoff.

5 out of 5

5/25 Around the World in 80 Days- Jules Verne

Classic. Fun. Perfect Book to read while traveling....which we were!

5 Out of 5

8/14 Green Lantern Reborn- Geoff Jones DC Comics

Great Culmination of a series of events...I wasn't privy to. BUT I followed the thru line and feel quite rewarded for it.

3 out of 5

8/14 The Killing Joke-Alan Moore

Wow. Lived up to all the hype. Perfect combination of dialog and art. Amazing.

5 out of 5

8/15 Hush- Jeph Loeb

On the edge of my seat the entire way through, which doesn’t even make sense, cause I m reading a book. But that’s how I felt. A great mystery that kept me guessing right till the end. Loved it.

5 out of 5

8/22 Superman: Red Son- Mark Miller

What if Superman was Russian? Interesting and thorough. Great concepts and really cool premise. Hilarious ending whether intentional or not.

3 out of 5

8/29 Batman: The Long Halloween- Jeph Loeb

Murder's in the air. A fun whodunnit mystery, which is worth a read, but didn’t have any surprises to it.

3 out 5

9/7 Batman: Year One- Frank Miller

Frank's a master

5 out of 5

9/13 The Walking Dead- Robert Kirkman

Five years strong, still reading this series. Yep it's still wonderful.

5 out of 5

9/27 New 52 Aquaman

This series feels like Star Wars underwater. I like that.

4 out 5

10/9 Batman: The Dark Knight Returns- Frank Miller

Beastly. Love old Batman

5 out of 5

10/27 Kingdom Come-Mark Waid

This is pretty much Superman: The Caped Crusader Returns. Wing tipped Super man is awesome. And such a sweet ending.

5 out of 5

11/5 Over the Garden Wall- Pat Mchale and Jim Campbell

A continuation of the stellar TV show. Some of the funniest shit I've read this year

5 out of 5

11/30 Joker-Brian Azzarello

This felt like a good spiritual aside to Heath Ledgers version of the Joker. Smarter and clinical vs Manic and completely hunhinged.

3 out of 5

12/1 We 3- Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely

Robot Special Ops Cyborg Animals meets Homeward Bound. Beautiful and Heartbreaking.

4 out of 5

12/22 Earth One: Superman Volume One- Shane Davis

A good start to what might be a great take on Superman.

3 out of 5

THUS, FILMED(127 total)

I fell back in love with movies this year after feeling burned out on them. yay!

Favorite Movie that Came out in 2015

No Caption Provided

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

I sat in a theatre for 20 hours, watching every star wars film leading up to this movie. The culmination of the hours, the predecessor episodes, the friends around me, the couple hundred of strangers who went on that crazy journey with me, and on top of that, a really kick ass film that we all loss our minds through has pushed this film to front of my favorite movie experience this year. Even when I watch it again, it will never be as good as the first time we watched this.

Movie that came out this year and is REALLY the Best Movie I saw in 2015

No Caption Provided

Ex Machina

This movie is the epitome of fascinatination. Tight in concept, yet expansive in imagination.

Favorite Overall Movie from Another Year that’s Not This Year

No Caption Provided


To be clear, though this didn't come out this year, this is my favorite film that I watched in 2015. Even more than Star Wars and ExMachina. I absolutely loved this, can't believe I hadn't seen it before


1/6 The Interview

“They hate us cause they anus” Randall Park is hilarious. Didn't care for the rest so much.

2 out of 5

1/22 The Wolf of Wall Street

A swirl of machismo. Loved the journey, disliked the people they were portraying...which was the point right? Right!? Cocaine!

4 out of 5

1/22 Joseph: King of Dreams

Funny ending.

3 out of 5

1/22 Prince of Egypt

I love the music in this. Art style is vivid. That opening number, so grand.

4 out of 5

1/26 Russian Ark

Here's the thing about this movie, it's a feature film, shot entirely in ONE shot. Nothing compares to the technical wonder that this movie is. The narrative...seems to be tacked on to showcase the technical aspect, but who cares.

4 out of 5

1/26 Paranormal Activity 4

Ghosts! Demons!..hey I think that pot rack might have moved

3 out of 5

2/2 Fury


3 out of 5

2/2 All Cheerleader's Must Die

While very intentionally camp, I somehow ended up giving a real shit about the main character of this movie. Hoping they make that sequel.

3 out of 5

2/4 Big Hero 6

Super enjoyable, and very pleasing to the eye and mind. Petered out after the half way mark for me though.

2 out of 5

2/7 Birdman

Yea this film's great, but what stands out most to me is the Music. Those drums just drive the film.

5 out of 5

2/23 Robocop

I get this confused with the Dredd remake. Both of them are a tight, slick, action films though

4 out of 5

2/26 Power/Rangers

….This was a cool watch

3 out of 5

3/13 Top Gun

Tom Cruise, in this movie, is such an asshole. And EVERYONE loves him for it. Oi.

1 out of 5

3/13 Days of Thunder

More Top Gun, which actually makes this movie funnier somehow

1 out of 5

3/14 The Bagman

John Cusack doing his best Nick Cage impression. Also Crispin Glover is in this, I like that guy

3 out of 5

3/14 Snow on tha Bluff

Couldn't tell if it was real footage or not...which made it pretty engrossing and dynamic

4 out of 5

3/19 Tank Girl

It's like Mad Max meets Miley Cyrus

3 out of 5

3/20 Back Issues (Doc)

It's nice hearing about the other side...of boobs

3 out of 5

3/20 Mel Brooks: Makes a Noise (Doc)

He's a Genius. I mean c'mon.

