2015! Reduce. REVIEW. Recycle!

2015: Reduce. REVIEW. Recycle!

The time has come once again to compile my year end list of entertainment hoopla. Every year, I time stamp every book, movie, album, show, game, and tv series I partook in. Why? For sheer enjoyment!

So here we are, from January to December, my year in review presented below to provide a personal log of stories, and the hundreds of hours spent delving into them. Huzzah!

I will Rate my level of Enjoyment for funzies plus my favorites in each category:

5- Fuck yes, this is amazing!

4- This was a solid experience

3- I enjoyed myself

2- Didn't really like it, but I see what they were going for

1- Not for me

Spoiler: I like a lot of stuff

THUS, BOOKED(18 total)

I don't read as much as I like. I will though. It’s exciting.

Favorite Story

No Caption Provided

The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County- Mark Twain

Favorite Comic

No Caption Provided

Hush- Jeph Loeb

On the edge of my seat the entire way through, which doesn’t even make sense, cause I m reading a book. But that’s how I felt. A great mystery that kept me guessing right till the end. Loved it.


5/20 The Art of War- Sun Tzu (Audio)

My first Audio Book Experience. Brilliant. I see why it is regarded in such high esteem.I liked the section dedicated to preventing war

5 out of 5

5/21 Powers- Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming

Got into this graphic novel after watching the TV Series. Brings more humanism to super heores/villians. Not new territory, but it’s presented extremely effectively

4 out of 5

5/21 The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County- Mark Twain

Funny shit. Great Payoff.

5 out of 5

5/25 Around the World in 80 Days- Jules Verne

Classic. Fun. Perfect Book to read while traveling....which we were!

5 Out of 5

8/14 Green Lantern Reborn- Geoff Jones DC Comics

Great Culmination of a series of events...I wasn't privy to. BUT I followed the thru line and feel quite rewarded for it.

3 out of 5

8/14 The Killing Joke-Alan Moore

Wow. Lived up to all the hype. Perfect combination of dialog and art. Amazing.

5 out of 5

8/15 Hush- Jeph Loeb

On the edge of my seat the entire way through, which doesn’t even make sense, cause I m reading a book. But that’s how I felt. A great mystery that kept me guessing right till the end. Loved it.

5 out of 5

8/22 Superman: Red Son- Mark Miller

What if Superman was Russian? Interesting and thorough. Great concepts and really cool premise. Hilarious ending whether intentional or not.

3 out of 5

8/29 Batman: The Long Halloween- Jeph Loeb

Murder's in the air. A fun whodunnit mystery, which is worth a read, but didn’t have any surprises to it.

3 out 5

9/7 Batman: Year One- Frank Miller

Frank's a master

5 out of 5

9/13 The Walking Dead- Robert Kirkman

Five years strong, still reading this series. Yep it's still wonderful.

5 out of 5

9/27 New 52 Aquaman

This series feels like Star Wars underwater. I like that.

4 out 5

10/9 Batman: The Dark Knight Returns- Frank Miller

Beastly. Love old Batman

5 out of 5

10/27 Kingdom Come-Mark Waid

This is pretty much Superman: The Caped Crusader Returns. Wing tipped Super man is awesome. And such a sweet ending.

5 out of 5

11/5 Over the Garden Wall- Pat Mchale and Jim Campbell

A continuation of the stellar TV show. Some of the funniest shit I've read this year

5 out of 5

11/30 Joker-Brian Azzarello

This felt like a good spiritual aside to Heath Ledgers version of the Joker. Smarter and clinical vs Manic and completely hunhinged.

3 out of 5

12/1 We 3- Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely

Robot Special Ops Cyborg Animals meets Homeward Bound. Beautiful and Heartbreaking.

4 out of 5

12/22 Earth One: Superman Volume One- Shane Davis

A good start to what might be a great take on Superman.

3 out of 5

THUS, FILMED(127 total)

I fell back in love with movies this year after feeling burned out on them. yay!

Favorite Movie that Came out in 2015

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Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

I sat in a theatre for 20 hours, watching every star wars film leading up to this movie. The culmination of the hours, the predecessor episodes, the friends around me, the couple hundred of strangers who went on that crazy journey with me, and on top of that, a really kick ass film that we all loss our minds through has pushed this film to front of my favorite movie experience this year. Even when I watch it again, it will never be as good as the first time we watched this.

Movie that came out this year and is REALLY the Best Movie I saw in 2015

No Caption Provided

Ex Machina

This movie is the epitome of fascinatination. Tight in concept, yet expansive in imagination.

Favorite Overall Movie from Another Year that’s Not This Year

No Caption Provided


To be clear, though this didn't come out this year, this is my favorite film that I watched in 2015. Even more than Star Wars and ExMachina. I absolutely loved this, can't believe I hadn't seen it before


1/6 The Interview

“They hate us cause they anus” Randall Park is hilarious. Didn't care for the rest so much.

2 out of 5

1/22 The Wolf of Wall Street

A swirl of machismo. Loved the journey, disliked the people they were portraying...which was the point right? Right!? Cocaine!

4 out of 5

1/22 Joseph: King of Dreams

Funny ending.

3 out of 5

1/22 Prince of Egypt

I love the music in this. Art style is vivid. That opening number, so grand.

4 out of 5

1/26 Russian Ark

Here's the thing about this movie, it's a feature film, shot entirely in ONE shot. Nothing compares to the technical wonder that this movie is. The narrative...seems to be tacked on to showcase the technical aspect, but who cares.

