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I need new music

First of all, sorry if this is lame, but I need to find something new to listen to. I've been searching the web for new bands (or at least some that I am currently unaware of) but I can't seem to find anything that catches my attention. I want something that sounds unique, but everything so far is meh.  So I want to turn to the Giantbomb community for some good original bands.  Here is some info about my tastes to keep in mind:
 - Nirvana - Kurt Cobain was an amazingly talented song writer. The music and lyrics  are dripping with sarcasm and angst, no one does it better.  They also had great  B-        side/rare songs  
 - The Beatles - obviously 
 - Songs that are "quietly messed up,"  if that makes sense. 
 - The Dark Side of the Moon -  speak to me, Breathe,Time, Money, - YES  
- I kind of like that  Make War song by Bright Eyes , though I feel bad about it for some reason.
- Nine Black Alps' first album was cool. 
- Gorillaz - El Manana , Feel Good Inc, etc.
-Things that suck - Metal, John Mayer, Pearl Jam (sort of), Linkin Park
Any suggestions?


Happy B-Day Ps2!!!1

You've gotta give it up to Sony, when they say 10 year cycle, they mean it!  Probably my favorite console that I've ever owned, the PS2 was (and still is) a source of many good times for me.  It had some of the greatest games ever made, and there were TONS of them. 
Me, i got my Ps2 in spring of 2002 for my birthday.  After two years of drooling over the new console in issues of PSM:100% Independent Playstation Magazine (the greatest game mag evah!), i had saved up enough money to pay for the new console.  For my birthday, I asked my parents for a copy of Jak and Daxter (I had fell in love with this game through PSM). instead my parents, in one of those moments that make you think your parents are actually kind of awesome, they bought me a PS2 bundled with a copy of a Jak and Daxter, two controllers and a memory card. A pretty kickass birthday, especially since they told me to go spend the money I had saved on a few more games.  Jak and Daxter blew me away with it's fun gameplay, huge world and...holy crap... no load times what!? Plus it was the best looking game I had ever seen. I remember looking at the character swim for like 10 minutes straight.
I spent the next few weeks spending my PS2 fund on some of the awesome games I had been missing out on - Twisted Metal Black, Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec, Red Faction, and Onimusha. Awesome, Awesome stuff.  But then I bought two games that changed it all. The first was Devil May Cry.  Sometimes I forget how incredible the first one really was. There was nothing quite like it at the time, and all other action games were tame in comparison.  The horror themes, the style, the enemies, and the swordplay all seemed so...perfect. Then, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. I. Love. This. Game.  i know people are always like"Wuuuuaagh, but Raiden!!". Don't Care. I really appreciate what Kojima did with MGS2. There were just so many holy shit moments, (Fortune being shot was one of the coolest). I finished both DMC and MGS2 feeling like I hadn't just played a game, but had an experience. 
Since then there have been so many memorable games.  It's been a lot of fun seeing how a console progressed over a decade.  Seriously, the leap from early PS2 games to games like God of War 2 has made Playstation a fascinating system. So, being all nostalgic for the past ten years, thanks Sony for a great console. Heres to ten years for the PS3...especially since it's strangely harder to save up for a new console these days.


PS2 problems...

Ok so this sucks.  I wanted to play FFX earlier today but the disc wouldn't play.  No problem... I can usually pop the PS2 open, fiddle with the laser position, and get stuff to work. The only problem is when I removed the cover, the power supply ribbon pulled completely out. Yikes. I tried looking online for good instructions, but haven't found anything incredibly useful.  The ribbon isn't torn, it looks like it could be plugged back in maybe, but I don't know how to go about taking ths stuff apart.  Has this happened to any of you? Any help, or direction to some help would be useful.


RPG help...

I don't know if it's just the fact that FFXIII is almost here, but I have a strong urge to get into an RPG.  I've played through Dragon Age and Oblivion, but I really want some old school 2D stuff. It just seems so much more appealing to me right now.  So what i have to choose from is Chrono Trigger, FF6, or FF2.  I'm looking for some suggestions on where to start first, (I've never played a significant amount of any of these) from those who have played them before.  Chrono Trigger seems like the easiest to get into for some reason, but I'm really curious about the earlier Final Fantasy games. 
Also, any other RPG suggestions? Especially any with a Star Ocean 2-like battle system?


