2017: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, REVIEWFISH!

Here’s a dated list of every Game, Movie, Series, Show, and Album I experienced this year. Plus My Complete Song of the Month Selection. Have fun!

My Top 10 Games released in 2017!

10. Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice (Meet Senua, a Celtic Outcast Suffering from Grief and Psychosis, battling through Ancient Gods to Save the Soul of her Love)

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Gut Words to Describe it: Compassionate, Determined, Dire, Important

What I Dug About the Game: Wearing headphones and hearing whispering voices inside my head all around me was...frightening and fascinating. Sometimes the voices were distant and hard to hear, other times they were so close I could almost... feel them breath on the back of my neck. Visually it’s the best looking game I’ve played this year.

Favorite Moment: Realizing I couldn’t ignore all the voices. My initial instinct was to tune them out...I was wrong. Sometimes they would guide me and save my life, other times they would berate me or send me down the wrong path. I even started depending on certain voices for survival. During combat I would hear a voice say “ Watch out behind you” and then I would turn around just in time to counter a blow from an attacker. I was humbled to realize I was wrong for thinking it’d be that easy to simply ignore them. I HAD to listen.

Also! The game had this great quote-” A Life without Loss, is a Life without Love”

9. Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator (Meet Dad, a real cool dude just looking to hang out... so...you free?...How do you work this messenger-where’s my daughter???)

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Gut Words to describe it: Hilarious, Thoughtful, Sincere, Daring

What I Dug about the Game: The strength of Dream Daddy is in its' writing. I really found my dad's voice, and loved getting to take part in this adventure with him. It's also the most charming game I played this year and possibly ever.

Favorite Moment: Putting myself onstage to bust out a Sick Impromptu Ska Ballad to save the show of Mat’s(my Dream Dad) Cafe Concert. Hilarious and Sincere all in one.

8. Destiny 2 (Meet Guardian, hot off his Destiny One Tour, he’s here to be the Universe's only hope again… along with millions of other guardians who are told they’re also the universe’s only hope)

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Gut Words to Describe it: Teamwork, Silliness, Playground

What I Dug about the Gameplay: Planet Trekking with friends...being hooligans in those lovely planet-size sandboxes is genuinely delightful. I loved that there's nothing deep about Destiny, it’s just fun!

Favorite Moment: Assembling your friends for a Raid, and posing for pictures (the one above is us) before getting slaughtered for hours!

7. Super Mario Odyssey (Meet Mario, he's that Jump Up Super Star!)

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Gut Words to Describe it: Elation, Fearlessness, Adventure

What I dug about the Gameplay: Poetry in Motion, this game feels like Dancing in a Roller Rink. I marveled at the Meticulous game design, was absorbed by its catchy soundtrack, and was delighted by it's vibrant visuals. The only reason why this isn't higher on my list is because the other games all touched me on deep personal level and that, simply, is not what Mario is about. Thankfully.

Favorite Moment: Entering Cascade Kingdom (The First Big Level) and hearing that music swell. It made me reminisce about the 1st level of every previous Mario game that I loved and filled me with excitement for what the game would offer next.

6. Night in the Woods (Meet Mae, she’s back in town after dropping out of college, she also plays a sick bass)

No Caption Provided

Gut Words to Describe it: Genuine, Fresh, Personal

What I Dug about the Gameplay: The real star of this game is interacting with the amazing characters. Every single animal I interacted with was a special experience. The game is force of brilliant writing and a pillar for others to aspire to. And it's real funny...

Favorite Moment: Watching Lame TV with my Cat Dad! Also Playing that kick ass song “Die Anywhere Else”

5. Assassin’s Creed Origins (Meet Bayek, a traveling Egyptian Sheriff, off to seek vengeance and help his local small businessman)

No Caption Provided

Gut Words to Describe it: Breadth, Honor, Poise

What I Dug About the Gameplay: Navigating the world was awe inspiring. Dealing with each area’s socially conscious themed issues was smart. Watching the contention bubble up with his wife was illuminating. Fighting Hippos...scary. But Most importantly seeing how this all ties in to start the Assassin’s Brotherhood is surprisingly poignant. Also this game is a Western in disguise.