4 out of 5

1/26 Paranormal Activity 4

Ghosts! Demons!..hey I think that pot rack might have moved

3 out of 5

2/2 Fury


3 out of 5

2/2 All Cheerleader's Must Die

While very intentionally camp, I somehow ended up giving a real shit about the main character of this movie. Hoping they make that sequel.

3 out of 5

2/4 Big Hero 6

Super enjoyable, and very pleasing to the eye and mind. Petered out after the half way mark for me though.

2 out of 5

2/7 Birdman

Yea this film's great, but what stands out most to me is the Music. Those drums just drive the film.

5 out of 5

2/23 Robocop

I get this confused with the Dredd remake. Both of them are a tight, slick, action films though

4 out of 5

2/26 Power/Rangers

….This was a cool watch

3 out of 5

3/13 Top Gun

Tom Cruise, in this movie, is such an asshole. And EVERYONE loves him for it. Oi.

1 out of 5

3/13 Days of Thunder

More Top Gun, which actually makes this movie funnier somehow

1 out of 5

3/14 The Bagman

John Cusack doing his best Nick Cage impression. Also Crispin Glover is in this, I like that guy

3 out of 5

3/14 Snow on tha Bluff

Couldn't tell if it was real footage or not...which made it pretty engrossing and dynamic

4 out of 5

3/19 Tank Girl

It's like Mad Max meets Miley Cyrus

3 out of 5

3/20 Back Issues (Doc)

It's nice hearing about the other side...of boobs

3 out of 5

3/20 Mel Brooks: Makes a Noise (Doc)

He's a Genius. I mean c'mon.

5 out of 5

3/22 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

I'm a Ravenclaw.

4 out of 5

3/22 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

They have Long hair in this one.

4 out 5

3/23 The Man Nobody Knew (doc)

The Government can be a scary place

4 out of 5

3/23 Kissinger (Doc)

Yea... that guy did stuff.

4 out of 5

3/23 Tricked (Doc)

Trafficking...not cool

how..do I... Rate this? I dunno

3/25 Philadelphia

Love that opening number.

4 out of 5

3/26 Boyhood

Thought this was BOYZ in the HOOD...not so much. Good example of a crazy technique servicing the story and not the other way around.

5 out of 5

3/26 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

No, I'm a Wizard Harry!

4 out of 5

3/26 Whiplash

Those bloody hands though

5 out of 5

4/3 V/H/S 2

This feeds my paranormal activity need. I like the Vignettes

3 out 5

4/3 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

We went to Potterland this year it was great, we got our own wands

4 out of 5

4/4 Leprechaun

Never seen this movie before

3 out of 5

4/4 Leprechaun 2

So we decided to watch all of them

3 out of 5

4/4 Leprechaun 3

All in one sitting

2 out of 5

4/4 Leprechaun 4: In Space

And then we-wait what SPACE!?

3 out of 5

4/4 Leprechaun in the Hood

Logical step to go after space

3 out of 5

4/4 Leprechaun: Back 2 the Hood

This is Warwick's last one, so we stop here too

2 out of 5

4/5 Atari: Game Over

Great look at super influential company...that got hit hard

4 out of 5

4/5 Wolfcop

Had great expectations as to what a film with this title could've been. Film never delivered for me

1 out of 5

4/6 Bigger Faster Stronger(Doc)

Great look at Steroids, really bold

4 out of 5

4/6 Echo

Felt like a fun throwback to sci-fi kids movies I used to watch, ie: Flight if the Navigator, Mac and Me

4 out of 5

4/7 Downloaded (Doc)

I used Napster at it's Prime. It was magical. This Doc was cool see how it all came and went.

3 out of 5

4/11 Furious 7

I love this Series. Ridiculously fun.

5 out of 5

4/13 Awakenings

Fun Fact. This is my Favorite Movie.

5 out of 5

4/17 Kill Bill Vol. 1

I made that whistle my ring tone when this movie originally aired.

5 out of 5

4/17 Timeline

Have no idea how or what made this, but I enjoyed watching the whole thing, flaws and all

3 out of 5

4/27 The Babadook

This was fun. And depressing...but fun!

4 out of 5

4/30 The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Superheros boom boom, flashy stuff. That guy died, oh no!

3 out 5

5/1 Old Boy

The Hype over this is justified

5 out of 5

5/1 Oldboy

The Spike Lee Version, not as striking as the original. Still good

3 our of 5

5/4 Judge Dredd

Armand Assante is great.

3 out of 5

5/5 Dredd

I get this confused with the Robocop remake. Both of them are a tight, slick, action films though.

4 out of 5

5/7 Showgirls 2 Penny's From Heaven

20 years later. Somehow the story continues.

2 out of 5

5/8 Love Me (Doc)

Focuses on the Russian Bride Order system. And it is a very well balanced look at the pros and cons. People get swindled on both sides of the conversation and people find true happiness and either side as well.

4 out of 5

5/9 Mad Max

I love this fiction's world.

5 out of 5

5/9 Resident Evil: Extinction

I Want to watch these, just because they keep making them.

2 out of 5

5/9 Heavenly Sword

I'd like to see more of this series in any shape or form

3 out of 5

5/9 Clive Bakers's Night Breed

The monsters are really inventive...nothing else is though

2 out of 5

5/10 Resident Evil: Afterlife

Why am I doing this...I have to see it through.

1 out of 5

5/11 The Big Lebowski

Well Done, just like everyone said it would be

5 out of 5

5/12 V/H/S Viral

heh, dumb title, but I like this collection of horror stories. I wish there was a format like this for more genres, kinda like Four Rooms

3 out of 5

5/16 Cleopatra

T-Dalt as Caesar, that's all I need.