5 out of 5

3/22 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

I'm a Ravenclaw.

4 out of 5

3/22 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

They have Long hair in this one.

4 out 5

3/23 The Man Nobody Knew (doc)

The Government can be a scary place

4 out of 5

3/23 Kissinger (Doc)

Yea... that guy did stuff.

4 out of 5

3/23 Tricked (Doc)

Trafficking...not cool

how..do I... Rate this? I dunno

3/25 Philadelphia

Love that opening number.

4 out of 5

3/26 Boyhood

Thought this was BOYZ in the HOOD...not so much. Good example of a crazy technique servicing the story and not the other way around.

5 out of 5

3/26 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

No, I'm a Wizard Harry!

4 out of 5

3/26 Whiplash

Those bloody hands though

5 out of 5

4/3 V/H/S 2

This feeds my paranormal activity need. I like the Vignettes

3 out 5

4/3 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

We went to Potterland this year it was great, we got our own wands

4 out of 5

4/4 Leprechaun

Never seen this movie before

3 out of 5

4/4 Leprechaun 2

So we decided to watch all of them

3 out of 5

4/4 Leprechaun 3

All in one sitting

2 out of 5

4/4 Leprechaun 4: In Space

And then we-wait what SPACE!?

3 out of 5

4/4 Leprechaun in the Hood

Logical step to go after space

3 out of 5

4/4 Leprechaun: Back 2 the Hood

This is Warwick's last one, so we stop here too

2 out of 5

4/5 Atari: Game Over

Great look at super influential company...that got hit hard

4 out of 5

4/5 Wolfcop

Had great expectations as to what a film with this title could've been. Film never delivered for me

1 out of 5

4/6 Bigger Faster Stronger(Doc)

Great look at Steroids, really bold

4 out of 5

4/6 Echo

Felt like a fun throwback to sci-fi kids movies I used to watch, ie: Flight if the Navigator, Mac and Me

4 out of 5

4/7 Downloaded (Doc)

I used Napster at it's Prime. It was magical. This Doc was cool see how it all came and went.

3 out of 5

4/11 Furious 7

I love this Series. Ridiculously fun.

5 out of 5

4/13 Awakenings

Fun Fact. This is my Favorite Movie.

5 out of 5

4/17 Kill Bill Vol. 1

I made that whistle my ring tone when this movie originally aired.

5 out of 5

4/17 Timeline

Have no idea how or what made this, but I enjoyed watching the whole thing, flaws and all

3 out of 5

4/27 The Babadook

This was fun. And depressing...but fun!

4 out of 5

4/30 The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Superheros boom boom, flashy stuff. That guy died, oh no!

3 out 5

5/1 Old Boy

The Hype over this is justified

5 out of 5

5/1 Oldboy

The Spike Lee Version, not as striking as the original. Still good

3 our of 5

5/4 Judge Dredd

Armand Assante is great.

3 out of 5

5/5 Dredd

I get this confused with the Robocop remake. Both of them are a tight, slick, action films though.

4 out of 5

5/7 Showgirls 2 Penny's From Heaven

20 years later. Somehow the story continues.

2 out of 5

5/8 Love Me (Doc)

Focuses on the Russian Bride Order system. And it is a very well balanced look at the pros and cons. People get swindled on both sides of the conversation and people find true happiness and either side as well.

4 out of 5

5/9 Mad Max

I love this fiction's world.

5 out of 5

5/9 Resident Evil: Extinction

I Want to watch these, just because they keep making them.

2 out of 5

5/9 Heavenly Sword

I'd like to see more of this series in any shape or form

3 out of 5

5/9 Clive Bakers's Night Breed

The monsters are really inventive...nothing else is though

2 out of 5

5/10 Resident Evil: Afterlife

Why am I doing this...I have to see it through.

1 out of 5

5/11 The Big Lebowski

Well Done, just like everyone said it would be

5 out of 5

5/12 V/H/S Viral

heh, dumb title, but I like this collection of horror stories. I wish there was a format like this for more genres, kinda like Four Rooms

3 out of 5

5/16 Cleopatra

T-Dalt as Caesar, that's all I need.

3 out 5

5/17 The Road Warrior

The action Just gets better.

5 out of 5

5/23 Machete!

This is the the 1960's version. Pretty good. Feel bad for the main character. Gets taken advantage of by the bourgeois.

3 out of 5

5/26 White Zombie

This classic horror film, kinda fell flat for me,

2 out of 5

5/26 Freaks

Been trying to see this movie for 10 years. Finally did and it was worth the wait.

5 out of 5

5/26 Johnny Carson: King of Late Night (Doc)

A Fascinating and Brilliant Man

4 out of 5

5/27 The Improv: 50 Years Behind the Brick Wall (Doc)

Stand up scares me kudos to those who do it

4 out of 5

5/28 L'AGE D'OR

My Jaw was dropped the entire time

5 out of 5

5/28 The Square(Doc)

Scary, Heartbreaking, Important

5 out of 5

5/30 Jim Henson's Jack and the Beanstalk

Pretty cool Visuals and the story goes way further than you'd think

4 out of 5

6/4 Dawg Fight (Doc)

Harsh, Prideful sadness throughout.