Favorite Moment: The Desert...I wont say anything else.

4. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Meet Link, you know what he’s up to, he's gotta save the Princess..and eat like a thousand Baked Apples)

No Caption Provided

Gut Words to Describe it: Incredible, Breathtaking, Thorough

What I Dug About the Gameplay: It’s commitment to non linear gameplay. After the first hour, the game really lets you loose. What Freedom, What Tact. What Gusto. It’s incredible. And the world is teeming with curiosity.

Favorite Moment: Sitting back, doing nothing but listening to Kass, the accordion playing Bird:


3. Pyre (Meet the Reader, She’s a cool outcast trying to help her friends seek Redemption.)

No Caption Provided

Gut Words to Describe it: Special , Dense, Enriching

What I Dug About the Gameplay: The way this game sets-up it’s world lit up my imagination in a way unlike any other game I’ve played this year. A "Visual Novel/Spiritual Sports" Game swirling around with themes of Loss and Acceptance. This game hit me deep. Also... you play Mystical Basketball in Masks....."Masketball"...

Favorite Moment: Hearing the Finale Song ”Bound Together”. This song is tailor made with lyrics that reflect your choices in the game and how it all wrapped up. Wow what an emotional and technical feat!

2. Nier: Automata (Meet 2B and 9S and A2, these robots all got a little something to say on life and the repetition of existence.. I hope you're sitting)

No Caption Provided

Gut Words: Daring, Crazy, Inventive, Emotional

What I Dug About the Gameplay: Its’ perpetual way of subverting my expectations. From the UI, to Story Beats, to False Endings. This game kept me on my toes the entire way

Favorite Moment: Everyone talks about Ending E and, yes, it is my favorite part of the game. BUT my favorite moment of Ending E was writing my message of Hope to future players. They helped make my Ending, and I was grateful (and heartbroken) to be there for others.

And my Favorite Game of the year is...

1. Horizon Zero Dawn (Meet Aloy, she’s got a lot of questions about this robot dinosaur filled Post-Post Apocalyptic world...and so do we)

No Caption Provided

Gut Words: Scope, Vibrancy, Depth, Brilliance, Robustness, Intrigue

What I Dug about the Gameplay: I loved the history of this world, the tribes, the monarchies, the religions every inch of it fascinated me wholeheartedly. I also marveled at the precision of the Enemy design. Seeing how each beast ticks and then formulating your own tactics of how to hunt them down.

Favorite Moment(s): Climbing a Robotic Satellite Giraffe, Stumbling into the Futuristic Underground facilities, Taking down that Giant Falcon for the first time, Spotting a Thunderjaw and immediately walking the opposite direction, shooting arrows in slow motion while sliding, seeing and reaching Sunfall, tracing the mesmerizing in-game irrigation design back to its water source, discovering the tragedy of the past and that amazing final act...I could go on...I felt like played this whole game with my jaw either smiling or dropped.

But there was one moment that surprisingly struck a very strong chord with me. Throughout the game you can find these vantage points that, when looked through, allow you to see the world as it was before the Apocalypse. While looking, you hear the narration of a man journaling his life story. Throughout the game you continue to find these Vantage Points and get another entries into this Man’s life. This side story, chronicling him losing his father, his troubled adolescence, substance addiction, forging a career, and his relationship with his mom. I finished this side story with tears literally streaming down my face. It was beautiful. I was so touched by it.

"We, Gamed" (64 Total Games played in 2017)

Playstation-38 Nintendo-10 Steam-2 IOS-11 Table Top- 3

*Entirely ranked in the order I liked them. My favorites are towards the top, my...not so favorites are towards the bottom.

Overwatch (PS4)12/31. Let's be honest, I ONLY played other games this year by the mercy of Overwatch weakening its hold on me sporadically. I've played this game every possible day since it launched and I plan on continuing doing so. It's One my favorite games of all time.