3 out 5

5/17 The Road Warrior

The action Just gets better.

5 out of 5

5/23 Machete!

This is the the 1960's version. Pretty good. Feel bad for the main character. Gets taken advantage of by the bourgeois.

3 out of 5

5/26 White Zombie

This classic horror film, kinda fell flat for me,

2 out of 5

5/26 Freaks

Been trying to see this movie for 10 years. Finally did and it was worth the wait.

5 out of 5

5/26 Johnny Carson: King of Late Night (Doc)

A Fascinating and Brilliant Man

4 out of 5

5/27 The Improv: 50 Years Behind the Brick Wall (Doc)

Stand up scares me kudos to those who do it

4 out of 5

5/28 L'AGE D'OR

My Jaw was dropped the entire time

5 out of 5

5/28 The Square(Doc)

Scary, Heartbreaking, Important

5 out of 5

5/30 Jim Henson's Jack and the Beanstalk

Pretty cool Visuals and the story goes way further than you'd think

4 out of 5

6/4 Dawg Fight (Doc)

Harsh, Prideful sadness throughout.

4 out of 5

6/5 Around the World in 80 Days

A very faithful representation of the book. Really Takes it's time in each location...sometimes a little too long.

4 out of 5

6/5 Hot Girls Wanted (doc)

Scary stuff that should be talked about

6/6 Sex Ed

Haley Joel Osment is all grown up, and pretty interesting to watch

3 out of 5

6/29 What is it?

Crispin Hellion Glover was in attendance while I saw this...that was cool

186 Beanbags out of 32 Earthworms

7/17 Ant-Man

He makes a surfboard out of Ants. Heh.

3 out of 5

7/21 The Expendables III

I'll watch all of these...sure thing Stallone

3 out of 5

7/29 Hercules

A slight twist on the story, don't remember much else. I like the Rock though

2 out of 5

7/30 The Butler

A bit on the nose for me. Oprah is amazing! I wish she acted more often.

3 out of 5

8/1 Transformers: Age of Extinction

Wow...what? Too long of a movie, even though I love long movies

1 out of 5

8/6 The Warriors

Not the movie I expected to see, turned out to be much better actually. The Pace...slow yet thrilling

5 out of 5

8/8 TiG (doc)

Grief Comedy, it's a thing

5 out of 5

8/16 What Happened Miss Simone? (doc)

She's amazing as is this look at her, flaws and all

5 out of 5

8/20 Theory Of Everything

This was good. I was genuinely invested throughout the movie and even after

4 out of 5

8/23 Gone Girl

Once the plot gets moving, it really flourishes

4 out of 5

8/23 Interstellar

My favorite movie of 2014, Watched it with Mandy, she liked it too

5 out of 5

8/29 What We Do In The Shadows

Vampires are funny again. I think this is the funniest movie I watched this year

5 out of 5

9/11 Dear White People

Much Better than I thought it would, gets out of that preachy zone and really breathes life into the characters

4 out of 5

9/13 Outcast

Baaaaaaad.... I mean not for me

1 out of 5

9/14 Mommie Dearest

I found her performance more intriguing than over the top

3 out of 5

9/17 Stranger than Paradise

Kevin Smith told me to watch this. I'm glad he did. You should watch it too.

5 out of 5

9/21 Once

Damn, this is greatness

5 out of 5

9/24 Rocky

I've never actually seen this before. The movie is more about what happens outside the ring, and I love that. It's also such a great portrait of the city

5 out of 5

9/25 Rocky II

Pretty self aware of itself as a franchise. But I like the characters

3 out of 5

9/26 Rocky III

Rocky finds out he's a not great boxer, learns how to be one from Apollo, pretty cool story arc there.

3 out of 5

9/27 Rocky IV

Tropes getting real old. There's a robot servant? Russian stereotypes, eh

2 out of 5

9/27 Rocky V

Interesting, because it brings it back to the Philly Streets and talks about the serious negatives of boxing. It all doesn't end in a ring.

3 out of 5

10/12 Batman Begins

After re-reading Frank Miller's Batman Novels, watching this again was super satisfying.

5 out of 5

10/15 A Mighty Wind

One of my all time favorites

5 out of 5

10/19 Robin Hood

It was great looking back though a 2015 lens at what I remember being a big dramatic movie of the 90s. Its actually very fun and jovial. Like Robin Hood I guess hmm. I enjoyed it even more watching it with Mandy since its one of her childhood favorites.

4 out of 5

11/2 Kung Fury

That was cool thing that happened

3 out of 5

11/2 Jurassic World

This was fun. Dinosaurs yo.

3 out of 5

11/6 American Sniper

Tough Watch. Sad and...wait is that a fake baby?

4 out of 5

11/8 The Artist is Present

“When you perform it is a knife and your blood, when you act it is a fake knife and ketchup”

5 out of 5

11/11 The Vanishing

Kevin Smith also told me to watch this. Once again, he's right on.

5 out of 5

11/12 Crimson Peak

That was great all round. Can't even think of anything I disliked about

5 out of 5

11/18 Batman Be-Leaguered

Good humor and a great surprise end villain

3 out of 5

11/22 12 Years a Slave

Stellar Performances are what drives this film for me

4 out of 5

11/27 The Human Centipede 3

What started as lame, turned into a commentary on the concept of people who make these kind of movies and the people to watch them. The Director makes a cameo as himself in this, and is deliberately crazy. Not nearly as good as 1 or 2. Dieter Laser is great though.