4 out of 5

6/5 Around the World in 80 Days

A very faithful representation of the book. Really Takes it's time in each location...sometimes a little too long.

4 out of 5

6/5 Hot Girls Wanted (doc)

Scary stuff that should be talked about

6/6 Sex Ed

Haley Joel Osment is all grown up, and pretty interesting to watch

3 out of 5

6/29 What is it?

Crispin Hellion Glover was in attendance while I saw this...that was cool

186 Beanbags out of 32 Earthworms

7/17 Ant-Man

He makes a surfboard out of Ants. Heh.

3 out of 5

7/21 The Expendables III

I'll watch all of these...sure thing Stallone

3 out of 5

7/29 Hercules

A slight twist on the story, don't remember much else. I like the Rock though

2 out of 5

7/30 The Butler

A bit on the nose for me. Oprah is amazing! I wish she acted more often.

3 out of 5

8/1 Transformers: Age of Extinction

Wow...what? Too long of a movie, even though I love long movies

1 out of 5

8/6 The Warriors

Not the movie I expected to see, turned out to be much better actually. The Pace...slow yet thrilling

5 out of 5

8/8 TiG (doc)

Grief Comedy, it's a thing

5 out of 5

8/16 What Happened Miss Simone? (doc)

She's amazing as is this look at her, flaws and all

5 out of 5

8/20 Theory Of Everything

This was good. I was genuinely invested throughout the movie and even after

4 out of 5

8/23 Gone Girl

Once the plot gets moving, it really flourishes

4 out of 5

8/23 Interstellar

My favorite movie of 2014, Watched it with Mandy, she liked it too

5 out of 5

8/29 What We Do In The Shadows

Vampires are funny again. I think this is the funniest movie I watched this year

5 out of 5

9/11 Dear White People

Much Better than I thought it would, gets out of that preachy zone and really breathes life into the characters

4 out of 5

9/13 Outcast

Baaaaaaad.... I mean not for me

1 out of 5

9/14 Mommie Dearest

I found her performance more intriguing than over the top

3 out of 5

9/17 Stranger than Paradise

Kevin Smith told me to watch this. I'm glad he did. You should watch it too.

5 out of 5

9/21 Once

Damn, this is greatness

5 out of 5

9/24 Rocky

I've never actually seen this before. The movie is more about what happens outside the ring, and I love that. It's also such a great portrait of the city

5 out of 5

9/25 Rocky II

Pretty self aware of itself as a franchise. But I like the characters

3 out of 5

9/26 Rocky III

Rocky finds out he's a not great boxer, learns how to be one from Apollo, pretty cool story arc there.

3 out of 5

9/27 Rocky IV

Tropes getting real old. There's a robot servant? Russian stereotypes, eh

2 out of 5

9/27 Rocky V

Interesting, because it brings it back to the Philly Streets and talks about the serious negatives of boxing. It all doesn't end in a ring.

3 out of 5

10/12 Batman Begins

After re-reading Frank Miller's Batman Novels, watching this again was super satisfying.

5 out of 5

10/15 A Mighty Wind

One of my all time favorites

5 out of 5

10/19 Robin Hood

It was great looking back though a 2015 lens at what I remember being a big dramatic movie of the 90s. Its actually very fun and jovial. Like Robin Hood I guess hmm. I enjoyed it even more watching it with Mandy since its one of her childhood favorites.

4 out of 5

11/2 Kung Fury

That was cool thing that happened

3 out of 5

11/2 Jurassic World

This was fun. Dinosaurs yo.

3 out of 5

11/6 American Sniper

Tough Watch. Sad and...wait is that a fake baby?

4 out of 5

11/8 The Artist is Present

“When you perform it is a knife and your blood, when you act it is a fake knife and ketchup”

5 out of 5

11/11 The Vanishing

Kevin Smith also told me to watch this. Once again, he's right on.

5 out of 5

11/12 Crimson Peak

That was great all round. Can't even think of anything I disliked about

5 out of 5

11/18 Batman Be-Leaguered

Good humor and a great surprise end villain

3 out of 5

11/22 12 Years a Slave

Stellar Performances are what drives this film for me

4 out of 5

11/27 The Human Centipede 3

What started as lame, turned into a commentary on the concept of people who make these kind of movies and the people to watch them. The Director makes a cameo as himself in this, and is deliberately crazy. Not nearly as good as 1 or 2. Dieter Laser is great though.

2 out of 5

12/1 Rocky Balboa

I thought this would be lame. Why would he fight? But they found a good reason, and it all comes full circle

4 out of 5

12/1 Trainwreck

John Cena is the best part of this. I really enjoyed this movie at first, but the longer it went on, the less I did.

2 out of 5

12/3 Pixels

It was fun. I liked seeing the games.

3 out of 5

12/3 Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome

Love this world. Tina's awesome, sad I hadn't seen this before.

4 out of 5

12/10 Entertainment

This film is probably just better than me. I can't stop quoting Gregg Turkington though.

2 out of 5

12/10 Act Naturally

A quirky Indie comedy. Pretty straight forward in it's intent, I never wondered what was going to happen next.