Horizon Zero Down (PS4) 3/15. My favorite game released in 2017. It did everything right for me.

Nier: Automata (PS4) 7/6. The game that challenged me the most on a personal level

Pyre 9/21 I would read multiple novels set in this worlds fiction. And I don't Read!

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild (Switch)12/4. The definition of Adventure

Assassin’s Creed Origins (PS4)11/07. A Slow Burn for me, like most others, but wow did that game suck me into a brand new perspective of Assassin's Creed

Night in the Woods (PS4) 12/18. Why do I care so much about a townsfolk of anthropomorphic animals? Oh..brilliant storytelling that's why

Super Mario Odyssey (Switch) 11/15. This game is classy as hell and dripping with charm

The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask DS (3DS) 8/27. Finally got to finish this. A game I originally started over 10 years ago. Worth the wait.

Destiny 2 (PS4) 9/9. One of the best ways to have Fun with friends

Dream Daddy (Steam) 9/23. Surprise hit for me. It's also important to me cause it the only game in my top ten that doesn't have violence. I appreciate that this year more than others.

HellBlade Senua’s Sacrifice (PS4) 12/27. I'm absolutely stunned by this game. I think it's also important for the industry that this game Marries the looks of a big budget game with story of a small indie project.

What Remains of Edith Finch (PS4) 12/15. I spent hours pouring over this material after finishing it. It's theories and secrets and I know i still haven't even scratched the surface of what this game offers.

Cuphead (steam)12/12. One of Kind. Wish it was a gameplay style that I liked more, but I cant hate on one of the most beautiful works of art this year. I had an amazingly memorable time every time I booted it up. I'm still Stuck on King Dice though.

Injustice 2 (PS4) 6/2. I loved playing this game. I caught up on the comics, got into the customization, joined a clan, checked in for daily rewards. Eventually that fervor wore off, but damn was it fun while it last. Robin Main for Life!

Shadow of War (PS4) 10/25. This might have some of my favorite characters this year. Unfortunately these character's were orcs that were wholly unique to my play through. Hork the Poionsoner, Kabash The Butcher, Uugrid Ranger-Killer....you're my boys forevs

Battle Chef Brigade (Switch)12/14. A tasty delight from start to finish. Problem is, I'm still hungry

Guardians of the Galaxy the Telltale Series (PS4).12/6 Really touching, they found a way to really dig into what make Guardians special. Friendship. And they deftly challenge that. And wow does it make you think about your own struggles with loss and choice.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm (PS4)12/26. Beautiful, tragic, inspiring. Getting to see Chloe's transition into the women she becomes in the main game is...incredible. I loved the nuance of her relationship with Rachel. Most importantly this prequel develops Rachel Amber's character so well, it makes her role in the original Life is Strange even more devastating.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (WiiU) 5/5. This was WAAAAY better than I thought it would be. Although, playing with the Wii Mote and nunchuck was, frustrating as hell sometimes... I still walked away from this game with positive feelings. Especially for what it sets up with the lore of the Zelda Saga

Rise of the Tomb Raider (PS4) 1/30. The Active crafting this game has is crazy smart and effective. This Lara Croft is even better than the last. Lets Hope the movie is as well. (Though I do wish Camilla Luddington was reprising her role for it)

The Elder Scrolls Online (PS4) 1/31. I got married to my wife who I had already married in real life...but then married in game as well. That's cool as hell. It was a Crazy Orc wedding. Some Sacrificial blood was shed on the alter. Also this game is like endless Skyrim

Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Switch) 9/24. Nothing beats popping a enemy in the air then chaining a 4x combo on them. Feels so satisfying. Also the music in this is incredible, Tom Phan for life!..or Death?

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (PS4)9/4. What I loved most about this game were its main characters. Other than that it just felt kinda generic to me. Multiplayer was exactly the same as before, no noticeable improvements to it.

HQ Trivia (IOS) 12/27. This is more fun than it has any right to be. Getting that notification, then my wife and I dropping everything we're doing to jump in...was hilarious. I still Like it, but I'm not dropping everything anymore...I've only made it to Q7 anyway. Also Scott's good at what he does.