2 out of 5

12/1 Rocky Balboa

I thought this would be lame. Why would he fight? But they found a good reason, and it all comes full circle

4 out of 5

12/1 Trainwreck

John Cena is the best part of this. I really enjoyed this movie at first, but the longer it went on, the less I did.

2 out of 5

12/3 Pixels

It was fun. I liked seeing the games.

3 out of 5

12/3 Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome

Love this world. Tina's awesome, sad I hadn't seen this before.

4 out of 5

12/10 Entertainment

This film is probably just better than me. I can't stop quoting Gregg Turkington though.

2 out of 5

12/10 Act Naturally

A quirky Indie comedy. Pretty straight forward in it's intent, I never wondered what was going to happen next.

2 out of 5

12/11 Fantastic 4

Not as bad as people said it would be. Not great or anything just not as bad

2 out of 5

12/11 Mad Max: Fury Road

Hot damn, this was great, start to finish. I even bought the video game, spoiler, it's also awesome so far

5 out of 5

12/17 Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

This was the 7 movie marathon we did leading up to the new Star Wars. Starting at 3am we went on to spend 20 hours in that one theater. What fun. This movie is not as bad as people say it is. I actually really dug the political deception and set up of the legacy

3 out of 5

12/17 Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

Once again not as bad. I couldn't take the love scenes seriously, but then again, watching it at 5 am in a theatre of 100 strangers who also couldn't handle those scenes, made the movie hilarious and fun as we laughed and cat called through them. Really like the introduction of the clones and Yoda Fighting!

2 out of 5

12/17 Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

I like the story that Lucas Sets up. I just don’t care for all of his dialogue and choices to display them. Still the setup is made. We finished this film around 10 am in the morning.

3 out of 5

12/17 Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

My favorite of the bunch. What a great introduction to imagination.

5 out of 5

12/17 Star Wars Episode V: Empire Strikes Back

I don''t like it as much as the first, but c'mon, Yoda, Vader, Lando. Although I did start nodding off here and there for like a second during this one.

5 out of 5

12/17 StarWars Episode VI : Return of the Jedi

Alright I was nodding off a lot during this. Never fell asleep but definitively struggled. Also I never liked the idea of them building another Deathstar....that’s pretty stupid

4 out of 5

12/17 Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

Amazing. Great Movie making. Great Homage while still pushing forward. Did the thing A New Hope did for me, made me as curious as to what led up to the events as well as what will happen next. It was 9:30 at night when we got out of the movie theater. Well worth it...never have to do it again.

5 out of 5

12/22 Ex Machina

A fine film. It was just right. Striking, The best made film this year, in my opinion.

5 out of 5

12/23 Chappie

Really interesting. I like this creators world. Chappie was good albeit disjointed

3 out of 5

12/26 Creed

I was out of my seat practically the whole time. Riveting. Once again the emphasis is placed outside the ring. Compelling. Although the end disappointed me not for story reason, just in comparison to originality of the rest of the film within it's franchise

5 out of 5

THUS, LISTENED(17 total)

So I have never actively pursued listening to full albums. I don't know what was wrong with me. Plus side is now I get to catch up on a bunch of classics, here we go!

Favorite Album I listened to in 2015

No Caption Provided

Favorite Song of the Year

No Caption Provided

David Bowie- The Man Who Sold the World


10/16 Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Pets

Sounded like a truly personal note. For better or for worse it felt authentic. Her super-trippy-sun-universe-blowfish material I dig way more than her songs about, like, relationship stuff

3 out of 5

10/17 Pet Sounds- The Beach Boys

After my first listen to this album, I felt pleasantly pleased, but then it stuck with me, I kept humming the melodies for days. I listened to it again, and it washed over me like a cool breeze.

5 out of 5

10/20 A Night at the Opera- Queen

I always wondered what the album that housed Bohemian Rhapsody would be. It did not disappoint. This is one of the most complete works I've ever listened to.

5 out of 5

10/21 Like a Virgin- Madonna

Madonna is so fun. Didn't like every track, but the hits on this one really carry it, as well they should. Just in general, Nile Rodgers rocks the shit out of this.

4 out 5

10/25 This is Not a Test- Toby Mac

I grew up listening to this man's music. I feel his enjoyment of making music. But most, if not all this album. just didn't catch me.

2 out of 5

10/25 Jesus Freak- DC Talk

Listening to Toby Mac inspired me to revisit some music I loved as a 13 year old. To see how I'd enjoy it now. It's alright.

3 out of 5

10/26 Imagine- John Lennon

I just realized im seriously writing things and then giving a numbered review... why? I think Lennon is cool, thats all .

5 out of 5

11/3 Over the Garden Wall Soundtrack

Amazing, breathtaking, somber. Moves me and Amuses me.

5 out of 5

11/7 Rhythm Nation 1814- Janet Jackson

Politically Conscious Pop at it's finest. The Way it starts, damn. Just when it gets repetitive with it's preachy-ness, she turns it around and hits you with Escapade!

4 out of 5

11/23 Nevermind- Nirvana

Holy hell, yea..this is amazing. Sad I havn't listened to more albums in my life before now. Every song is just as good as the next

5 out of 5

11/23 Unbreakable- Janet Jackson

Her latest album, not for me. But some songs sound like a pitch perfect Michael Impersonation. Uncanny,

1 out of 5

11/25 Supernatural- DcTalk

I liked this as a teenager and I Still like it now. I think it's interesting, varied, and smart. My Friend is my favorite song on this.

5 out of 5

12/4 The Point- Harry Nilsson

So smooth. And Trippy. I dig this.