2 out of 5

12/11 Fantastic 4

Not as bad as people said it would be. Not great or anything just not as bad

2 out of 5

12/11 Mad Max: Fury Road

Hot damn, this was great, start to finish. I even bought the video game, spoiler, it's also awesome so far

5 out of 5

12/17 Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

This was the 7 movie marathon we did leading up to the new Star Wars. Starting at 3am we went on to spend 20 hours in that one theater. What fun. This movie is not as bad as people say it is. I actually really dug the political deception and set up of the legacy

3 out of 5

12/17 Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

Once again not as bad. I couldn't take the love scenes seriously, but then again, watching it at 5 am in a theatre of 100 strangers who also couldn't handle those scenes, made the movie hilarious and fun as we laughed and cat called through them. Really like the introduction of the clones and Yoda Fighting!

2 out of 5

12/17 Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

I like the story that Lucas Sets up. I just don’t care for all of his dialogue and choices to display them. Still the setup is made. We finished this film around 10 am in the morning.

3 out of 5

12/17 Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

My favorite of the bunch. What a great introduction to imagination.

5 out of 5

12/17 Star Wars Episode V: Empire Strikes Back

I don''t like it as much as the first, but c'mon, Yoda, Vader, Lando. Although I did start nodding off here and there for like a second during this one.

5 out of 5

12/17 StarWars Episode VI : Return of the Jedi

Alright I was nodding off a lot during this. Never fell asleep but definitively struggled. Also I never liked the idea of them building another Deathstar....that’s pretty stupid

4 out of 5

12/17 Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

Amazing. Great Movie making. Great Homage while still pushing forward. Did the thing A New Hope did for me, made me as curious as to what led up to the events as well as what will happen next. It was 9:30 at night when we got out of the movie theater. Well worth it...never have to do it again.

5 out of 5

12/22 Ex Machina

A fine film. It was just right. Striking, The best made film this year, in my opinion.

5 out of 5

12/23 Chappie

Really interesting. I like this creators world. Chappie was good albeit disjointed

3 out of 5

12/26 Creed

I was out of my seat practically the whole time. Riveting. Once again the emphasis is placed outside the ring. Compelling. Although the end disappointed me not for story reason, just in comparison to originality of the rest of the film within it's franchise

5 out of 5

THUS, LISTENED(17 total)

So I have never actively pursued listening to full albums. I don't know what was wrong with me. Plus side is now I get to catch up on a bunch of classics, here we go!

Favorite Album I listened to in 2015

No Caption Provided

Favorite Song of the Year

No Caption Provided

David Bowie- The Man Who Sold the World


10/16 Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Pets

Sounded like a truly personal note. For better or for worse it felt authentic. Her super-trippy-sun-universe-blowfish material I dig way more than her songs about, like, relationship stuff

3 out of 5

10/17 Pet Sounds- The Beach Boys

After my first listen to this album, I felt pleasantly pleased, but then it stuck with me, I kept humming the melodies for days. I listened to it again, and it washed over me like a cool breeze.

5 out of 5

10/20 A Night at the Opera- Queen

I always wondered what the album that housed Bohemian Rhapsody would be. It did not disappoint. This is one of the most complete works I've ever listened to.

5 out of 5

10/21 Like a Virgin- Madonna

Madonna is so fun. Didn't like every track, but the hits on this one really carry it, as well they should. Just in general, Nile Rodgers rocks the shit out of this.

4 out 5

10/25 This is Not a Test- Toby Mac

I grew up listening to this man's music. I feel his enjoyment of making music. But most, if not all this album. just didn't catch me.

2 out of 5

10/25 Jesus Freak- DC Talk

Listening to Toby Mac inspired me to revisit some music I loved as a 13 year old. To see how I'd enjoy it now. It's alright.

3 out of 5

10/26 Imagine- John Lennon

I just realized im seriously writing things and then giving a numbered review... why? I think Lennon is cool, thats all .

5 out of 5

11/3 Over the Garden Wall Soundtrack

Amazing, breathtaking, somber. Moves me and Amuses me.

5 out of 5

11/7 Rhythm Nation 1814- Janet Jackson

Politically Conscious Pop at it's finest. The Way it starts, damn. Just when it gets repetitive with it's preachy-ness, she turns it around and hits you with Escapade!

4 out of 5

11/23 Nevermind- Nirvana

Holy hell, yea..this is amazing. Sad I havn't listened to more albums in my life before now. Every song is just as good as the next

5 out of 5

11/23 Unbreakable- Janet Jackson

Her latest album, not for me. But some songs sound like a pitch perfect Michael Impersonation. Uncanny,

1 out of 5

11/25 Supernatural- DcTalk

I liked this as a teenager and I Still like it now. I think it's interesting, varied, and smart. My Friend is my favorite song on this.

5 out of 5

12/4 The Point- Harry Nilsson

So smooth. And Trippy. I dig this.

4 out 5

12/16 Catch a Fire- Bob Marley and The Wailers

This is some funky shit. Great opener. I'm a Believer. High Tide or Low Tide is my jam

5 out of 5

12/21 A Fever You Can't Sweat Out- Panic at the Disco

Super catchy. One of Mandy's favorites, listened to it while Christmas shopping, made for a pleasurable experience

4 out of 5

12/25 White Blood Cells- The White Stripes

As good as I’ve heard it would be. A solid display of musicianship

4 out of 5

12/25 The Black Parade- My Chemical Romance

I used to be ashamed for liking this band back then. I'm over that now, they kill in telling a story and boy do I like singing with them.