Bury Me, My Love (ISO) 12/22. I spent a little over a week, fictionally texting my character's wife. What amazing is that that the texts are spaced out in away that makes them feel real. If she went to sleep I wouldn't get a from her text till my next-real life-morning. I got.. alarming used to the repore as if I was actually living with and talking to this fictional character. It did not end happily for us.

Wolfenstein II (PS4) 11/17. I had fun with this. Half way through the game I got frustrated with the gameplay, to the point that I had to switched it to easy. That was not something I had to to with New Order or Old Blood. I lost some connection with the game after doing that and never got that connection back. The world state and those moments are just as good as everyone says though.

Clash Royale (iOS)2/27. Yep, a Year and eight months later I'm still playing this game everyday. I Don't enjoy it as much as I used to. But it's still solid and they've added new modes and cards that are super engaging.

Diablo III Reaper of Souls (PS4) 7/26. I finally tried out Diablo, I played through the whole campaign and honestly had a fantastic and fun time (Monk all the way). When I started poking around the expansive post game content, a random player dropped into my world and gave me ALL the top tier armor and equipment fro my monk, as well 10 million coins and then took me on a single mission that leveled my charterer up over 100 times. It effectively ruined any reason I would need to play this game further. I'm actually not that mad about it, it was a pretty cool series of events

Batman: A Tell Tale Series (PS4) 5/14. They found a new dynamic unique Batman Story to tell , which is saying a lot.

Psychonauts and the Rhombus of Ruin (PSVR) 4/4. I got to be in the world of pscyhonauts. I'm still besides myself in glee

For Honor (PS4) 2/28. Man I really got into this Ancient Weapon Based Combat Fighter. But once that first season was over... it moved on with out me. Respect for the trying to put something ambitious like this out there.

Tekken 7: Fated Retribution (PS4) 6/5. I bought this solely to Watch all those tekken cut scenes from previous games. I was delighted, the story mode was fun too. I don't really care for playing tekken as much as I used to though. So it was a relatively short time spent with it.

Framed (IOS) 6/8. Smart, Sleek

Framed 2 (IOS) 10/26 more smartness, more sleekness

The Walking Dead Michonne (PS4) 5/20. Another great entry into the franchise

Hyrule Warriors (WiiU)5/8. Way better than it had any right to be. It even surprised me with where the story went. Simply fun, nothing more.

Splatoon 2 (Switch) 8/5 . This was my first time in the Splatoonaverse, and I dug it! I got all kinds of rad threads too. Even purchased Amiibos! Unfortunately I got bored of the limited Maps and stopped seeing new clothes that I was interested in buying . Not to mention that Mayo vs Ketchup debacle really hit me hard.

Fruit Ninja VR (PSVR) 1/30. Still one of the top uses of VR to date

Monument valley (IOS)6/11. Freaking gorgeous

Monument Valley 2 (IOS)11/12. yea just as gorgeous as the first

Jackbox party pack 4 (PS4) 12/19 .They do these things right. The Monster texting dating Game is my favorite from this pack.

Magic the Gathering (Table) 12/31. Yep, finally jumped in. I intellectually understand why this game is good. But I'm still not quite into it in any special way. I only think it's some fine fun. Watch out for my tailor made Red/White Dinosaur Deck though, its got that ferocity about it.

Old Man’s Journey (IOS) 6/23. Lovely

Star Trek Bridge Crew (PSVR) 5/31. This would be so much better with friends! Buy it, if you're reading this! Be my space friend!

Carcassonne Amazonas (Table) 6/24. A good adaptation to an already great game

Tethered (PSVR) 1/5. Fun VR God Like Magic

Super Mario 3D World (WiiU) 2/27. a good romp. easy to enjoy.

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles India (PS4)11/20. Buh, I'm not a fan of these sidescrolling assassin creeds. It so slow. But this one is rather beautiful to look at.