4 out 5

12/16 Catch a Fire- Bob Marley and The Wailers

This is some funky shit. Great opener. I'm a Believer. High Tide or Low Tide is my jam

5 out of 5

12/21 A Fever You Can't Sweat Out- Panic at the Disco

Super catchy. One of Mandy's favorites, listened to it while Christmas shopping, made for a pleasurable experience

4 out of 5

12/25 White Blood Cells- The White Stripes

As good as I’ve heard it would be. A solid display of musicianship

4 out of 5

12/25 The Black Parade- My Chemical Romance

I used to be ashamed for liking this band back then. I'm over that now, they kill in telling a story and boy do I like singing with them.

5 out of 5


I like watching people be brilliant

Favorite Show I watched this Year

No Caption Provided

Crispin Hellion Glover- The Big Slide Show

Word's can't explain it...neither can I.

Favorite Play this Year

No Caption Provided

Daniel’s Husband

Buhhhhhh, I cry, buhhhhh


1/24 Ama Luna

Cirque is cool. That is all. Something about the Tempest. Those people are superheros

1/26 Star-Spangled Girl

Talk to Noah to know why I liked this play so much.

3/8 Frankie and Johnny in the Clair De Lune

Truly Interesting Characters. Spinning out of control and into eachother. At times they are incredibly frustrating and other times they are incredibly beautiful.

4/8 Earthquake

Michael Gioia was in this. Instant Classic

4/12 Beetlejuice's Graveyard Revue

Yea, that thing you see at Universal. This was actually the first time I'd ever seen it. They're voices are superb.

6/29 BIG SLIDE SHOW-Crispin Hellion Glover

Jaw dropped, edge of my seat. Can't explain it, and I dont really want to. Incredible.

7/26 Grief Comedy

It's all in the title. A new way to tackle stand up.

7/27 Then She Fell

Wowzer. Take my hand and lead me to whatever this company does in the future. I'm in. As long as there are more oranges to eat

8/28 Lazy Fair

This shit was cool.

9/19 Hip Hop Won't Save You

"Hip Hop Won't Save You" saved me!

11/7 The Wedding Warrior

Brilliance! I want more.

11/29 The Importance of Being Earnest

Lady Noah is my favorite

12/4 The Point

So cool. I could vibe with this any day

5 out of 5

12/11 Daniel's Husband

I cried.

12/12 American Son

Real great.

12/19 The Rockin Magic of Michael Trixx


THUS, GAMED(64 total)

Games are my preferred way to get my media on. This has been an amazing year in Gaming, One of the best.

Favorite Game of the Year

No Caption Provided

Metal Gear Solid V

Plays like a dream and tells a story like no one, but Hideo Kojima, can.

Here's my quick top ten games list.

1.Metal Gear Solid V

2. Dragon Age Inquisition: Complete

3. Life Is Strange

4. Rocket League

5. NBA 2K16

6. Batman: Arkham Knight

7.Hand of Fate

8.Broken Age(PS4) release

9. Undertale

10. Steve Jackson's Sorcery!

The Favorite Game that came out Last Year, "but had over 50 hours of additional content come out this year, so I actually played the entirety of the game in 2015" Award-

No Caption Provided

Dragon Age: Inquisition


1/4 Kung Fu Panda: Dojo Mojo (Arcade)

This is an Arcade Reflex Game where you physical karate chop a bunch of bongos, think whack-a-mole. The funny thing is, I actually beat it, (although I think it mightve been rigged, like slot machines!) Still fun!

3 out of 5

1/7 The Fall(Wii U)

A slick piece of sci-fi. You play as the AI of a suit with a man inside who is injured and dying. As the AI, youtake over control of the suit in an attempt to save the man inside as all cost. I mean it's just your programming to do so....right?....

5 out of 5

1/9 Child of Light(PS4)

Gorgeous, visually breathtaking. The combat was fun, flying around was liberating. Story was subtle. Characters were interesting although I would've loved to learn more about them

4 out 5

1/10 Bayonetta 2 (PS4)

I love Bayonetta. She feels great to fight with, to walk with, to summon hair demons with. The ride is amazing and there's nothing like it.

5 out of 5

1/10 Dominion(Board Game)

A really interesting deck building game that uses a city building theme I really enjoy. Every game is different

4 out of 5

1/10 Cheaty Mages (Card Game)

Great concept. We all play as wizards sitting in the audience watching a gladiatorial battle. We all bet money on who will win the battle...we then secretly mess up the other fighters so victors give us the biggest payout. It gets real funny real fast.

4 out of 5

1/11 Crossy Road (IOS)

The hype is real. Play this game at your own risk. Endless frogger! It's great

4 out of 5

1/11 Q-Quest (Escape Room)

Yea, these are real trendy right now, and you know what? It was awesome, One of my favorite experiences ever. It taught you about yourself

5 out of 5

1/12 First Light (PS4)

This was a good side story about a great character from Second Son. The story was great

3 our of 5

1/15 Dragon Age Keep(Comp)

This was made to catch you up so you could play Dragon Age 3. Not really a game, but it turned out feeling more like a choose your own adventure book. I would pour over stories and through the codex to follow the story and make my decisions come to life. Super dense, yet Super fun

3 out of 5

1/22 Steve Jackson's Sorcery! (iOS)

Wow, what an amazing Storytelling experience. It's a text based adventure, but so much more. Charming and daring and worth a few play throughs. And it has a sequel!