5 out of 5


I like watching people be brilliant

Favorite Show I watched this Year

No Caption Provided

Crispin Hellion Glover- The Big Slide Show

Word's can't explain it...neither can I.

Favorite Play this Year

No Caption Provided

Daniel’s Husband

Buhhhhhh, I cry, buhhhhh


1/24 Ama Luna

Cirque is cool. That is all. Something about the Tempest. Those people are superheros

1/26 Star-Spangled Girl

Talk to Noah to know why I liked this play so much.

3/8 Frankie and Johnny in the Clair De Lune

Truly Interesting Characters. Spinning out of control and into eachother. At times they are incredibly frustrating and other times they are incredibly beautiful.

4/8 Earthquake

Michael Gioia was in this. Instant Classic

4/12 Beetlejuice's Graveyard Revue

Yea, that thing you see at Universal. This was actually the first time I'd ever seen it. They're voices are superb.

6/29 BIG SLIDE SHOW-Crispin Hellion Glover

Jaw dropped, edge of my seat. Can't explain it, and I dont really want to. Incredible.

7/26 Grief Comedy

It's all in the title. A new way to tackle stand up.

7/27 Then She Fell

Wowzer. Take my hand and lead me to whatever this company does in the future. I'm in. As long as there are more oranges to eat

8/28 Lazy Fair

This shit was cool.

9/19 Hip Hop Won't Save You

"Hip Hop Won't Save You" saved me!

11/7 The Wedding Warrior

Brilliance! I want more.

11/29 The Importance of Being Earnest

Lady Noah is my favorite

12/4 The Point

So cool. I could vibe with this any day

5 out of 5

12/11 Daniel's Husband

I cried.

12/12 American Son

Real great.

12/19 The Rockin Magic of Michael Trixx


THUS, GAMED(64 total)

Games are my preferred way to get my media on. This has been an amazing year in Gaming, One of the best.

Favorite Game of the Year

No Caption Provided

Metal Gear Solid V

Plays like a dream and tells a story like no one, but Hideo Kojima, can.

Here's my quick top ten games list.

1.Metal Gear Solid V

2. Dragon Age Inquisition: Complete

3. Life Is Strange

4. Rocket League

5. NBA 2K16

6. Batman: Arkham Knight

7.Hand of Fate

8.Broken Age(PS4) release

9. Undertale

10. Steve Jackson's Sorcery!

The Favorite Game that came out Last Year, "but had over 50 hours of additional content come out this year, so I actually played the entirety of the game in 2015" Award-

No Caption Provided

Dragon Age: Inquisition


1/4 Kung Fu Panda: Dojo Mojo (Arcade)

This is an Arcade Reflex Game where you physical karate chop a bunch of bongos, think whack-a-mole. The funny thing is, I actually beat it, (although I think it mightve been rigged, like slot machines!) Still fun!

3 out of 5

1/7 The Fall(Wii U)

A slick piece of sci-fi. You play as the AI of a suit with a man inside who is injured and dying. As the AI, youtake over control of the suit in an attempt to save the man inside as all cost. I mean it's just your programming to do so....right?....

5 out of 5

1/9 Child of Light(PS4)

Gorgeous, visually breathtaking. The combat was fun, flying around was liberating. Story was subtle. Characters were interesting although I would've loved to learn more about them

4 out 5

1/10 Bayonetta 2 (PS4)

I love Bayonetta. She feels great to fight with, to walk with, to summon hair demons with. The ride is amazing and there's nothing like it.

5 out of 5

1/10 Dominion(Board Game)

A really interesting deck building game that uses a city building theme I really enjoy. Every game is different

4 out of 5

1/10 Cheaty Mages (Card Game)

Great concept. We all play as wizards sitting in the audience watching a gladiatorial battle. We all bet money on who will win the battle...we then secretly mess up the other fighters so victors give us the biggest payout. It gets real funny real fast.

4 out of 5

1/11 Crossy Road (IOS)

The hype is real. Play this game at your own risk. Endless frogger! It's great

4 out of 5

1/11 Q-Quest (Escape Room)

Yea, these are real trendy right now, and you know what? It was awesome, One of my favorite experiences ever. It taught you about yourself

5 out of 5

1/12 First Light (PS4)

This was a good side story about a great character from Second Son. The story was great

3 our of 5

1/15 Dragon Age Keep(Comp)

This was made to catch you up so you could play Dragon Age 3. Not really a game, but it turned out feeling more like a choose your own adventure book. I would pour over stories and through the codex to follow the story and make my decisions come to life. Super dense, yet Super fun

3 out of 5

1/22 Steve Jackson's Sorcery! (iOS)

Wow, what an amazing Storytelling experience. It's a text based adventure, but so much more. Charming and daring and worth a few play throughs. And it has a sequel!

5 out of 5

2/7 Dragon Age: Inquisition (PS4)

One of the greatest story experiences I've ever had. With all the extra content they released this year, by November, I ended up spending a little over 190 hours playing this game. That's like watching over 95 movies! Worth every minute

5 out of 5

2/10 Luftrausers (VITA)

The exhilaration one gets from launching into this title is enough by itself to keep coming back. Once you get over the learning curve this game soars

4 out of 5

2/21 The Swapper (PS4)

Great sci-fi puzzler. Goes dark places. Or weird places. It's an interesting game

4 out of 5

2/22 NintendoLand(Wii U)

Played at parties a bunch. Noah and I played the Metroid part till the bitter end. The rest of the game is ok.