A King’s Tale: FF XV (PS4) 5/9. How dope, to play a pixelated 2d sidescrolling beat-em-up game that serves as a prequel to one of my favorite games last year. King Regis is rad.

Coffin Dodgers (PS4) 3/15. Stupid fun. look it up

The Flame and the Flood (PS4) 7/9. I wanted to enjoy this river trekking survival game, but I couldn't survive the inventory menus..shame it seemed real cool

Knack (PS4) 9/15. Wasn't as bad as I expected. Played like watching a knock off pixar movie

Table Top Racing World Tour(PS4) 7/8. Fun for a bit, but nothing lasting for me

Heads Up (IOS) 10/10. Still a solid "hey I'm in a group of bored people, why not" game

Wise and Otherwise (Board game) 9/11. didn't leave the biggest impression but it was fun making up profoundly fake quotes

Fated (PSVR)5/26. Cool world that it's set in, But disappointing payoff for it

Stay, Mum (IOS)7/14. eh..didn't work for me...thought it would more narrative driven. Puzzles just didn't always gel for me

Disc Jam (PS4) 3/19. Fun for about 10 minutes

Dancing Line (IOS)10/10 Good concepts, great music, bogged down in phone game tropes

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp (IOS) 11/25 BOOOOOOO! GO HOME!

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China (PS4) 9/26 So sad, I thought this would be fun...it wasn't

Doodle Devil (PS4) 10/23. I did this one to myself

Drawn to Death (PS4) 5/1. It's Existence is Insulting

My Top 3 Movies that were released this Year

3. Logan

No Caption Provided

I never thought I’d be moved by a Wolverine Movie, I mean hell...I remember "Origins" and “The Wolverine” as strictly fluff action flicks. Logan however brings a depth to it’s main characters that I had been craving in Superheros movies for years. And the places that it goes with Patrick Stewarts’ Professor Xavier is so profound and beautifully tragic to me. Also The fact that Jackman and Stewart have stuck with these characters for almost two decades, is special.

2.Baby Driver

No Caption Provided

Sometimes a movie can just be a hell of a good time. And that's what I had with Baby Driver. I marveled at its film making polish, I fell for each of the over the top characters, I rooted for Baby every step of the way, and grooved with that soundtrack like it was bubbling in my blood(that was a weird analogy.

1. Get Out

No Caption Provided

What a beautiful blend of genres. Get Out hit so many marks sublimely for me. I will always remember the collective experience I shared with the folks in that movie theater. Every gasp, every laugh, every "no f*cking way" muttered under breaths. This film was truly surprising till the very end. And the fact that I kept replaying that movie in my head weeks and months after seeing it is a testament to its storytelling prowess. Bravo.

"We, Moved" (104 total movies seen in 2017)

Ranked in the order I liked them.