Enjoying Games Less As I Get Older...

I don't know if it's just the period of my life that I'm in right now, or maybe it's something that will continue, but I feel that as time passes my love for video games fades a tiny bit. This year has been great for games, one of the best in recent memory maybe, but i still feel a little...underwhelmed.  Maybe that's not the right word, but with awesome games like Infamous, Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, Dragon Age and others, I think my younger self would have enjoyed them so much more. 
Then again I am currently in a hectic period of my life. I recently graduated from college, working but looking for a better job, and will soon be married to an amazing girl.  Now, I realize that all of these things are much more important than something like playing video games, but I can't help but be a little nostalgic for the days when I could become fully involved with a game.  I don't mean to complain or anything, it's just that games have been a hobby of mine practically my whole life. I would  hate to kind of lose that.  Anyways, just wondering if any of the older Giant Bombers  feel the same way.


Videogame Podcast Suggestions?

First of all, I just want to say thanks to the Giantbomb staff for creating THE greatest videogame podcast on the web. It's the only podcast that I actually listen to on a regular basis.  

With that said, I find it difficult to downgrade to lesser podcasts.  IGN's Podcast Beyond is ok I guess for Playstation specific stuff, but that is really the only one I've come across that I can tolerate listening to.  I tried the new Rebel FM but those guys really annoy me.
So anyways, I want to know what videogame podcasts any of you would recommend .  Is there anything out there worth listening to? 

Ipod, I hardly knew ye....

Oh God why!?  WHY!?  My I pod Nano, only two years old, has left this cold cruel world. A negligent toss of the laundery into the washing machine brought the wondrous little gadget to a watery grave. Through a spin and rinse cycle it went, set to super load, a terrible way to go. But nay, the torment did not end there.  The nano was submitted to the firey heat of the dryer, a tornado of death.

It was not until I heard the sickening sounds of its lifeless body being  repeatedly thrown against the dryer door that I realized that something had gone terribly wrong. The horror! There I sat holding its lifeless form, never again to glow to life. Never again to play those Nirvana albums over and over again. Never again to accompany me during the long hours at work.  Oh I pod Nano, how I will miss all the joy you brought me. To think I will never hear that little clicky scroll wheel ever again and never play those stupid little games. I'll even miss you're flaws, like how you would sometime refuse to shut off, even though I clearly needed time away. Or even the way you would sometimes freeze up, with no way to reset, and I'd have to wait all day for your battery to drain, just so I could charge it back up. But you always came back, we'd make up and listen to sweet sweet Nirvana all night long. Goodbye Ipod Nano... you were too young!

Oh the HUMANITY...
Oh the HUMANITY...

p.s. Now how the hell am I supposed to listen to the podcast while working, dammit.

E3 2009 Announcement

     Yesterday it was announced on X play ( I almost threw up in my mouth a little) that E3 2009 will mark the show's return to it roots.  Hallelujah! Like the prodigal son, the old E3 we know and love is coming home... and I'm all to happy to take it back. While I've never been to the show myself, I have fond memories of waiting for the special E3 issues of PSM (the REAL PSM) and other awesome mags. Flipping through those pages were pure awesome. 

 With the past couple of years being a tad  uninspiring, I'm really excited to see if they can bring it back to the way things used to be.  Maybe its the nostalgia for when I was younger and looked forward to every little scrap of info that came out .  All the coverage was entertaining to read and keep up with. The past few attempts seemed like sitting in on board meetings. Ew...Tastes like pie charts.

Anyways I'm curious to see what other people's thoughts are. I hope they make good on their promise and that this is the return of the real E3. Now that this problem is on its way to being solved, we just have to find a way of destroying that monstrosity known as G4.


Killzone 2 Beta

Last night I decided that I was going to be responsible, get up early, and get some extra study time for my exam this morning. Well, that was the plan anyway. Before going to sleep I decided to check my email first, and lo and behold the playstation Underground peeps had sent me a Killzone Beta code. Friggin sweet, especially since I didn't know they were sending out any keys. Needless to say I immediately downloaded it and played until 2:00 am.  Studying is overrated anyway. THE END.

PS         Oh yeah, and if anyone is in the beta add me, same profile name. 
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