3 out of 5

2/23 Hand of Fate (PS4)

One of my favorite surprises of the Year. A virtual deck building, rogue-like, action combat, strategy game. So unique and well presented. Have to see it to believe

5 out of 5

3/1 Costume Quest 2

I simply love everything Double Fine Studios has and will make. Cause I'm from the future ooooooooo

5 out of 5

3/4 Quiz Up(IOS)

A great trivia game that pits you against friends and stranger. The best part about it is it's variety in subjects, simple fun.

3 out of 5

3/19 Injustice: Gods Among Us (PS4)

I beat the overall story of this game last year. I went back to it this year to complete each individual character's story. Took a long time. It was good brainless fun.

3 out of 5

3/21 Fibbage(PS4)

I absolutely love this game because it’s fun and accessible for everyone to play. An example for party games for 2015 and beyond. Repetition cuts it’s life shorter than I’d like though.

4 out of 5

4/8 Scattergories (Board Game)

A childhood game of mine I bought to play at my birthday this year. It's also a damn good game.

Nostalgia factors in too much

5 out of 5

4/17 Marvel Super Heroes(ios)

Fun Game. Got trapped by ios crap tropes. Oh well.

2 out of 5

4/16 Rogue Legacy(VITA)

This game is better than me. I admit it. But I'm happy it is.

4 out of 5

4/17 Hack RUN(iOS)

Really smart text game. At best, it's deducing an elusive mystery, at worst, it's endlessly pouring over pages of numbers without a clue about what to do next.

2 out of 5

4/21 Mortal Kombat X(PS4)

These are fun. Story mode is still great

4 out of 5

4/25 OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood(VITA)

As advertised, This game gave me blisters. Well done

4 out of 5

5/7 Guacamelee!(PS4)

This games got styyyyyyyle. I don't like metroidvania types, but I loved this game and the combat was super swanky.

4 out of 5

5/12 Grim Fandango Remastered(PS4)

The story and design alone of this game gives it the highest rating possible. I love this world, I love all the characters that inhabit it. Puzzles are good, only got unfairly stumped once or twice. And ontop of that, they offered audio commentary into the mix. Double Fine Rocks.

5 out of 5

5/22 Far Cry 4(PS4)

My favorite open world setting from an immersive stand point. I rode an elephant and jumped off a mountain and felt torn between political stand points, you know....everything a video game needs. I could've used a little less violence..it just boring after a while, heh

4 out of 5

5/22 Hearthstone(iOS)

When it sinks it's teeth into you, it's over. I got obsessed with this game. Played it everywhere I went. And I even got damn good at competing against others. Then I laid it down for a month. When I picked it back up...the mountain to catch up was too high, I tried and failed over and over so much that I ended up moving on. That's okay I enjoyed the time I had with this card game.

4 out of 5

5/27 Down Among the Dead Men(iOS)

A great choose your own adventure game, that unfolds by making it feel like you're the one telling the story. And you/re a pirate!

4 out of 5

6/1 60 Seconds (steam)

A smart survival simulator with great humor and tons of replayability

4 out of 5

6/5 How do you do it?(steam)

Find a way to play this, it's free. It's short. It does its job.

4 out of 5

6/7 Depression Quest (steam)

This is a text based game that follows the story of someone with depression. It showcases relationships, social situations, job life and you play by choosing how to react to different scenarios. Harder than it seems, when the correct answer is crossed out and not choose-able . It's eye openly great.

5 out of 5

6/8 The YAWHG(steam)

This game is a charmer. The player discovery, the agency that follows, the need for teamwork, and the wonderment it develops are all what make this game wonderful.

4 out of 5

6/19 Nidhogg(steam)

Simplicity leads to divine complexity

4 out of 5

6/19 Gang Beasts(steam)

Literally some of the most straight up fun, I've had this year

4 out of 5

7/4 Fallout Shelter(iOS)

I’ll admit, I got obsessed by this. It’s a really unique survival simulator. I spent generations in this shelter, got boring towards the end of the play. Loved naming everyone though

3 out of 5

7/13 Doki-Doki Universe(VITA)

Brought a smile to face every time I played. Low key, smart and down right lovable.

4 out of 5

7/31 Batman: Blackgate(VITA)

I like batman, but this game was pretty frustrating for no good reason.

1 out of 5

8/8 Castle Storm(VITA)

This Vita Game is tower defence/angrybirds/one to one action game. It’s kinda brilliant. Still want to play more

4 out of 5

9/20 Batman: Arkham Knight(PS4)

Polished, just like it's two predecessors. Top to bottom, I had a great time. I still return to it for all of there extra story content: Harley, Redhood, Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing and the Villians!....it's all fun.

5 out of 5

9/26 Metal Gear Solid V(PS4)

Still surprised me with how well it played and how engrossed I got. Soundtrack is one of the best. I love metal gear. Logged in 120 hours. For a comparison- Metal Gear IV took me 20 hours to beat.

5 out of 5

10/3 Broken Age(PS4)

Fell in love with this world. And it starts so smartly. The art style is so elegantly fluid. And the documentary that follows the game's production is just as good.