Moonlight 1/18

Get Out 3/5

Baby Driver 7/1

The Darjeeling Limited/Hotel Chevalier 9/15

Arrival 2/8

La La Land 1/22

The Royal Tennebaums 9/18

Logan 3/5

All the President's Men 4/14

Captain America: Civil War 1/9

mother! 10/5

13th 2/25

Madonna: Truth or Dare 4/20

The Big Short 3/1

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 1/1

Spiderman Homecoming 6/6

Trainspotting 1/28

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes 7/9

The Matrix 8/7

Bronson 3/13

Mrs. Doubtfire 4/9

Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens 11/18

Kingsman: The Secret Service 7/24

American Psycho 3/8

Finding Dory 2/15

Wonder Woman 6/2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 5/20

Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi 12/14

Mad Tiger 3/26

Spotlight 3/3

Fences 1/5

War for the PLanet of the Apes 7/14

Rise of the Planet of the Apes 7/9

The Matrix Reloaded 8/7

Hacksaw Ridge 10/8

Burning Sands 3/11

War Dogs 4/14

Lego Batman Movie 2/13

Okja 7/20

Dallas Buyers Club 3/20

Hidden Figures 7/17

One Of Us 11/4

Manchester By the Sea 2/6

The Matrix Revolution 8/7

Imitation Game 4/23

GAGA: FiveFootTwo 9/24

Memento 6/5

Trolls 6/28

IronMan 1/9

Thor: Ragnarok 11/13

Kingsman: The Golden Circle 9/23

Justice League 11/26

WarCraft 12/16

Split 12/18

The Secret Lives of Pets 5/25

Strike a Pose 4/20

Founder 8/5

Topsy-Turvy 4/4

Sing 9/8

Bridget Jones’s Diary 10/3

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets 7/21

Saban’s Power Rangers 6/29

Sand Castle 5/20

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks 4/27

Westworld 1/4

Neighbors 2 3/20

Nightcrawler 3/11

Jim and Andy 12/3

Most Sunny 4/1

Accidental Courtesy 3/1

Darby O’Gill and the Little People 12/9

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales 7/2

Kong Skull Island 7/13

Big Trouble in Little China 6/5

Keeping up with the Jones 7/17

Beauty and the Beast 3/30

The Angry Birds The Movie 7/23

Last Witch Hunter 4/2

Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie 5/5

Central Intelligence 3/05

Saw V 11/4

Saw VI 11/04

Saw 3D: The Final Chapter 11/06

Jigsaw 11/30

Demi Lovato Simply Complicated 12/2

The Mummy 9/16

Independence Day Resurgence 4/16

Pirates of the Caribbean: On the Stranger Tides 7/2

Why Him? 12/7

Freddy’s dead: The Final Nightmare 12/4

Ultimate Avengers 1/25

Sausage Party 2/27

Sharknado 2/15

Sharknado The Second One 2/15

Sharknado 3 2/17

Sharknado The 4th 2/20

Naked 9/9

Huntsman Winter’s War 2/14

Hercules 12/16

The Great Wall 12/16

Bridget Jones’s Baby 10/7

Bridget Jones Diary: The Edge of Reason 10/4

Top 3 Seasons that came out in 2017:

3. Dear White People

No Caption Provided

This follow up to its’ 2014 movie namesake is remarkable from start to finish. What sets it apart, is its’ ability to flesh out the characters from the movie, pressing what their strengths were and challenging them to reveal their strengths to be truly flawed. This series embodies the struggle to have that conversation on race that I want to have with more people. This series does it with importance, humor, respect, and compassion.

2.Veep Season 6

No Caption Provided

Veep is what happens when "Funny" is finely tuned to perfection. The jokes per second in this series are staggering. One of the tightest examples of well written/performed comedy one will see. Go watch Veep.

1. No Clip

No Caption Provided

This is a Youtube DocuSeries steeped in the Video Game Industry. I’ve never seen such a delicate, personal, and enlightening take on the people behind my favorite Entertainment medium. It's not just that this series is about video games, but that Danny O’Dwyer, the journalist, approaches the subject material with such grace and fervor that I found it hard to stop watching Episode after Episode. I’ve seen tons of music, movie, and sports documentaries which is why I think I it's SO important to finally hear the stories about what goes on behind the scenes of one of the nation's Biggest Entertainment Industries

"We, Seried" (50 Total Seasons watched in 2017)