5 out of 5

2/7 Dragon Age: Inquisition (PS4)

One of the greatest story experiences I've ever had. With all the extra content they released this year, by November, I ended up spending a little over 190 hours playing this game. That's like watching over 95 movies! Worth every minute

5 out of 5

2/10 Luftrausers (VITA)

The exhilaration one gets from launching into this title is enough by itself to keep coming back. Once you get over the learning curve this game soars

4 out of 5

2/21 The Swapper (PS4)

Great sci-fi puzzler. Goes dark places. Or weird places. It's an interesting game

4 out of 5

2/22 NintendoLand(Wii U)

Played at parties a bunch. Noah and I played the Metroid part till the bitter end. The rest of the game is ok.

3 out of 5

2/23 Hand of Fate (PS4)

One of my favorite surprises of the Year. A virtual deck building, rogue-like, action combat, strategy game. So unique and well presented. Have to see it to believe

5 out of 5

3/1 Costume Quest 2

I simply love everything Double Fine Studios has and will make. Cause I'm from the future ooooooooo

5 out of 5

3/4 Quiz Up(IOS)

A great trivia game that pits you against friends and stranger. The best part about it is it's variety in subjects, simple fun.

3 out of 5

3/19 Injustice: Gods Among Us (PS4)

I beat the overall story of this game last year. I went back to it this year to complete each individual character's story. Took a long time. It was good brainless fun.

3 out of 5

3/21 Fibbage(PS4)

I absolutely love this game because it’s fun and accessible for everyone to play. An example for party games for 2015 and beyond. Repetition cuts it’s life shorter than I’d like though.

4 out of 5

4/8 Scattergories (Board Game)

A childhood game of mine I bought to play at my birthday this year. It's also a damn good game.

Nostalgia factors in too much

5 out of 5

4/17 Marvel Super Heroes(ios)

Fun Game. Got trapped by ios crap tropes. Oh well.

2 out of 5

4/16 Rogue Legacy(VITA)

This game is better than me. I admit it. But I'm happy it is.

4 out of 5

4/17 Hack RUN(iOS)

Really smart text game. At best, it's deducing an elusive mystery, at worst, it's endlessly pouring over pages of numbers without a clue about what to do next.

2 out of 5

4/21 Mortal Kombat X(PS4)

These are fun. Story mode is still great

4 out of 5

4/25 OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood(VITA)

As advertised, This game gave me blisters. Well done

4 out of 5

5/7 Guacamelee!(PS4)

This games got styyyyyyyle. I don't like metroidvania types, but I loved this game and the combat was super swanky.

4 out of 5

5/12 Grim Fandango Remastered(PS4)

The story and design alone of this game gives it the highest rating possible. I love this world, I love all the characters that inhabit it. Puzzles are good, only got unfairly stumped once or twice. And ontop of that, they offered audio commentary into the mix. Double Fine Rocks.

5 out of 5

5/22 Far Cry 4(PS4)

My favorite open world setting from an immersive stand point. I rode an elephant and jumped off a mountain and felt torn between political stand points, you know....everything a video game needs. I could've used a little less violence..it just boring after a while, heh

4 out of 5

5/22 Hearthstone(iOS)

When it sinks it's teeth into you, it's over. I got obsessed with this game. Played it everywhere I went. And I even got damn good at competing against others. Then I laid it down for a month. When I picked it back up...the mountain to catch up was too high, I tried and failed over and over so much that I ended up moving on. That's okay I enjoyed the time I had with this card game.

4 out of 5

5/27 Down Among the Dead Men(iOS)

A great choose your own adventure game, that unfolds by making it feel like you're the one telling the story. And you/re a pirate!

4 out of 5

6/1 60 Seconds (steam)

A smart survival simulator with great humor and tons of replayability

4 out of 5

6/5 How do you do it?(steam)

Find a way to play this, it's free. It's short. It does its job.

4 out of 5

6/7 Depression Quest (steam)

This is a text based game that follows the story of someone with depression. It showcases relationships, social situations, job life and you play by choosing how to react to different scenarios. Harder than it seems, when the correct answer is crossed out and not choose-able . It's eye openly great.

5 out of 5

6/8 The YAWHG(steam)

This game is a charmer. The player discovery, the agency that follows, the need for teamwork, and the wonderment it develops are all what make this game wonderful.

4 out of 5

6/19 Nidhogg(steam)

Simplicity leads to divine complexity

4 out of 5

6/19 Gang Beasts(steam)

Literally some of the most straight up fun, I've had this year

4 out of 5

7/4 Fallout Shelter(iOS)

I’ll admit, I got obsessed by this. It’s a really unique survival simulator. I spent generations in this shelter, got boring towards the end of the play. Loved naming everyone though

3 out of 5

7/13 Doki-Doki Universe(VITA)

Brought a smile to face every time I played. Low key, smart and down right lovable.

4 out of 5

7/31 Batman: Blackgate(VITA)

I like batman, but this game was pretty frustrating for no good reason.

1 out of 5

8/8 Castle Storm(VITA)

This Vita Game is tower defence/angrybirds/one to one action game. It’s kinda brilliant. Still want to play more

4 out of 5

9/20 Batman: Arkham Knight(PS4)

Polished, just like it's two predecessors. Top to bottom, I had a great time. I still return to it for all of there extra story content: Harley, Redhood, Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing and the Villians!....it's all fun.

5 out of 5

9/26 Metal Gear Solid V(PS4)

Still surprised me with how well it played and how engrossed I got. Soundtrack is one of the best. I love metal gear. Logged in 120 hours. For a comparison- Metal Gear IV took me 20 hours to beat.