5 out of 5

10/10 Machi koro(Table)

Sorta like monopoly in a hour or less

4 out of 5

10/10 Exploding Kittens(Card)

Russian Roulette with cat bombs… yep

4 out of 5

10/14 Rocket League(PS4)

They put a ROCKET on a CAR, then throw a giant BALL in the middle of a FIELD, and then you play soccer…scoring a goal is one of the best feelings in the world

5 out of 5

10/18 The Order 1886(PS4)

I hope they make a sequel to this game. It’s got a really interesting world, and I enjoyed my time with the characters and their dynamics between each other. If they can deepen the game play then we'll be talking. Oh yea...and those graphics...top notch

3 out of 5

10/19 Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture(PS4)

You wake up and find your town devoid of all town folks, what happened?. Luckily residual phantoms you encounter play out the moments before the calamity which inform what your role may have been in it…!

3 out of 5

11/8 Assassin’s Creed Syndicate(PS4)

“ Henry Green Loves Evie Frye!”The Assassin twins are what take the cake in this, the next iteration in my favorite franchise. London is jaw droppingly beautiful. Wish for the next one: Co-op Story mode! fingers crossed.

4 out of 5

11/27 Kerfuffle(Table)

It’s a dice game that feels a bit shallow…

1 out of 5

11/27 Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo(iOS)

Nostalgia abounds. When I found out they ported these games to IOS, I had to buy the best of them. If only for the songs alone, this game is stellar. I love them Topiary Creatures.

856 out of Talking Purple Cars

11/29 Super Time Force Ultra(PS4)

The over the top, in your face humor is only upstaged by the inventive gameplay this brings to the player. Time travel in a new parallel universe sorta way. Pretty cool

4 out of 5

11/30 NBA 2K16(PS4)

This is my sleeper hit of the year. Spike Lee’s written and directed story mode drew me in with morbid curiosity (I was not disappointed, it was just as much morbid as it was hilarious). What I didn't expect was a robust, complex, and utterly rewarding gaming experience behind it. I was bad at this game because I didn't know about basketball beyond “put ball in net”. Now I picked up the nuances of the sport and not only do I enjoy running plays in game, I've actually started enjoying real life basketball. Before this game I would sit in a bar, watching the Heat and my eye would simply follow the ball. Now when I watch, I’m following everything, the teams, the court, the strategies. Who would of thunk?

5 out of 5

12/3 Grow Home(PS4)

I had a smile on face the entire time i played this. I feel bad I wrote it off at first glanced, based on a few videos. Once I got my hands on it and dug in, i found myself hooked. This robot is probably my favorite charcter of the year.One quest at the end kinda soured it a little for me though. No biggie

4 out of 5

12/6 Her Story(steam)

Brilliant. What A great idea. I felt like a real detective while playing this. I even would pour myself a coffee before play sessions. After countless hand written notes, the frustration grew and lead to me pouring a stiff whisky just to ease my poor detective brain. While the gameplay gets flawed towards the end. The experience is still wonderful

4 out of 5

12/15 Undertale(steam)

This game is amazing. It subverts the expectations of those who have played classic RPGs with humor and inventive gameplay. This game goes places I would have never thought, and while I got lost towards the end, seeing this game to it’s true ending, is one of the most rewarding moments I’ve had this year. Remarkable

5 out of 5

12/16 Magicka 2(PS4)

This was an unexpected play through that happened. Mandy Bobby and I, just picked it up and played through the whole game in one sitting, This game, while simple, is still very smart and fun!

3 out of 5

12/16 Monopoly Plus(PS4)

It’s Monopoly, But actually playable cause the game does all the math for you!

3 out of 5

12/17 Dao(board)

It’s like tic tac toe meets chess. My favorite game they have at Renaissance festivals. Mandy hand made a version of it for me for Hannukah!

5 out of 5

12/18 Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition

3 years in...playing the neverending game...wow

12/22 Rollers of the Realm(PS4)

Picked this up randomly because it was on sale for super cheap. And it’s AMAZING! A pinball arcade game mixed with RPG Fantasy tropes, leveling up, companions, and a large unfolding story. Did i mention its a pinball game?

5 out of 5

12/23 Life is Strange(PS4)

Few times will a game move me from sheer wonderment, to reverence, to puzzlement, to utter sadness and back. Life is Strange made all that happen. This game made me think about who I am, what I believe in and what I could truly be capable of. Superb.

5 out of 5

12/31 Game Of Thrones(PS4)

This Episodic Game is just as brutal as the source material. Except...YOU feel responsible for all the bad things that happen. This is ongoing, We’re 4 out of 6 episodes in.

*rating pending, such a stupid thing I'm doing

12/31 Plug and Play(iOS)

The last game I played this year. It’s performance art in game format. Kinda beautiful, kinda gross. Very Poignant.

5 out of 5

THUS, SERIED(24 total seasons)

Netflix...Hulu...HBO GO...you are my friends too

Favorite Series Watched this Year

No Caption Provided

Over the Garden Wall

When I try telling people about this show, I say its funny, dark, and unassuming. But I think the best word to describe this show is….important.

Show that I "Didn't want to End" the most this Year

No Caption Provided


Once I realized it was just D&D, I feel In Love with it. Regretted watching episodes cause I knew it would end eventually.


1/1 Twin Peaks

Alright this is first on here, because I somehow skipped over it for my 2014 list. And it’s gotta get its props for well...being Twin Peaks. The show is great, even if it got bogged down by networks in its second season

5 out of 5

2/13 Spartacus: War of the Damned

Look I know this show is not the greatest...but I love it anyway.What intrigued me was the path they went down, due to their leading man falling ill. The sincerity of the cast, given the situation felt genuine and shined through the characters. and yes Every vicious second my eyes stayed glued to the screen. The end credits pay a tearful homage to the original Sparatacus who passed and yes...it made me bawl indeed.

