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Best of 2009

xionpunk: Best of 2009

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  • This is a game that reaches a level of quality that I have never before seen in a game. Gameplay, graphics, audio, story... everything is so superbly crafted that it makes me believe Naughty Dog knows dark magical secrets of game creation. Seriously, there must be some voodoo going on because I actually cared about what was happening to all of those oh so believable main characters. And, hey... kick ass multiplayer! No Doubt, Uncharted 2 is the best experience in games for 2009.

  • I can't stop playing this game. The movement of the character feels almost perfect, the powers and abilities are well thought out and fun to pull off, and the story is cool as hell. Though it's not a graphical powerhouse, it looks good for an open world game and has a great, unique style to it. There is a ton of stuff to do and the good and evil paths, though obvious, make replaying Infamous worth it since you gain unique powers for each. I can't wait for Infamous 2.

  • Ok, so I don't have a whole lot of RPG experience. In fact, I picked this up randomly from Gamestop without really knowing very much about it. I'm so glad I did. The story is the main focus in this game, and i can honestly say that I have been totally caught up in its world. While there's a little bit of cliche in there, it is always interesting and you can effect how the world changes. The gameplay is great and challenging, requiring actual strategy. The classes are fun and unique (though I wish there were more) and character advancement is streamlined. It may look fugly, but Bioware nailed everything else.

  • I thought the original Killzone was a flawed but awesomely thematic game. The follow up promised a lot, and I think it delivered on all fronts. The heavy gritty feel had a unique tone to it, and while a little over the top sometimes (Rico), it created a believable world where a large scale invasion was taking place. Though some criticized its controls, i thought they were great and more realistic, making gameplay more interesting. Oh yeah, and the visuals blew me away. Add an awesome multiplayer, and this was a great package.

  • A million Bajillion guns. Go.

    i didn't feel like this game was very deep, but it is dumb, simple fun. The MMO like gameplay is interesting and the shooting just feels right. Also, shotguns that shoot rockets. What? YEAH! If only there were a real story to go along with it.

  • Ok, so the story in this game is not good, at least compared to that of the first game. However, RF:G gets one thing so very right. Stuff blows up real good. It' very satisfying to see a giant tower creak and groan as some unseen physics engine makes the magic happen. Hitting people with hammers is also a big plus.