5 out of 5

10/3 Broken Age(PS4)

Fell in love with this world. And it starts so smartly. The art style is so elegantly fluid. And the documentary that follows the game's production is just as good.

5 out of 5

10/10 Machi koro(Table)

Sorta like monopoly in a hour or less

4 out of 5

10/10 Exploding Kittens(Card)

Russian Roulette with cat bombs… yep

4 out of 5

10/14 Rocket League(PS4)

They put a ROCKET on a CAR, then throw a giant BALL in the middle of a FIELD, and then you play soccer…scoring a goal is one of the best feelings in the world

5 out of 5

10/18 The Order 1886(PS4)

I hope they make a sequel to this game. It’s got a really interesting world, and I enjoyed my time with the characters and their dynamics between each other. If they can deepen the game play then we'll be talking. Oh yea...and those graphics...top notch

3 out of 5

10/19 Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture(PS4)

You wake up and find your town devoid of all town folks, what happened?. Luckily residual phantoms you encounter play out the moments before the calamity which inform what your role may have been in it…!

3 out of 5

11/8 Assassin’s Creed Syndicate(PS4)

“ Henry Green Loves Evie Frye!”The Assassin twins are what take the cake in this, the next iteration in my favorite franchise. London is jaw droppingly beautiful. Wish for the next one: Co-op Story mode! fingers crossed.

4 out of 5

11/27 Kerfuffle(Table)

It’s a dice game that feels a bit shallow…

1 out of 5

11/27 Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo(iOS)

Nostalgia abounds. When I found out they ported these games to IOS, I had to buy the best of them. If only for the songs alone, this game is stellar. I love them Topiary Creatures.

856 out of Talking Purple Cars

11/29 Super Time Force Ultra(PS4)

The over the top, in your face humor is only upstaged by the inventive gameplay this brings to the player. Time travel in a new parallel universe sorta way. Pretty cool

4 out of 5

11/30 NBA 2K16(PS4)

This is my sleeper hit of the year. Spike Lee’s written and directed story mode drew me in with morbid curiosity (I was not disappointed, it was just as much morbid as it was hilarious). What I didn't expect was a robust, complex, and utterly rewarding gaming experience behind it. I was bad at this game because I didn't know about basketball beyond “put ball in net”. Now I picked up the nuances of the sport and not only do I enjoy running plays in game, I've actually started enjoying real life basketball. Before this game I would sit in a bar, watching the Heat and my eye would simply follow the ball. Now when I watch, I’m following everything, the teams, the court, the strategies. Who would of thunk?

5 out of 5

12/3 Grow Home(PS4)

I had a smile on face the entire time i played this. I feel bad I wrote it off at first glanced, based on a few videos. Once I got my hands on it and dug in, i found myself hooked. This robot is probably my favorite charcter of the year.One quest at the end kinda soured it a little for me though. No biggie

4 out of 5

12/6 Her Story(steam)

Brilliant. What A great idea. I felt like a real detective while playing this. I even would pour myself a coffee before play sessions. After countless hand written notes, the frustration grew and lead to me pouring a stiff whisky just to ease my poor detective brain. While the gameplay gets flawed towards the end. The experience is still wonderful

4 out of 5

12/15 Undertale(steam)

This game is amazing. It subverts the expectations of those who have played classic RPGs with humor and inventive gameplay. This game goes places I would have never thought, and while I got lost towards the end, seeing this game to it’s true ending, is one of the most rewarding moments I’ve had this year. Remarkable

5 out of 5

12/16 Magicka 2(PS4)

This was an unexpected play through that happened. Mandy Bobby and I, just picked it up and played through the whole game in one sitting, This game, while simple, is still very smart and fun!

3 out of 5

12/16 Monopoly Plus(PS4)

It’s Monopoly, But actually playable cause the game does all the math for you!

3 out of 5

12/17 Dao(board)

It’s like tic tac toe meets chess. My favorite game they have at Renaissance festivals. Mandy hand made a version of it for me for Hannukah!

5 out of 5

12/18 Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition

3 years in...playing the neverending game...wow

12/22 Rollers of the Realm(PS4)

Picked this up randomly because it was on sale for super cheap. And it’s AMAZING! A pinball arcade game mixed with RPG Fantasy tropes, leveling up, companions, and a large unfolding story. Did i mention its a pinball game?

5 out of 5

12/23 Life is Strange(PS4)

Few times will a game move me from sheer wonderment, to reverence, to puzzlement, to utter sadness and back. Life is Strange made all that happen. This game made me think about who I am, what I believe in and what I could truly be capable of. Superb.

5 out of 5

12/31 Game Of Thrones(PS4)

This Episodic Game is just as brutal as the source material. Except...YOU feel responsible for all the bad things that happen. This is ongoing, We’re 4 out of 6 episodes in.

*rating pending, such a stupid thing I'm doing

12/31 Plug and Play(iOS)

The last game I played this year. It’s performance art in game format. Kinda beautiful, kinda gross. Very Poignant.

5 out of 5

THUS, SERIED(24 total seasons)

Netflix...Hulu...HBO GO...you are my friends too

Favorite Series Watched this Year

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Over the Garden Wall

When I try telling people about this show, I say its funny, dark, and unassuming. But I think the best word to describe this show is….important.

Show that I "Didn't want to End" the most this Year

No Caption Provided


Once I realized it was just D&D, I feel In Love with it. Regretted watching episodes cause I knew it would end eventually.