5 out of 5

2/24 Magic City Season 2

I liked this show, It was solid. Mainly I liked Ike the main character. I’m sad this is gone.

4 out of 5

2/27 Louie Season 4

As usual, It’s amazing.

5 out of 5

3/10 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

We couldn’t watch this fast enough.

5 out of 5

5/3 Powers

I’m trying to support Sony in their endeavors and although this show started off strong..it got real stupid, real fast.

2 out of 5

5/3 Daredevil

One of the best things Netflix has done.

5 out of 5

6/14 Game of Thrones Season 5

It's game of thrones.

5 out of 5

6/30 Orange is the New Black Season 3

Still funny, still fascinating. The ensemble is where it’s at.

4 out of 5

7/3 Between

One of the worst things Netflix has ever done

1 out of 5


I like every infuriating moment in this show. They got me

5 out of 5

7/18 Entourage seasons 6-8

I used to watch this show when it originally aired many years ago. With the movie coming out, i wanted to finish it. Most of the show i simple don't care about. But Ari Gold makes this show for me. Whats sad is that they take him to a wonderful place by the final act. Only to throw away all that work in the final seconds. oi. And I hate these guys when it comes to them talking about women. I mean I'm still gonna watch the movie though so….

2 out of 5

8/29 Ballers

Don’t tell the Rock I think his show is good not great. I’m still gonna watch more!

3 out of 5

10/28 The Walking Dead Season 5

I dig everything walking dead: comics, games, novels, and the tv show is no exception.

4 out of 5

11/1 Over the Garden Wall

One of the best tings I've watched...ever

5 out of 5

11/1 Rick and Morty Season 1

I thought I watched this last year, but it turns out I had only watched about a third of it, whoa! This show is great

5 out of 5

11/4 Wakfu

I randomly started this and didn’t think much of it all. Then I realized it was very close to Dungeons and Dragons. And then I got really attached to the characters. And by the end of season 2 I was entirely engrossed in everything this show had to offer. So much so that I didn’t want it to end. Stellar

5 out of 5

11/18 Hemlock Grove Season 3

I don't know what we expected. Its not even their fault...it’s ours

1 out of 5

11/28 Jessica Jones

I love what they are doing with Marvel on Netflix. Jessica Jones is a freaking great addition to the universe. Leaves me wanting more.

4 out of 5

12/15 Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 1

The Fact that I still want more star wars after the marathon only speaks towards the cailbur of the universe it's set in.

3 out of 5

12/30 Hit Record on TV

Joseph Gordan Levitt runs a website that contributes material to make all kinds of art. That much is great. What’s not great is the sheer amount of smugness that he oozes into every second on camera. Regardless of that, the episode about death rises above and really stands out.

2 out of 5

12/31 Double Fine Adventure

The documentary series,is a must watch for anyone who plays games. It’s humbling and humorous. One of the best things I’ve watched this year

5 out of 5


This is a catch all for anything I didn't feel could fit into the other categories but all had one thing in common...the Internet.com

Favorite Internet Thing this Year

No Caption Provided


Anna Davis Lost her husband, Ryan 3 days after their wedding. Two years later she’s finally ready to go on the Honey Moon they had planned. A cross country train trek through the United States to celebrate the life of her departed. To help her get through it she sold shirts to help with the expense and invited those of us who knew Ryan along with her(via twitter). Thank you Anna, and Thanks Ryan.


Ongoing all Year Long: Death Battle (youtube)

I love watching the match ups. The site's very thorough and most importantly, entertaining. The Snake vs Sam Fisher fight is gorgeously made.

4 out of 5

Ongoing all Year Long: GiantBomb.com (podcast, videos, news)

Can’t quantify a group that I’ve been a part of since I was 16. They're my friends who I don't actually know

5 mil out of 5

Ongoing all Year Long: Key & Peele(youtube)

Damn these gents are funny

5 out of 5

Ongoing all Year Long: Ted Talks(youtube)

I decided to not be full of myself and finally watch some of these. The only ones that really spoke to me were the hands-on skilled ones. Magic, Music, DJ. The others I heard just felt too full of ego for me to care about the presenter

3 out of 5 for what I saw

February: Bee and Puppycat Season 1(youtube)

This show is worth watching. Go find it. It’s on you tube.

4 out of 5

February: Swoozie(youtube)

I like his channel. His personal stories about cheating in school and getting fired from Disney are great. Everything else about gets a bit tired.

3 out of 5

Ongoing all Year Long: Danswers(podcast)

A poignant podcast that does a great job selecting material. Funny Smart and worth a listen to

5 out of 5

Ongoing all Year Long: Epic Rap Battles of History(youtube)

I'm getting over these. Some I like more than others.

3 out of 5

Ongoing all Year Long: Patrick Klepik(youtube)

He plays hard games, and I like to watch him to do so

4 out of 5

Ongoing all Year Long: The Onion.com

The Onion continues to be one of the best avenues for quick entertainment out there

5 out of 5

December: @HoneyMourning (twitter)

See above!

And that’s a wrap!! Here are my previous years, fun for comparison!

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Till the Next! Peace! Happy 2016!

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