Ranked in order as I enjoyed them from top to bottom

Gravity Falls S3 4/1

Gravity Falls S2 3/15

Gravity Falls S1 3/02

No Clip 12/31

Shameless 7/8

Veep S6 12/21

Veep S5 11/09

Veep S4 9/22

Veep S3 5/5

Veep S2 4/5

Veep S1 3/5

Dear White People 5/5

Easy S2 12/12

Stranger Things 2 10/31

The Legend of Korra Book One: Air 4/2

Girls S6 4/16

Transparent S1 1/10

Star Wars Rebels S2 1/20

Game of Thrones S6 8/27

The People vs OJ Simpson 2/7

The Legend of Korra Book Two Spirits 4/3

The Walking Dead S7 9/20

Shameless S2 7/17

Voltron Defenders of the Universe S4 12/12

Transparent S2 2/4

Shameless S3 11/5

Shameless S4 11/8

Shameless S5 11/14

Shameless S6 11/29

13 Reasons Why 4/25

Outside man 7/25

Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On 5/25

Star Wars Rebels S1 1/10

Cloth Map 12/31

American Horror Story Hotel 10/28

Castlevania 7/22

Steal My Sunshine (GiantBomb.com) 11/27

Welcome to Tates 6/25

Orange is the New Black 6/29

Transparent S3 4/1

House of Cards S3 1/23

House of Cards S4 2/4

Voltron Defenders of the Universe S3 12/9

Transparent S4 9/26

The Defenders 9/8

The OA 4/19

Tarzan and Jane 2/20

5 Alive 10/22

Skin Wars S1 8/10

Iron Fist 7/5

My 2017 Song of the Year! (the one that stuck with me all year long)

"We, Sung" (One Song that specifically spoke or resonated with me that month)


"I Wanna Go Back There Again" -Truly Smith


This songs rocks itself out in a surprisingly somber/longing way. I randomly heard it on New Years Day of 2017 and it made me reflect.


"Monday" Cecile Mclorin Salvant


Heard this on NPR on my home one night...blew me away. Makes me think of my amazing Wife.


"Pastime Paradise"- Stevie Wonder


It was when i finnally found out Gangsta's Paradise sampled this song


Pennies From Heaven- Louis Prima


Heard this rendition in a Documentary. It's so wild and fun, I couldn't stop playing it


When Will I See You Again"- The Three Degrees


This was right on the cusp of my me working away from home for an extended period of time... it struck me.


"Reach for the Stars"- S Club 7


This is a Camp Song, it got me pumped with the staff and campers


"Weight of the World" -Nier: Automata Soundtrack


Woof. This plays at the end of the game in three multiple languages at once.


"Bound Together"- Darron Kobb


The song that was tailor made for my ending of Pyre. It's like a choose your own lyrical ballad.


Golden Slumbers/carry That Weight/The End- The Beatles


They did rendition of this in the movie Sing. Made me love it all over again.


You'll Never Walk Alone- Andre Rieu


My friends got married to the amazing Dropkick Murphys rendition of this song. When I came across this version...ugggh, the tears...


Die Anywhere Else - Night in the Woods


I can't this number came from a mini game joke.


"It's a Living Thing"- ELO


Heard it on the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 soundtrack. It's just great.

My Favorite Live Show of 2017!

No Caption Provided

The closest I can come to describing this show is...."Magic". Pure, bad ass, next level Magic. It's elegant game, to play with my familiarity of theatre and poetically challenge how I perceive it, made me fall in love with theatre even deeper.

"We, Lived" (12 Total Live Shows)

Ghost Light 7/19?

The Humans 11/4

Peter and the Starcatcher 11/19

Protest and Audience 3/5

Our Town 11/17

Space Ape 2/16

Monarch Barber Shop 5/7

It Can’t Happen Here 11/18

Firemen are Rarely Necessary 7/8

Between Riverside and Crazy 2/19

Ovo 7/20

Matilda 4/27

"We, Listened"( 14 total Albums)

I didn't listen to any albums from 2017. sorry, maybe next year

The Score, The Fugees 1/20

Rumors, Fleetwood Mac 2/5

Sublime 2/3

ATLiens, OUTKAST 2/21

25, Adele 1/31

19, Adele 1/20

Daydream, Mariah Carey 1/21

Unorthodox JukeBox- Bruno Mars 4/29

Cycles of Existential Rhyme, Chicano Batman 4/18

21, Adele 1/26

Hotel California, The Eagles 2/21

Doo-wops and Hooligans, Bruno Mars 4/29

Appetite for Destruction, Guns and Roses 1/28

Wonderfulness, Bill Cosby 2/6

And that’s 2017 the List!

What did you play/watch/read this year?? Let me know!

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2015! Reduce. REVIEW. Recycle!


2014: Reviewsical the Musical!


2013: Reviewtiful Joe!


2012: A Review to a Kill


Happy New Year!

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