1/1 Twin Peaks

Alright this is first on here, because I somehow skipped over it for my 2014 list. And it’s gotta get its props for well...being Twin Peaks. The show is great, even if it got bogged down by networks in its second season

5 out of 5

2/13 Spartacus: War of the Damned

Look I know this show is not the greatest...but I love it anyway.What intrigued me was the path they went down, due to their leading man falling ill. The sincerity of the cast, given the situation felt genuine and shined through the characters. and yes Every vicious second my eyes stayed glued to the screen. The end credits pay a tearful homage to the original Sparatacus who passed and yes...it made me bawl indeed.

5 out of 5

2/24 Magic City Season 2

I liked this show, It was solid. Mainly I liked Ike the main character. I’m sad this is gone.

4 out of 5

2/27 Louie Season 4

As usual, It’s amazing.

5 out of 5

3/10 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

We couldn’t watch this fast enough.

5 out of 5

5/3 Powers

I’m trying to support Sony in their endeavors and although this show started off strong..it got real stupid, real fast.

2 out of 5

5/3 Daredevil

One of the best things Netflix has done.

5 out of 5

6/14 Game of Thrones Season 5

It's game of thrones.

5 out of 5

6/30 Orange is the New Black Season 3

Still funny, still fascinating. The ensemble is where it’s at.

4 out of 5

7/3 Between

One of the worst things Netflix has ever done

1 out of 5


I like every infuriating moment in this show. They got me

5 out of 5

7/18 Entourage seasons 6-8

I used to watch this show when it originally aired many years ago. With the movie coming out, i wanted to finish it. Most of the show i simple don't care about. But Ari Gold makes this show for me. Whats sad is that they take him to a wonderful place by the final act. Only to throw away all that work in the final seconds. oi. And I hate these guys when it comes to them talking about women. I mean I'm still gonna watch the movie though so….

2 out of 5

8/29 Ballers

Don’t tell the Rock I think his show is good not great. I’m still gonna watch more!

3 out of 5

10/28 The Walking Dead Season 5

I dig everything walking dead: comics, games, novels, and the tv show is no exception.

4 out of 5

11/1 Over the Garden Wall

One of the best tings I've watched...ever

5 out of 5

11/1 Rick and Morty Season 1

I thought I watched this last year, but it turns out I had only watched about a third of it, whoa! This show is great

5 out of 5

11/4 Wakfu

I randomly started this and didn’t think much of it all. Then I realized it was very close to Dungeons and Dragons. And then I got really attached to the characters. And by the end of season 2 I was entirely engrossed in everything this show had to offer. So much so that I didn’t want it to end. Stellar

5 out of 5

11/18 Hemlock Grove Season 3

I don't know what we expected. Its not even their fault...it’s ours

1 out of 5

11/28 Jessica Jones

I love what they are doing with Marvel on Netflix. Jessica Jones is a freaking great addition to the universe. Leaves me wanting more.

4 out of 5

12/15 Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 1

The Fact that I still want more star wars after the marathon only speaks towards the cailbur of the universe it's set in.

3 out of 5

12/30 Hit Record on TV

Joseph Gordan Levitt runs a website that contributes material to make all kinds of art. That much is great. What’s not great is the sheer amount of smugness that he oozes into every second on camera. Regardless of that, the episode about death rises above and really stands out.

2 out of 5

12/31 Double Fine Adventure

The documentary series,is a must watch for anyone who plays games. It’s humbling and humorous. One of the best things I’ve watched this year

5 out of 5


This is a catch all for anything I didn't feel could fit into the other categories but all had one thing in common...the Internet.com

Favorite Internet Thing this Year

No Caption Provided


Anna Davis Lost her husband, Ryan 3 days after their wedding. Two years later she’s finally ready to go on the Honey Moon they had planned. A cross country train trek through the United States to celebrate the life of her departed. To help her get through it she sold shirts to help with the expense and invited those of us who knew Ryan along with her(via twitter). Thank you Anna, and Thanks Ryan.


Ongoing all Year Long: Death Battle (youtube)

I love watching the match ups. The site's very thorough and most importantly, entertaining. The Snake vs Sam Fisher fight is gorgeously made.

4 out of 5

Ongoing all Year Long: GiantBomb.com (podcast, videos, news)

Can’t quantify a group that I’ve been a part of since I was 16. They're my friends who I don't actually know

5 mil out of 5

Ongoing all Year Long: Key & Peele(youtube)

Damn these gents are funny

5 out of 5

Ongoing all Year Long: Ted Talks(youtube)

I decided to not be full of myself and finally watch some of these. The only ones that really spoke to me were the hands-on skilled ones. Magic, Music, DJ. The others I heard just felt too full of ego for me to care about the presenter

3 out of 5 for what I saw

February: Bee and Puppycat Season 1(youtube)

This show is worth watching. Go find it. It’s on you tube.

4 out of 5

February: Swoozie(youtube)

I like his channel. His personal stories about cheating in school and getting fired from Disney are great. Everything else about gets a bit tired.

3 out of 5

Ongoing all Year Long: Danswers(podcast)

A poignant podcast that does a great job selecting material. Funny Smart and worth a listen to

5 out of 5

Ongoing all Year Long: Epic Rap Battles of History(youtube)

I'm getting over these. Some I like more than others.

3 out of 5

Ongoing all Year Long: Patrick Klepik(youtube)

He plays hard games, and I like to watch him to do so

4 out of 5

Ongoing all Year Long: The Onion.com

The Onion continues to be one of the best avenues for quick entertainment out there

5 out of 5

December: @HoneyMourning (twitter)

See above!

And that’s a wrap!! Here are my previous years, fun for comparison!

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Till the Next! Peace! Happy 2016!

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